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Brit-Am Now no. 1624
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

5 January 2011, 29 Tevet 5771.
1. Natalie
Pavlik: The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Ancient Israel.
2. Steve Mathe: The "Function" of the Covenant and Brit-Am.
3. The Unwanted American Empire?


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1. Natalie Pavlik: The Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and Ancient Israel.

Yair:  I have followed your teachings for many years and I must say that I agree with almost everything you propose.
I have a book called 'History of the Jews of Spain and Portugal' by Jose Amador de los Rios  the book is in Spanish and it is actually a 3 volume series of the whole story of the Jews from times immemorial. This author explains that the Israelites were in Iberia from the memorable times of Nebuchadnezzar conqueror and lord of all the world. Who, not only settle the Israelites in the worst and most ferocious areas of Betica but they also penetrated the center of the Peninsula, and in particular they settled in the Carpathian  Regions from which was the head and metropolis the city of Toledo founded during the days of Ahasueros. 
Are you aware of this'
The book says:  chapter 1 page 49, 50
Many and respectable are the Christians historians, that following the testimony and vote of the rabbis from the second half of the fifteenth century, have admitted not only to the expedition of Nebuchadnezzar that brought to Iberia the conquered Jews, but also the most oldest commercial routes, that opened and established its communication and treaties with the indigenous tribes, that finally  buckled under him. To them it was not doubtful , but  all the contrary,  it looked like an unquestionable fact that as soon as the existence of the Iberian nation was revealed to the peoples of Asia, they began to bring to their shores the Hebrew  ships, attracted by their fame and lure of its prodigious riches.
Tarsis, the renown Tarsis, that has been considered by  skillful  geographers, and perspicuous interpreters of the Sacred Scriptures and of antiquarian scholars, to be the Pyrenean Peninsula or at least like the ancient Tartesus, after Betica
,  gave acceptance to the fleet of the Israelites; and when, fulfilling the prophecy of David, his father, it was Solomon who received as king and lord of all the earth, precious and abundant tribute, helping in this way to the most sumptuous of the first and most famous Temple erected to the Only God, but it was also added to his empire all the other regions of Iberia, where his ministers were established to collect and gather the tributes that constituted the vassalage. 
I just translated this for you, but in the book there is much much more''''.
Thank you for all your good work
Natalie Pavlik

2. Steve Mathe: The "Function" of the Covenant and Brit-Am.
From: Steve Mathe <>
Joseph in the Eyes of the  "Rebbe"


Thank you for your article on the Sfat Emet's commentaries on the "function" of Joseph in the latter-day "regathering" and the "redemption" of all Israel. It is amazing that this here-to-fore hidden-from-general-readership texts have come to light at this time. Am of the opinion that in the near future, we will see knowledge of this type come to the fore at an exponentially accelerating rate.  I have also written a small article on the definition of the name "Brit Am" on the website:   It also has to do with the "function" of the Covenant  made with the people of Israel in general and the function of that Covenant with the people of Yosef, the Ten Tribes in particular.

Steve Mathe

3. The Unwanted American Empire?
An imperialist culture?

'We seem, as it were, to have conquered and peopled half the world in a fit of absence of mind.' This is the famous explanation given by Victorian classicist and historian JR Seeley for the British Empire.

However debatable, it could equally be applied to the Roman republic. By 146 BC, the Romans found themselves the undisputed masters of the Mediterranean world. But they had achieved this without ever really intending to, and consequently they were unprepared to take on that mantle.

Rome and America were founded upon the same myth, and it has shaped their destiny.

This is the position that the United States of America finds itself in today. Like the Roman republic, the US is now the policeman of the western world. Its armed forces are unstoppable, its influence is everywhere and just like the Romans, it got there by mistake.

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