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Brit-Am Now no. 1637
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

30 January 2011, 25 Shevet 5771.
1. The Brit-Am Questionnaire and Interim Practical Conclusions.
2. Movement of Palestinians to South America proposed by
Condoleeza Rice Representing US Policy!
YouTube Compliment to Brit-Am.
4. Athol Bloomer: Give Brit-Am a Fair-go!
5. Edgar Pinto Xavier: This is what Brit-Am Talked About!
Movement of Palestinians to South America.


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1. The Brit-Am Questionnaire and Interim Practical Conclusions.
Returned answers at present represent probably less than 1 per cent of total audience but nevertheless may be considered as reliably indications of matters that need to be dealt with.
Based on answers so far received alongside verbal and other communications the following changes should at some stage be implemented by Brit-Am:

# The web-site:
(a) The appearance of the site should be improved.
Recommendations included: simplification; modernization; less detailed content on the first page; garish use of color to be reduced; sites considered more attractive to be emulated.

(b) Presentation and Organization of material on first page to be improved.

# Religious Sensitivities.
More care needs to be taken not to offend others.

# Features.
Present level of Brit-Am Bible Commentary and New Jerusalem News reports to be maintained;
More BAMAD (DNA etc) and other features.

# Fund Raising.
Less frequent appeals. Tone of requests to be less strident.
Without more funds this may be difficult to fulfill but we will see how matters develop.
Brit-Am subscribers in general should be prevailed upon to support Brit-Am more than they do at present.
Problem of subscribers being perhaps otherwise willing and able to contribute but not doing so due to offended spirit.
[Which is a nice way of saying "misplaced resentment"!]

# Publications.
We have begun work on a book centered on the Prophet Hosea.
Other works may also be set in  progress.

2. Movement of Palestinians to South America proposed by Condoleezza Rice Representing US Policy!
Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State under President George Bush, suggested in 2008 that Palestinian refugees could be resettled in Chile and Argentina.
We quoted from the relevant news items giving more details of this event in the Brit-Am news feature:
NJN-6 (New Jerusalem News).
#3. US Proposed Resettling 'Palestinians' in South America: Arutz Sheva Summary.
#4. Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America: British "Guardian" Source.
#5. Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America.

Brit-Am ever since the beginning has been advocating the resettlement of Palestinians in the west possibly in parts of South America.
This is indicated in the Book of Isaiah (11:14) as something that Judah and Ephraim will do together.
"They Must Go!" Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.
Brit-Am has explained Isaiah 11:14 as reading in the Hebrew that Judah and Ephraim together,
"shall fly the Philistines to the West"!
In the present news reports we see that the USA (i.e. Ephraim as representing the Ten Tribes) has actually considered doing what Brit-Am understood Isaiah as saying they would!
The US Proposal referred to Palestinian refugees in Arab States around the Middle East. It did not relate to Palestinians inside Israel.
Nevertheless the principle still holds. The Arabs must go and eventually will. A Departure to Latin America may well be  the best solution for everyone. It is also consistent with Biblical indications.
This has been a Brit-Am Teaching since the beginning and was first published in our work "Ephraim" (1995).
We have often recommended Latin America (as well as North Africa) as a possible region of relocation.
It could be that elements in the USA Government read Brit-Am studies and take them to heart?
This is not so improbable as it sounds.

[ We once received a report that President Reagan believed himself descended from Irish Kings and through them to Israelites.
Unfortunately an attempt to substantiate this report was unsuccessful but it may have been correct. ]

George Bush was President of the USA when Condoleezza Rice made her suggestion.
Judging by the nature of their association it is hard to believe that the idea did not emanate from President Bush or at the least have his approval.
George Bush believes in the Bible and at heart is a friend of Israel. He is also the descendant of an early advocate (1844) of the Restoration of the Jews to Israel. People often act true to nature i.e. act out events and beliefs foreshadowed by those of their forebears.
Christian Restorationism: Religious motivations

The Palestinians will be flown out by Judah and Ephraim together (Isaiah 11:14). The Prophet says they will be taken to somewhere in the West (Hebrew "Yamah" i.e. in the direction of the Sea).
Most of them would actually be eager to leave if even moderately reasonable terms were offered to them.

3. YouTube Compliment to Brit-Am.
From: YouTube Service <service@youtube.com>
Subject: rawdria has posted a comment to your profile
rawdria has posted a comment on your profile:
This is one of the most interesting channel on You-Tube. I`ve never heard so much information about the lost tribes. It would be interesting, to live to see, whether it will be confirmed by the modern DNA technology.

4. Athol Bloomer: Give Brit-Am a Fair-go!
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1636

 Dear Yair,
I find it rather irritating some of the comments you have received about using the New Testament and your being open to Christian interpretations. I think one of the major assets of Brit-Am is its base in Orthodox Judaism and you presenting from the position of being an Orthodox Jew. While I dislike anti-Christian comments which are offensive to many i do not expect Brit-Am to espouse Christian views. Brit-Am is not a place that should welcome any form of missionary or evangelising activity by any religion -it is not the appropriate place. It should be a forum for discussion by people of many beliefs that respect the orthodox Jewish setting. As a Catholic i have many different viewpoints to the protestants but i do not come to Brit-Am to convince people to accept those beliefs -it is not the appropriate venue. If the teachings of certain religions are of interest then they should be presented in a neutral manner. for example-even though i don't believe in the Mormon religion it can be of interest to know what they teach about the Lost Tribes. this could be shared in an informative way that doesn't criticize or promote the Mormon religion. the same with others such as Herbert Armstong, the British Israelite groups etc.
cheers Br Gilbert (Athol Bloomer).

5. Edgar Pinto Xavier: This is what Brit-Am Talked About!
Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America | World

news | The Guardian

# Palestine papers show US secretary of state told negotiators that Chile and Argentina could be asked to give land to displaced... #

Shalom I was so glad to see this.
This is what u have been talking about.
I just hope they dont forget the Israeli Arabs
to get them out too
but at least this is a good start

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