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Brit-Am Now no. 1633
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

24 January 2011, 19 Shevet 5771.
1. Hopes to Meet us in Israel!
2. Brit-Am Scenario for the End Times.
3. Question on Hebrew Term.


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1. Hopes to Meet us in Israel!
Hello Yair
Thank you for sending the newsletters. There seems to be something missing in my life, that I have not yet been to Israel. I hope one day I can go and meet you there.
God bless you from Chris

2. Brit-Am Scenario for the End Times.
Alexander Zephyr  wrote:
Re: Ezekiel 38-39

Hello Yair,
Please, help me with this: "Hordes of German, Slavic, and Asiatic people will come pouring down out of the north in an attempt to conquer the Land of restored Israel in which the Twelve Tribes are dwelling. The Ismaelite (Arabs) and Edomites (parts of Europe) will already have been defeated and placated." Remember?  - Your comment on Gog's attack. It is the theme I'm working on now.
      My questions:

1. Prior the Gog's attack, Israel will be totally reunited?

2.Will be there the Messiah? Son of Joseph or David?

3. When and how Arabs will be defeated before attack?

4.The Land will be restore to Biblical borders prior attack?

Basically, I share your ideas, and I'm sure I know what you are writing about.
Hope, I don't bother you excessively.
Your friend Alex.

Brit-Am Reply:

This concerns the End Times and the sources as we understand them.
We could be wrong and other explanations are possible.
Our impression (as you noted) is that Ishmael and Edom will be defeated and according to some sources placated and reconciled. The wars and struggles associated with this process will result in unification between the Ten Tribes and Judah.
Later comes the attack of Gog and Magog i.e. Israel will have been united.
Israel will have been re-united due to the combined actions of Messiah son of Joseph (head of the Ten Tribes) and messiah son of David.
Some sources suggest that Messiah son of Joseph will have been killed in battle but this is doubtful.
The Arabs will be defeated but some sources indicate that before then they may have achieved a temporary advantage over Judah. Ephraim will also suffer from Ishmael which could include Egypt, Iran, and any other of the forces of Islam.
The Arabs will be working in unison with Edom but the two will fall out and then the Arabs will be defeated either by Edom or by Judah.
After that, or parallel to it, Joseph after suffering from initial defeats will overcome Edom.
Following the war against Edom or towards the end of it Judah and Joseph will have re-united or at least set the process of unification into motion.
Prior to the attack of Gog and Magog it appears that the Land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates may already have been divided amongst the Twelve Tribes.

The above explanation is based on Biblical and Rabbinical sources. The actual chronological order in reality may be different but this is the way it seems to us according to our system of analysis which seeks to encompass and reconcile all relevant sources.

3. Question on Hebrew Term.
"Sally Bird"  wrote:

Dear Yair Davidiy,

        Who is Hashem? I have never heard of God referred to by this name.
Who is he, please?
        Enjoying these studies in the British Israel message and enjoying
the links etc. Very good.
        God bless you today, Yair, I also listened to you on Utube as well.
God bless you.

        Sally Bird

Brit-Am Reply;

HaShem is the Hebrew word for "The Name" meaning the name of God.
Religious Jews do not pronounce the name of God but rather say "The Name" i.e. "Ha-Shem".
In principle we do not overdo the use of Hebrew terminology but quite a few of our subscribers have been to Israel, know some Hebrew, and like using Hebrew terms so we get dragged along with them.

We are pleased that you enjoy these studies.
The term "British Israel" these days has mixed connotations.
We prefer "Israelite Identity", "Brit-Am Teaching", etc.
HaShem be with you

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