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Brit-Am Now no. 1629
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

17 January 2011, 12 Shevet 5771.
1. Brit-Am,and Christian Zionists, etc
(a) Yair Davidiy Replies to Query.
(b) Eddie Chumney also Replies to Same Query.
(c) The Brit-Am Position.
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Possible Israelites in Japan and New Guinea etc?
3. Reactions to the availability of "The Vision Was There" by Franz Kobler
(a) Ron Fraser: "an invaluable service".
(b) Stephen G. McLeod: "the world is in dire need of its message!"


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1. Brit-Am,and Christian Zionists, etc

You said Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christian leaders dislike the THOUGHT that the Ten Tribes may be non-Jews who regard themselves as Christians today.

(a) Brit-Am Reply:
I do not remember saying that.
If I said it I did not intend it that way.
Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christian leaders are not the same thing.
You probably know this better than I and have more experience with these people than we do.
The term Messianic Jews can include Jews who are Messianics and members of the organization of that name.

The Messianic Jewish organization is officially against the idea of "Ephraimites" and regards it as a some kind of heresy.
The Ephramite Error: A Short Summary

See the Brit-Am Reply to the MJA:
#1. Question: What is your Reply to MJA [Messianic Jewish Association] Criticism?

On the other hand
There are quite a few of our subscribers who believe they have Jewish ancestry but now are practising Christians and could be termed Messianics.

As for Evangelicals we assume you mean Christian Zionists?
We have not had much experience with them.

We did contact at different times two of the directors of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ).

The first one we contacted almost a decade a ago. Jan Willem Van der Hoeven (from South Africa of Dutch origin) was the founder of the ICEJ in Jerusalem in 1980.
The International Christian Embassy, Jerusalem : A Case Study in Political Christian Zionism

We gave  Pastor Van der Hoeven a copy of "The Tribes" which he liked and recommended to others.

Later he left the ICEJ to create another organization
The International Christian Zionist Center(ICZC),

After him there was another director of  the ICEJ whom we met. He was somebody from India who treated us politely but it was obvious that he preferred to seek the Lost Ten Tribes in the east and indirectly he supported Rabbi Avichail.

We have not yet met the present director (Malcolm Hedding) but understand he is critical of the Ephraimite Movement.
We may be wrong or he may yet relate to Brit-Am differently.

The term Christian Zionism was popularized in the mid-twentieth century. Prior to that time the common term was Restorationism.

Restorationism was originally a British movement.
Franz Kobler wrote a history of  Restorationism:
"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler, 1956, London
Originally published by the World Jewish Congress it is now out of print.

The Brit-Am site appears to be the only venue from which this work may be obtained at present.
At the beginning early British Israel writers were in favor of Restorationism and Zionism.
Brit-Am Now no. 1627
we posted an excerpt from
Kobler regarding British Israelism.

Kobler says:
# On this evidence, British-Israelism may be regarded as a branch of the Restoration Movement, though apart from its eccentricity it held an inherent contradiction to the fundamental Messianic principle of the Restoration idea and this provoked violent opposition especially from Restorationists themselves. #

That about sums it up.

Some believers in Israelite Identity compromise themselves with anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist notions or with claims that frighten others away.

Christian Zionists are sometimes wary of being associated with what may be considered eccentric notions that have been adopted in the past by unsavory personages.

They also have the usual theological problems found amongst all Christians etc,.

 We see that the Ephraimite Movement also sometimes has a similar problem.
Ephraimites often do not emphasize specific Tribal identifications but only general ones.
They will quote Brit-Am as saying that the Ten Tribes in Prophecy will be Christians in the End Times.
They fail to mention  however that this is only one our of more than a hundred Biblical Proofs that we use and we emphasize that ALL the proofs as one whole need to be applicable.

(b) Eddie Chumney also Replies to Same Query.

Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christian leaders HATE the THOUGHT that THEY think the Ten Tribes may be non-Jews who regard themselves as Christians today.

Messianic Jews (the MJAA and UMJC) HATE the THOUGHT because they think that it hinders their "missionizing" activities toward Jewish people.

Evangelical leaders HATE the THOUGHT because they are concerned about being labeled "replacement theology" and those groups who have expressed connection to the Ten Tribes (Jehovah witnesses, Mormons, Worldwide Church of God) have historically in the view of Evangelical leaders been regarded by them as "cults".  Therefore, Evangelical leaders don't want to have any association with the Ten Tribes teaching in its variety of forms.

These obstacles are OVERCOME when the Ten Tribes and the uniting of the 12 tribes is presented by showing what the New Testament says about it. So when I show non-Jews what the New Testament says then they are convinced.

(c) The Brit-Am Position.
The answer of Eddie above more or less also sums up our own attitude.
We need to make the sources available and explain them.
The sources that Brit-Am emphasizes are The Hebrew Bible (i.e. the so-called "Old" Testament), Rabbinical Commentaries, archaeology, history, linguistics, general history, etc.

2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Possible Israelites in Japan and New Guinea etc?

 The Origins of Japanese Populations   by Kino 
  with editorial additions  by
Yair Davidiy

Subject: Japanese
Dear Readers,

This article and the ideas that have come before and after are interesting to me because I had a Japanese friend ask about Israelites in Japan.  I have another friend from Japanese descent who looked nothing like those in the picture. She said to me once, "I think there is a small mixture of Spanish descent among the Japanese because of the early explorations of the Spaniards.

My thoughts are this about the situation  in the east: the prophecies say that the Israelites would be scattered to the far corners of the earth and the islands of the sea. Those prophecies if true would include all sea-coasts and islands.  However, that does not mean all these places have a concentration of Israelite descendants. We also found similarities among a family of languages in Papua New Guinea of Hebrew practices. We even found many Hebrew words in the language. These people had not been touched by outsiders for centuries and maybe milinium. But those who seem to be in charge of the temple and its practices were only one clan out of many and the characteristics of this clan was different than the others. They themselves called themselves the white ones.

The Israelites were sprinkled but I am in agreement with Brit-Am the concentration of Israelites are where he has stated and that these eastern parts of the world do not qualify with enough of the influence to be designated as and Israelite nation.

Regarding the mixture of Spaniards along the coast lines of the world, could have left some descendants of  Abraham along the way, but it would not have been a concentration like it was up the western coast of Europe.

These are my thoughts, but I have no scientific basis for them.

Charlotte Mecklenburg

3. Reactions to the availability of "The Vision Was There" by Franz Kobler
Re Brit-Am Download for Free .pdf or .html book
Franz Kobler "The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine"
available in .html or .pdf format.

(a) Ron Fraser: "an invaluable service"
Greetings Yair,
You continue to provide an invaluable service to the cause of publicizing the reality of the identity of the nations of Israel.
The publication of Kobler's book online is a further outstanding addition to this cause and to the legitimization of Judah's presence in the land of their forebears, gifted in perpetuity by the Creator to Israel.
Keep up the excellent work,
Ron Fraser

(b) Stephen G. McLeod: "the world is in dire need of its message!"
Shalom, Yair! Thank you for making Franz Kobler's The Vision Was There
available. It is a very important work of scholarship, and the world is in dire need of its message.


Stephen G. McLeod, Ed.D.

Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you all very much for the encouragement.
The work by Kobler in .html format has been proof-read and upgraded. It did not look bad before but in our opinion has now been made still
more reader-friendly.
Kobler was a gifted writer. Not only is the information important and interesting but the book reads well.
We invested quite a bit of time and effort in making this work available and presenting it as we have done.
We hope you enjoy it. It has much to teach.

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