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Brit-Am Now no. 1628
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

14 January 2011, 9 Shevet 5771.
1. Christianity as a Prophesied Characteristic of the Ten Tribes.
2. Ronald: Brit-Am Confirms Israelite Identification.
3. Are the Brit-Am Proofs and Evidence Mere Speculation?


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1. Christianity as a Prophesied Characteristic of the Ten Tribes.

The following message was forwarded to us:
Do you know Yair Davidiy?  He is a devout Orthodox Jew, and he and others have done much research showing that the Christians actually descend from the ten lost tribes (First Kings 11 and 12) who broke off in the days of Jeroboam.  He traces all of the migratory routes, and shows how they fit every scriptural requirement.  You might try contacting him. 

Brit-Am Reply:
I do not know what exactly your intention by the passage above was and perhaps I have misunderstood you.
We have noticed similar messages along the same lines recently from others.
There are those who quote Brit-Am as saying that the Ten Tribes in Prophecy will be Christians in the End Times.
They imply that we therefore approve of Christianity.
This is misleading.
This does not mean that we approve of Christianity.

The full details of how we reached this conclusion are given in our book "Ephraim" (now out of print but soon, God willing, to be available again even if only as a .pdf version).
A few shortened selected extracts of our reasoning may be seen in  the article:

Adherence to Christianity is only one our of more than a hundred Biblical Proofs that we use and we emphasize that ALL the proofs as one whole need to be applicable.

The sources we quote concerning adherence to Christianity do not imply that it is a positive trait.
It is an aspect that the Ten Tribes will have before their return to Israel and re-unification with Judah.

Brit-Am however is not against Christianity but sees it as a tool of Divine Providence.

We are also not against conversion to Judaism but recognize that in practical terms it may not be a solution for most Israelite Gentiles in our generation.

At all events the Brit-Am mandate is limited to revealing the Israelite Identity of Western Peoples.

The Lost Ten Tribes in the End Times will be in Ireland and the British Isles and in areas of Western Europe and in overseas regions (North America, Australia, etc) whose forebears came from Western Europe.
Their characteristics will include those pertinent to  Britain in the recent past and the USA today as well as of some of the West European nations. Not everybody in those areas is to be considered as descended from the Ten Tribes but these areas are where the Ten Tribes are to be found.

2. Ronald: Brit-Am Confirms Israelite Identification
I am so thankful for finding your website. You are confirming for me the things I have realized by looking at the customs that we have here in the USA are actually customs which are in the Torah.
I can see that I am from one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The evidences shows me that I am from Judah. This evidences was hanging on my wall for years and I did not realize that my family crest had the lion of Judah on it until about 6 months ago.
Blessings and Shalom to you,

3. Are the Brit-Am Proofs and Evidence Mere Speculation?

Recently at a wedding we met someone who introduced himself as active in the Karaite movement.
He said he had been offended by what we wrote about them but understands there may have been extenuating circumstances.
He then said that the evidence of Brit-Am concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and their present wherabouts is all speculation.

First of all the whole Karaite Ideology amounts to a deification of Speculation.
They assume that when the Almighty gave the Torah no-one was to know how it was to be put into practice.
Anyone according to their notions may therefore apply the Laws as they see fit.
One "guess" is as good as another!
This would result in such anomalies as King David being considered illegitimate concerning his Israelite ancestry!!
See our articles:
Collective Responsibility and Rabbinical Authority.
 King David and the Oral Law

As for Brit-Am and Speculation we may dedicate an article  tot he subject later.

Suffice to say that Brit-Am is true.
The evidence that Brit-Am uses is strong and true.
Brit-Am Proofs are extremely numerous and cover the whole range of research possibilities.
We are researching all the time.
Some of our proofs are directly pertinent and prove the case in their own right.
Other proofs are supportive and rely on probability and possibility.
In some cases alternate explanations are possible for those that we give.
The aggregate of our evidence needs to be considered as a whole as we constantly stress.
We also research.
Our researches depend on informational leads and indications that might not always be substantiated.
Our research like all other academic and scientific enquiry here and there may begin with inspired guesswork that needs to be confirmed or nullified. Such lines of study however are not those we base ourselves upon. At least not until we establish their veracity.
They who are prejudiced and hostile towards have been known to attack us on marginal issues while deliberately ignoring the main theme.
We Challenge anyone to criticize our Biblical Proofs and explain why they should not be accepted.
Scriptural Proof is our beginning but we go on and strengthen our understanding from Rabbinical Sources and Historical Studies that in themselves also cannot be refuted.


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