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Brit-Am Now no. 1612
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

9 December 2010, 2 Tevet 5771.
1. Question Concerning South & Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico.
2. Damon
Casale: Insights re the Chosen from Birth.
3.  New Article:
Are the Ten Tribes Like Ethiopians


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1. Question Concerning South & Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico.
Cindy  wrote:


If I may....Where do South & Central America, Caribbean, and Mexico fit in all this?
Thank you in advance!

Shalom! Cindy Flores Sepulveda

Brit-Am Reply:
Cindy Shalom,

These peoples are mostly descended from Amerindian stock combined with Spanish and other Europeans as well as in some cases (e.g. Caribbean, etc) Africans.

For information concerning Spain see:



At one stage Brit-Am had a small following in Jamaica and maybe we still have.
People from Latin America etc also made contact with us.

On the whole we consider the nations in question to be dominated by non-Israelites.
Nevertheless many Israelites and descendants of Jews are to be found amongst them. This is according to our studies and the general researches of others.
Those amongst them who feel an attraction to Judah or to Israelites by Brit-Am definition may belong to Israel or may be "Gentiles" whom the Almighty is calling to attach themselves to Israel.
We cannot say.
Each has to make their own way.
Perhaps in the future the situation will be clearer to all of us.
In the meantime we all should do what we can as well as possible.
God bless you

2. Damon Casale: Insights re the Chosen from Birth.
"Damon Casale" <>
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1611

This is regarding what I've been studying recently regarding individuals who were "known from their mother's womb" to perform special tasks.

In Isaiah 49, we have an individual who was known from his mother's womb, whose appointed task was to bring the Jews back from Babylonian exile.  But more than that, he was also tasked with being a light to the other nations.

What's interesting about that is that it seems to parallel Jeremiah's task, according to Jeremiah 1.  He was likewise known from his mother's womb, whereas *his* task was to tear down Judah.  He was also tasked with building and planting it...except he never fulfilled that part of his commission.  It was left for a later individual to fulfill it -- apparently the one mentioned in Isaiah 49.

We apparently have "bookends", as it were, on opposite sides of the Babylonian exile, and with opposite missions, but both dealing with the very existence of the nation of Judah.

What's interesting about this is that Isaiah had *two* sons who were known from their mother's womb, who were both to be for signs and wonders in Israel.  (See Isaiah 7:14-16 and Isaiah 8:1-4.)  Following the context of Isaiah 51:17-20, it becomes apparent that Isaiah was speaking of "these two *sons*" and not "things" as rendered in the KJV, who were come to Jerusalem to comfort her.  Since these two "sons" were on the scene at the end of the Babylonian exile and not in Isaiah's day, Isaiah was speaking of a repeated cycle of history when he mentioned them in Isaiah 49 and again in Isaiah 51.
They were to be repeated types of his own two sons, in other words.

Zechariah 4 again picks up the theme of two "anointed ones" -- most likely referring to the same two individuals as the ones in Isaiah 49 and 51. However, the book of Zechariah makes it clear that the time just after the end of the Babylonian exile is being telegraphed into the far future, at a time when a *third* Temple is to be built in preparation for the coming of the messiah.  Malachi 4:4-6 make it clear that these two individuals will fulfill the same roles as Elijah and Moses of old.  (That is, it will be a repeated cycle of history rather than, for instance, the same Elijah who was taken up into heaven and who never died.)

The ultimate point of all of this seems to be the re-establishment of the Kingdom of Israel, complete with a king ("messiah" or anointed one) and a Temple.  But in order for that to happen, the following needs to happen:

#1:  The Jews must return to their ancient homeland, during a time of trouble similar to the one in which they returned from Babylon.  This has already happened.

#2:  There will be a period of time in which the Jews will be persecuted by the surrounding nations.  During this time, there will be no opportunity, politically speaking, for the third Temple to be built.  We're living in this time right now.

#3:  There will come a time when the political situation will change in a highly apparent way, just as it did when Darius assumed the throne of Persia and allowed the Jews to finish building the second Temple.  That time is yet in the future, although that change will unfortunately be temporary.

#4:  At that time, there will be a king of the lineage of David who will re-establish the monarchy of Israel in Israel itself.

#5:  He will be assisted by two "sons" of Jerusalem who will order the building of the third Temple, and who will also be responsible for bringing about the true understanding of who the lost ten tribes are, and making that understanding widely known and understood throughout the world.  (That's not to say that this isn't already understood, just that it isn't widely known and accepted today.)  Although there will be no mass "aliyah" to Israel, there will be a substantial number of Israelites who will return to the land at this time.

Although there's more to the story than that, I'm sticking entirely with what's in the Old Testament in order to not provoke unnecessary disagreement from those of a Jewish persuasion.


3.  New Article:
Are the Ten Tribes Like Ethiopians????
Ephraimites are the same as Cushim without Brit-Am!!
What makes members of the Ten Tribes different from the Africans?
Are so-called "
Ephraimites" Any Better?
Brit-Am Proofs Are Necessary!!!

The Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples. Most are not aware of it. Amongst those who are we find the [New] Ephraimites. These include Angus and Batya Woottten, Eddie Chumney, Montie Judah, and others. We have taken the New Ephraimites as an example of the overall approach of many Christian believers. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, holds that the Brit-Am approach of providing evidence from Scriptural, Rabbinical, and secular sources is the right one. Both the Jews and the Gentile Nations populated by the Ten Tribes need the evidence provided by Brit-Am. Brit-Am should be assisted materially in its task. Without Brit-Am descendants of the Ten Tribes who are aware of their Israelite Ancestry will not deserve to be treated any better than Afro-Americans and White Supremacists who also claim Israelite ancestry. The Afro-American claims need to be considered on the background of millions of African refugees who are liable to attempt an invasion of Israel and already are massing at the borders.

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