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Brit-Am Now no. 1626
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

13 January 2011, 8 Shevet 5771.
1. David Jackson: Have the European Israelites Migrated Out?
2. Cherie Koch: India, the Brahmans, and Abraham.
3. New Article:
Abraham in Greek Mythology
by John R.


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1.David Jackson: Have the European Israelites Migrated Out?
 RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1625
" Eurabia" in The Book of  DANIEL?

Reading your postings on 'Eurabia', i.e. a de-facto merger of Europe and the Arab lands leads me to ask this.  Do you think it's possible that almost all of the Ten Tribe descended peoples of Europe have already immigrated out?

We know that from the 1600s thru the 20th century there was significant immigration from European nations to the US and other English-speaking colonies.  I have read that it is now very difficult for European families to simply move to the US and become citizens.

Maybe all those Brits, Scots-Irish, Nordics, Dutch, Germans, etc. who went to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa in the past were more or less the last remaining seed of the Ten Tribes and that God has started to shut the door in preparation for the creation of a genuine Eurabia, with all that implies.

To me, it will be interesting to see to what extent the UK and Scandinavian nations will allow themselves to be totally absorbed into the EU.  For now they do retain their own currency and therefore a greater degree of sovereignty than fully invested EU countries.  Maybe they won't go down that path.

In the course of 10 years or so I have gone from thinking that the whole Brit-Am/Lost Ten Tribes (LTT) concept was ridiculous to now seeing almost all geopolitical events through that prism.  It seems to make sense of so much of what we see happening in the world.

For the record, growing up I was never exposed to the Herbert Armstrong Worldwide Church of God stuff and I do consider those religious beliefs to be false.  I had only a vague notion of what was meant by the LTT.

To those who may be reading this and not know much about Brit-Am, I ask that you give it your objective consideration.  Not as a replacement for your religion (I don't see it that way, and it doesn't seek to be) but as a movement that recognizes historical biblical truths, however out of fashion they may be.  When something is assailed from all sides as Brit-Am and the US-Israel relationship is, you can be pretty sure that there is some transcendent reason for it.

David Jackson
Roanoke, Texas

2. Cherie Koch: India, the Brahmans, and Abraham.
RE: New Book Now Available! "Indian Interlude" by Hugh Davis
Shalom Yair,

The book looks interesting! I have read that the Brahma cult in India is actually derived from descendants of Abraham who actually set him apart as being revered (and became idolatrous.) Do you know anything about this history?

One writer stated, "There are certain striking similarities between the Hindu god Brahma and his consort Saraisvati, and the Jewish Abraham and Sarai, that are more than mere coincidences. Although in all of India there is only one temple dedicated to Brahma, this cult is the third largest Hindu sect."

One link here:

Aside from the dissimilarity between Judeo-Christian and Hindu doctrine, India is actually more of an ally to us than other countries in that region. For one, they'd like to get rid of Pakistan, lol. Here is the most AMAZING and moving speech given by a 13 year old Hindu girl in India regarding Pakistan:

India has the most men enlisted in the military, counting active and reserves...over China.

I would love to hear any more that you have to add. Perhaps you have written on this previously and I missed it.

Thank you,

Cherie Koch

3. New Article:
Abraham in Greek Mythology by John R.
Abraham and the Minyan Athamas

Minyans, Kurds, Armenians, and UR.
Abraham and the Ram-Lamb?
The Almost-Consummated Sacrifice of the Son! Competing Wives and their Allegorical Significance.
Isaac and the Mountain.
Different Hebrew Traditions Coalesced in Greek Mythology.

However there must have been some confusion among the Greek mythographers concerning the chronology of the events for they seem to have compressed three generations of Hebrew history (those of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph), into one generation (that of Phrixus) of Greek mythology. Phrixus is the Minyan version of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph, all rolled into one. As Isaac he is almost offered up as a sacrifice by his father on a mountain top, but is saved at the last minute by the miraculous appearance of a ram. As Jacob he goes off to the Egyptian land where he stays until the end of his life. In each case his descendants returned and his bones are carried back home for burial (this is also true of Joseph). As Joseph, Phrixus has an episode with the wife of Cretheus.

Now Available!
Indian Interlude Cover


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