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Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

27 January 2011, 22 Shevet 5771.
1. Vincent: The book "Biblical Truth" is Fascinating!
2. Brit-Am Questionnaire: First 12 Replies.
3. Duane
Hiebert: Questions about the Motivation of Brit-Am and "Ephraim" Terminology.
4. Question about the Golden Bull Calves of Samaria.
5. Brit-Am Message and Call for Offerings and Note.


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1. Vincent: The book "Biblical Truth" is Fascinating!
re Biblical Truth
I picked up a copy of your book from a thrift store, the other day, and it's fascinating! An uncle of mine is a strong believer in British-Israelism. I think I'll send him your book after I'm finished reading it.

2. Brit-Am Questionnaire: First 12 Replies.
(Shevat 5771, January 2011)

Results Up until Now no.1. (nos 1 to 12).
Most people are happy with the information and the way we explain and reference it.
Bible studies are especially popular but all other subjects are also liked.
Most readers find the Brit-Am message convincing.

Requests for more DNA articles.
More YouTube clips were asked for.

Much Dissatisfaction with appearance of the web-site, how it is organized, and how it looks.
Pleased with Jewish aspects and Rabbinical sources etc BUT also some criticism of a perceived prejudice against the Christian side of things.

People would like to see new books on both Biblical and historical themes but a clear preference for Biblical subjects is evident.

Frequent requests for funds put off some people.

At least two (or three, it was not clear) volunteered the information that they do not contribute to Brit-Am for religious reasons and according to their standards we are not "suitable" enough even though otherwise they appreciate our services.

The idea of a re-activation of Brit-Am in the social sense with regular meetings etc is encouraged though many doubt that they themselves will actually wish to participate.

Twelve results have been published to our site so far and a few more will be posted up later.

For the latest results in full see:
1. Andy Hollingsworth (UK).
2. John R. Salverda.
3. Sister Briana Martinez.
4. Christian Loor.
5. Ron Ferguson.
6. Kylie Niebling (Australia).
7. David Jackson.
8. Mikko Ojanen (Finland).
9. David Bell (Australia).
10. MLH.
11. Henry Rhea.
12. Duane Hiebert.

3. Duane Hiebert: Questions about the Motivation of Brit-Am and "Ephraim" Terminology.

Why are you doing this for?
What i mean is if your goal is to be a part of restoring and bringing all Israel into Covenant with YHVH.......How did they do it before?
 they did it without radio or tv or internet...what were they doing that laid the foundation for past returnings.

Maybe i missing something, but why is Ephraim talked about so much and so little is put forth on the other tribes?

Duane M. Hiebert

Brit-Am Reply:
We are not involved with reforming religion but rather with imparting knowledge.
We encourage a return to Biblical values and learning the Bible but try to keep our focus as general as possible.
Nevertheless we believe that awareness of Israelite origins and ancestry may be one of the tools used by Divine Providence before an eventual return whose nature will become apparent in the Messianic Age.
I do not understand the rest of the question.
Radio and Internet are recent inventions.
If they did not exist we probably would not be able to function and they who appreciate our message would not be able to receive it.
Perhaps this shows that times have changed and the Brit-Am Message is that needed for the present age?
Ephraim is only one tribe but often in the Bible the term "Ephraim" is used for all of the Ten Tribes.
Nevertheless you have a point and perhaps we should pay more attention to the other Tribes in addition to Judah, Joseph, Manasseh, and Ephraim, etc.

4. Question about the Golden Bull Calves of Samaria.
Owen  Murphy  wrote:

Hello Yair-
   What is your understanding of the 'golden calves' that Jereboam led the lost ten tribes into idolatry through. I understand that Jereboam had returned from Egypt and set up this system. The calf worship at Sinai seems to be the start of this thread but there does not seem to be biblical evidence of Israeli calf worship before the Sinai event. Since the Egyptians despised the "sheep men"  that Jacobs family represented and consented to their dwelling in Goshen is there an ongoing thread here that spins down through the centuries to the rise of Ephraim and Manasseh wherein the English-Ephraim-John Bull carry on their half Egyptian heritage and then the American -Manasseh becomes the Cattle loving -cowboy mentality who actually persecute the 'sheep herders' in early USA western settlement?

   If this is the case, Where would calf worship idolatry exist today in the lost ten? The idolatry of Egypt?  Do you have any sources for this?

   Great work you are doing and thank you so much for the free download of Koblers book. It is a fascinating read and verifies much of what the Elizabethan age English poets and authors had in their hearts.
   Cheers ,

Brit-Am Reply:

Some modern scholars say that the Egyptians had a kind of idol depicted by a bull calf and this was the prototype for the golden  calf.
Others point out that the Canaanite baal was also sometimes depicted as a bull.
[So too was the Greek Zeus who combines aspects of Canaanite and Israelite worship. Zeus in the form of a bull abducted Europa the daughter of Agenor (Canaan) and took her to Crete. Europa gave her name to Europe. ]

This is what we wrote in our commentary to 2-Kings 10:29:

These golden calves had been set up by Jeroboam when he separated the Northern Ten Tribes from the Kingdom of Judah.
Rashi says that Jehu maintained the calves for the same reason that Jeroboam had set them up in the first place (2-Kings 12:26-29): The calves served as a substitute for the worship of the Almighty in the Temple at Jerusalem.  Jehu like Jeroboam did not want the people going up to Jerusalem lest they be led to seek a reunification with Judah.
Reunification would imply the whole of Israel being ruled over by the House of David leaving Jehu and his connected dynasty superfluous.
[ Maybe the attempts of certain "Ephraimite" groups to deliberately distance themselves from mainstream Yehudah emanate from a similar motivation? ]

Jehu may at first have related to the calves as a legitimate means of enhancing and regulating worship of the Almighty.

The Calves were not necessary idolatrous at first.
In popular worship the Almighty may have been considered as represented by a bull.
This is idolatry but it may have been derived from a mistake in terminology.

See Brit-Am Commentary to Psalms 132:5
Cf. The blessing of Jacob to Joseph:

# THE MIGHTY GOD OF  JACOB# In Hebrew "Abir Yaacov". "Abir" can mean both "mighty one" and "great bull".
The expression could possibly (it is not so certain) have been understood to mean "the Bull of Jacob" and to have been applied to God Himself!!
Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi (1075-1141 CE) in his work "The Kuzari" says that the golden bull calves were intended to represent a means to reach the God of Israel. Because they had been  made without Divine Sanction it was considered as if they were idols and later they did indeed take on idolatrous significance.

Commentators have suggested in both cases (the golden calf in the wilderness and the golden calves of Jeroboam) that the initial intention was not necessarily outright idolatry. It was rather an alternate means of serving the Almighty that was not authorized by the Prophecy and that degenerated quickly. The golden calf in the wilderness was not made to replace God but rather (at least at first) to replace Moses. It was meant to be an intermediary (like Moses) between God and people.

Exodus 32:
1 Now when the people saw that Moses delayed coming down from the mountain, the people gathered together to Aaron, and said to him, Come, make us gods [Hebrew: "
elohim"] that shall go before us; for as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.
2 And Aaron said to them, Break off the golden earrings which are in the ears of your wives, your sons, and your daughters, and bring them to me.? 3 So all the people broke off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them to Aaron. 4 And he received the gold from their hand, and he fashioned it with an engraving tool, and made a molded calf.
Then they said, This is your god [Hebrew: "
eloheca" i.e. your gods] , O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!

Note the words "elohim" translatable as either "god" or "gods"; and "eloheca" i.e. your gods in the plural but also applicable in the singular.
These words can also mean "mighty ones" and may be applied to "angels" i.e. divine intermediaries.
Notes in Exodus 32:1 above that the "gods" were meant to go before them in stead of Moses who was presumed to have disappeared.

5. Brit-Am Message and Call for Offerings and Note.
As a result of our recent appeal we received some monies that helped us greatly.
It was not however enough for all Brit-Am needs.
Recently more and more criticism of our money-raising efforts have been heard.
Several say that for religious reasons they will not help Brit-Am.
Some seem jealous, others supercilious and almost contemptuous.
It does not matter.
As long as Brit-Am has the need requests will be made. There is no other choice open to us at present.
These requests must be considered (for better or for worse) part of what Brit-Am is i.e. an institution relying on publication-sales and public contributions.
They who do not like it may ignore the appeals or Brit-Am altogether.
Presidential candidates of the USA when they run for election also make appeals even though they may be wealthy in their own right.
We are not wealthy and not running for President. We do however provide a service. There is, we believe, a need for us.
We also believe that they who give to Brit-Am will be blessed for it and that may be one of the reasons we have to keep asking.

Details on How To Contribute to Brit-Am

The Message of Brit-Am goes out and is growing.
Every day (nowadays) close to 2000 visitors come to our site. A similar number receives our e-mail postings.
More than 50% of  the daily visitors to our site are relative newcomers and passersby who nevertheless receive the message and are often deeply affected by it.
Over time these numbers all add up.
We spread the word both in breadth and depth.
We work on this issue full-time.

All the Tribes of Israel benefit from our activities.
Our struggle is on behalf of both Judah and Joseph and all the other tribes.
We would dare to liken ourselves to warriors in the front-line who nevertheless need backing in the form of supplies and encouragement.
No-one body supports us though we often wish they would.
We get by through selling our publications (of which more need to be published and re-published)
and through offerings. Those who give are a handful. We appreciate them very much. Our impression is that many of those who give to us are not necessarily rich themselves. Even if some of them are they certainly have other demands on their limited funds.
The Almighty will surely bless ALL those who help Brit-Am.
We have said this in the past and say it now and have been mildly criticized for saying it.
Nevertheless we believe it.
For many Brit-Am is the light at the end of the tunnel. Help us to keep shining and beam more.

Funds received up to the present though very welcome are still not sufficient. Please help more. Please help now.

It can be done. This is for the good of Brit-Am and for the betterment of all Israelites.

The Almighty be with us all.

Details on How To Contribute to Brit-Am


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'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without
God or the Bible.'
George Washington

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