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Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

19 January 2011, 14 Shevet 5771.
YouTube Message About Brit-Am.
2. Brian Sandridge:  "They called themselves LOVERS OF ZION!"
3. Brit-Am Replies to a Query about the Israelite Origin of a Personal Family Name.
4. Brit-Am Replies to Query Concerning the Adoption of Jewish Customs.
5. Rich Signs In!
6. Need to Inform Brit-Am About Mistakes, Typos, Links that do not work etc.
7. Dream About Israel and Belonging to the Tribes of Israel?


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1. YouTube Message About Brit-Am
hoopenliefde has made a comment on Ten Tribes in the West Brit-Am Biblical Overview.avi:
Yair speaks a lot of sense. I read his book "The Tribes" and am now convinced there is indeed a great possibility many of the ten lost tribes settled in Western Europe . It is fascinating for sure....As Yair says, much is yet to unfold.

2. Brian Sandridge:  "They called themselves LOVERS OF ZION!"
Re: 2 Kings 15: Ephraimites East of  the Jordan
Kings 15
The One Month Reign of King Shallum and Ephraimites East of the Jordan!

Blown away!  Like so often happens when I hear of an interesting new fact, that I had never known, I will run into it again!  TODAY, reading a basic book about Zionism, I was reading about Herzl. Having made no progress with the French Rothschilds or others, he came to Britain.  There he was surprised to find enthusiastic support not only from Jews, but more importantly by a group of men who were expecting the regathering Of the Jews as a sign by the end of the 19th century.  They were well educated and well- placed men.  They called themselves LOVERS OF ZION.  Having been a reader and believer in Anglo-Israelism for some time, I was surprised that I had never heard of them before.  Then I see them tonight, here! 
I like your point.  I wish we would quit debating settlement of Judea and Samaria and just do it.  And I believe we should be protesting the illegal occupation of the EAST BANK.  Gilead and Bashan.

3. Brit-Am Replies to a Query about the Israelite Origin of a Personal Family Name.
Bob X wrote:


Dear Yair Dividiy

Peace be with you; I am a full blooded USA American and I am writing this message because I am a third generation British American. My family migrated to the United States from Liverpool U.K. in the late 1800?s. I can?t help being interested in your work and I would like to know if my family name is ?Israeli? in origin. Currently my name is spelled ?X? however recently I gathered that it has been spelled several different ways down through the centurie..... The name ?X? is a common name in the U.K., however not until lately has the name been becoming more common in the United States. I would like to know if the name has its origin with the Lost Tribes. Could you give me any information on the topic? I would greatly appreciate it if you are able to help me out with my research.

Thank you,


Brit-Am Reply:
We do not know much about individual family names.
Brit-Am shows that certain populations are of highly probable, in some cases almost definite, Israelite origin.
We show this, discuss the pros and cons, and sources of information while seeking more knowledge on the matter and often sharing our search while enhancing involvement and consciousness of its implications and all that it involves.
We create a kind of community or camaraderie around this subject.
The study of these matters unlocks many secrets of history, contemporary events, and future prophesied unfoldings.
It is important and exciting in its own right and can help individuals go ahead in positive directions.

By researching your family name you may well receive knowledge of use to you.
You could discover facts about your ancestry that enrich your existence and that of your family.

On the other hand unless the search leads back to Jewish forebears it is unlikely to tell you much about which Tribe you descend from though one never knows.

Recently a friend of ours learned that his name is of Norman origin.
In our work "The Tribes" we trace the Normans primarily to Benjamin though other elements were also present.
Anyway, my friend at present is going with the Benjamin possibility and found that it seems to explain aspects of his personality that previously he found no other explanation for.

Concerning your name:

A lot of sites deal with these matters.
We did a Google search and the first site mentioned gave the following.

The site.

They give the most probable explanation for the name....

They also provide the following possible sources for
information leads:

X in Records
Start your family tree

X at the Mormon LDS Database

X at
RootsWeb databases

Communicate with others researching the X surname:
It is possible as you build your own family tree to connect with distant cousins and unknown relatives via the internet. Data sharing among genealogical researchers is common, and many family trees have been published online. Learn what others know about your family tree.

X in RootsWeb surname mailing lists
Join others on the X genealogy mailing list for discussion and sharing of information regarding family histories of X surname and its variations. Note: Not all surnames have a mailing list. If you get the "Page is Not Available" message, no mailing list is available. Instead, check the index of mailing lists for a sound-alike name.

X in Ancestry Message Boards

Look for your X family in stories, memories, and histories:
X in Ancestry Family Histories
Read online surname origin books, biographies, journals, county histories, multi-generational genealogies & family trees, memoirs and other first-hand historical narratives which pertain to the X family name to help add detail and personality to the pages of your family history.

X Self-Published Genealogy Books

4. Brit-Am Replies to Query Concerning the Adoption of Jewish Customs.

M (Finland)  wrote:


You, Yair, do so many things for us and i pray that G-d will reward you as soon as possible!
But would it be possible for you to find us, people who feel strongly about their northern Israelite descent, a rabbi who could give us advice in all things halakhic? Especially from the view of ten lost tribes.

I for example, am not circumcised, but keep the Sabbath and wear tzitzit. Is this kosher according to the orthodox rabbis or not? Judah knows Torah better than Israel. It would be very good to be able to contact a rabbi and ask this kind of questions, so that the rabbi would know exactly where i am coming from.

And also wouldn't this be prophetically exciting to Judah also?
Our Christian tradition hints at a possibility that Judah will complain when northern Israelites return, because they have been away and taken all the pagan traditions. Northern Israelites learning the Torah could ease this.

Thank you for everything you do! It has consequences that we can't even imagine yet...:)



Brit-Am Reply:
To tell the truth the Rabbis are critical of non-Jews adopting Jewish customs, especially outward Jewish characteristics, when the same non-Jews do not wish to become Jewish.
On the other hand they agree that non-Jews, especially Christians, who believe in Scripture may discuss Biblical matters with Jews and learn from Jews if they so wish. [Moslems according to Maimonides are not in this category.]

There are differences of opinion on the matter.
We ourselves should study the relevant sources more in depth.
At all events our present impression is that the present Era is different.
The Lost Ten Tribes will return.
The present arousal amongst many Christians in Western Nations concerning their "Hebrew Roots" etc including those of religion is indicative of a growing instinctive awareness amongst Lost Israelites of their origins.

More than that we do not really know though our ongoing Biblical studies and related learning may yet lead to new insights.
At present we cannot say,
Ask the Almighty to show you the way.

God bless you,

5. Rich Signs In!
Hello everyone,
I just ran across your website. I decided that I am a supporter and thought it would be good to sign in and say hello.

Thank you,

6. Need to Inform Brit-Am About Mistakes, Typos, Links that do not work etc.

Did this get through?  On some of your pages the e-mail address does not work. Please investigate.

Blessings and shalom to you,
 Ronald Ferguson

Brit-Am Reply:
We have more than 5000 pages.
If you could tell me which ones it would help greatly, We know that quite few inadvertent typos, links that do not work,  and other mistakes exist.
Most people do not bother to tell us about these matters but we wish they would.
God bless you Yair

 7. Dream About Israel and Belonging to the Tribes of Israel?
R wrote:

Why has my Wife and I had a hunger in our hearts to go to Israel since 2004?
I had a dream then about Israel and every since that hunger has been there.
Could this be proof that We are Israelites, from one of the 12 Tribes of Israel?

Brit-Am Reply:
It is not proof in itself but it is a possible indication that deserves to be followed through on.
God bless you

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