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Brit-Am Now no. 1632
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

23 January 2011, 18 Shevet 5771.
1. Brit-Am is Blessed and a Source of Blessing!
2. Daniel
Duffield: Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu on behalf of Ephraim.
3. New Article:
Henry Rhea: The Need for Divine Sanction
and Brit-Am Reply.


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1. Brit-Am is Blessed and a Source of Blessing!
Brit-Am may be constantly whining about lack of funds etc and other problems.
Bigger organizations than ours however do the same and we really do have a great need for ongoing income and do not receive sufficient for what we understand is needed at a basic minimum level.
It is worth setting the record straight.
Brit-Am has been blessed.
We see miracles daily.
Other people have been blessed through us.

2. Daniel Duffield: Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu on behalf of Ephraim
Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Od Yosef Chai!  [Joseph still Lives!] Your brothers, the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel are alive!  Hashem has kept us hidden for His purposes and is revealing your fellow Israelites at this time in history.  We are not Jews from the tribe of Judah and Benjamin, but are from the other 10 tribes of the ancient Northern Kingdom of Israel.  Most of us are awakening from our slumber as Evangelical Christians and are returning to Hashem and His Torah through the Hebraic Restoration Movement.  Some of us are still in the Christian churches; however, many of us have left the churches and are on the path of return to Hashem and His Torah.  Hashem has opened our eyes to realize who we are and that we have been taught lies by our religious leaders.  We yearn to return to not only Hashem, but to His land and His people Judah.  These are truly prophetic times!

I am writing this letter to sincerely petition Judah (whom you represent as Prime Minister of Israel) to provide a way to accommodate your brother Yosef (representing the Lost 10 Tribes) with all their shortcomings if they want to return to Eretz Israel.  Hashem has awakened us and given us a desire to return so I believe that at some point in the near future He will open a door for this to happen and you may have the opportunity to contribute to the progress of this plan.  Please take some of your Torah study and prayer times to meditate on the tasks that HaShem has created you for and see if opening the door for the immigration of the Lost 10 Tribes might be among those tasks?  I would also encourage you to visit for research and information regarding the Lost 10 Tribes.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my letter and consider what role you may be playing in Hashem's end-times plans.  According to Rabbi Dovid Siegel, once Yosef (i.e. the Lost 10 Tribes) is reconciled with Judah in unity, this miraculous unity will immediately lead to a second unity, that of Hashem and His people.  In response to their total unification Hashem will return His Divine Presence and rest amongst His people and "The spirit of Israel will be restored to life".  The restoration of all things is soon to occur!


Daniel J. Duffield

Beit Yosef in Ogden, Utah USA

3. New Article:
Henry Rhea: The Need for Divine Sanction and Brit-Am Reply.
Preliminary Note by Brit-Am Editorial Staff:

In a previous article by Alexander Zephyr the Three Oaths were discussed. These were statements from the Talmud that have been applied (perhaps incorrectly) against the obligation in our time of the Jews to conquer and settle the Land of Israel.
Henry Rhea in two letters contests the validity of the Talmud as an authoritative source; says that Israelites (when and if they are certain of their Israelite identity) must be a light to the world and also return to the Land of Israel; says that Divine Sanction is required for an individual to affirm their Israelite ancestry.


You appear to think that a non-Jew cannot be certain of Israelite ancestry without a "witness" i.e. some kind of Divine Sanction.
We, to some degree, agree with you concerning individuals. We have spoken of this often and written articles on the matter.

In the aggregate however we have proofs from the Bible supplemented by Rabbinical Sources and secular studies.

This knowledge is available to us in order that we may learn from it and take it to heart.

Information derived from The Bible is in itself Divine Sanction!

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