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Brit-Am Now no. 1604
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

25 November 2010, 18 Kislev 5771.
1. Brian
Patmore: Both Houses of Israel are Under Siege by Islam!
2. Owen Murphy: Are SDAs Rechabites?
3. New Article: The Israelite-Ireland-Jewish Problem.
"The Confusion of the Irish" by Konrad Siegfried.
4. Need for Individuals to Find their Own Way.
5. Melody: How can I find out if I am Jewish?
6. Reb Y: Question about Lithuanians and Israel.
7. Shelley: Question About Coming to Work in Israel and Brit-Am Answer.


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1. Brian Patmore: Both Houses of Israel are Under Siege by Islam!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1603

Shalom Yair,

I have read that the whoring or sexual immorality does also refer to the two house, House of Israel and House of Judah, whoring after false gods etc and that the "Husband" comes to take his wife, Kol Yisrael" (remember the sticks of each tribe reunited into one) and take her away from her whoring, via purification, back to the marriage status under a renewed covenant with The Almighty.

Remember when addressing Yisrael, through Moshe/Moses, he likened the covenant to a marriage with Israel as the Bride and The Almighty as the Husband ?

Also regarding the comment that Jews are the target and not the rest of Israel, hmmm....I have news for the propagators of that one.

The Islamic extremists hate the liberties that all Israel has, both houses.

Didn't we all see the protest signs by the Islamics in London after the bombings ?

Look at Paris suburbs being over-run by the Islamics, they are taking control without any opposition !!

Crazy stuff !!

Kol Yisrael dig your heels in, tell your governments enough is enough defend yourselves, your families, your countries, way of life and Your Father in Heaven's Word !!

We are told to live by every word that comes out of the mouth of The Almighty !! The Torah !!!

Stick to it !!



2. Owen  Murphy: Are SDAs Rechabites?
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1603

Hello Yair- Regarding the Rechabites, who were faithful to their Fathers admonition, not to drink wine.
   Has anyone connected them to the groups in Britain & America, known as the Seventh Day Adventists who keep the Seventh Day Sabbath and refuse to drink wine as a basic tenet of their faith.
   Cheers Owen.

Brit-Am Reply:
Even though most of us do not agree doctrinally with the SDA it could be that a certain specific Israelite group dominates them.
The same applies to other such polities.
This is perhaps an idea worth keeping in mind.

3. New Article:
The Israelite-Ireland-Jewish Problem
"The Confusion of the Irish"
Konrad Siegfried.
This would not be so bad but the Irish further aggravate this by conflating (erroneously I might add) their ethnic identification with Catholicism.  They ignore the fact that it was the Pope who ordered the (then Catholic)  British into Ireland (then dissident Christian) in order to Catholicize the Irish, in the 12th century in a papal decree called the Laudibiliter.

4. Need for Individuals to Find their Own Way
Karin wrote:

Hi Mr. Yair Davidiy.
My name is Karin...and I am writing you today out of interest of having read the information pertaining to the Lost Tribes of Israel and the biblical information, interpretations and references given to work towards identifying them in todays cultures and locations. I am interested also in trying to find out from which tribe I may have originated. My natural dad is originally of Jewish - Polish descent and originated in Prague, Czech Republic. As I was seeking God concerning my roots and origination He led me to understanding and belief of this as He showed me.... I keep trying to discover more about my roots. I wonder if you might be able to help me to learn more about my Godly Heritage?
Karin Przybilski

Brit-Am Reply:
We can help you learn about the Biblical Heritage of Israel in general as we teach others and ourselves about it.
Brit-Am provides tools and facts that may be of assistance to all they who belong to Israel.
Beyond that each one of us needs to find their own way forward towards the Almighty.
God bless you

5. Melody: How can I find out if I am Jewish?


My Dad's last name is dad is from Scotland. My mom is English, Northern, a bit of Irish,
a little Indian...............I am so close to the Jewish ways, all I do is think Jewish, want to be and do Hebrew ways. My desire to go to Israel have gotten so strong since i became adult, ..........I had both of my sons circumcised at birth..........I have read all your articles ........I want to follow all Jewish ways and do the 7 feasts..........if I had the money, I would do the DNA.........I read and follow my Bible so much. I love the Jews and everything to do with Israel. I tell everyone, I stand with Israel and pray for can I find out if I am Jewish?

Brit-Am Reply:

We are not so much about finding out whether or not a person is Jewish but rather in clarifying the present-day identity of the Ten Tribes.
You cannot find out if you are Jewish through DNA. It might help in some cases as complementary to other information.
Life in Israel can sometimes (or often) be very hard even  for people who know they are Jewish and all their life have known it and lived as such.
Brit-Am concentrates on the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes and proving their present-day whereabouts.
The end result we believe will be for the good of all but until we get there may take a good deal of time.
God bless you

6. Question about Lithuanians and Israel.
R wrote:

Hello Reb Yair,

I am a Chassidishe gentleman you met up with in Yerushalayim a couple of years ago... You gave me all your books which are excellent. What are your thoughts on any of the Lost Tribes being among the Latvians? If so do you have any articles or books you could recommend on this?

Kol tov,
Reb Y.

Brit-Am Reply:
The Latvians of Lithuania do not fit the Ephraimite Criteria we use to determine which nations belong to Israel:

Ephraimite Criteria

On the other hand there were many Jews in  Lithuania some of whom assimilated amongst the Gentiles.
In addition various groups such as the Goths, Vandals, Vikings, Khazars, etc whom we identify as Israelites passed through Lithuania or dwelt in the region for a while.

Since the Lithuanians are not Israelite descent anyone from there who feels themselves Israelite should find their solution by becoming attached to Judah or to one of the other Israelite nations.
HaShem be with you

7. Question About Coming to Work in Israel and Brit-Am Answer:
Shelley  wrote:


My dear brother - how can a lost Israelite come home?  I have written to you before of my deep groaning within to come to live and work in Israel.  I feel there is no other home for me.  Can you guide me to an organization to help me find a job and come to live and serve in Israel? 

...As I heal, I just learn more and more that Israel has been my home in spirit since I was a young teen. ..I'm (a very young) 57, and what i read online doesn't bode well for me finding work in Israel, though I've been trying to get through to someone for 2 years, it always just seems to go nowhere.  I'm not Jewish, but we must learn as much as we can from you truly believing Jews. ... I'm very quiet and respectful of where others such as yourself are coming from, and just know that we are to appreciate one another at this point. ... In the end, we worship the same [God ALMIGHTY], even if our understanding is somewhat convoluted at the moment.  In the meantime, I have always loved Torah/Tanach, and now that I'm free to do so, I try to observe diet, feast days, shabbat and tithing as much as possible, though I'm usually isolated by myself (a hallmark of lost Israelites, right?). ... Anyway, again - IS THERE AN ORGANIZATION THAT WOULD HELP ME FIND A JOB AND MAKE ALIYAH SO THAT I CAN BE AT PEACE ABOUT SETTLING DOWN FOR GOOD, AND PARTICIPATE IN DOING MY PART FOR OUR COUNTRY IN THESE PERILOUS TIMES?  IS THERE AN ORG THAT PROVIDES JOBS FOR SINCERE, NON-EVANGELIZING LOST ISRAELITES?  I live for the day we will rejoice in our reunification as a nation of His Children, Israel - wait a minute - His finally grown up children, Israel!

Thank you for hanging in there.  .

Brit-Am Reply:
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, does not encourage Joseph-Israelites to come to Israel at this stage except as tourists.
We emphasize living a Bible-Oriented life, identifying with your own people and helping them, spreading the message regarding Israelite Brit-Am ancestry amongst them.
To our minds being living a Biblical Life and becoming aware of Israelite Ancestry from a Brit-Am perspective and helping spread this message amongst your fellows should be the major task of us all in our time.

To return to your question let us consider the options realistically:

A Jew may come to Israel as an immigrant or temporary resident. In such a case they will receive help from the Jewish Agency regarding housing and perhaps initial loans or subsistence stipends etc. They will be allowed to work immediately but wages for unskilled or only-moderately skilled workers are usually very low while living expenses can be quite high.
They who start business or are well qualified professionally have a much better chance.
Even they however often have problems.
A popular joke goes:
Question: How can I end up with a million dollars in Israel?
Answer: Arrive with two million.
Israel can be very difficult. Adjustment may even be traumatic. Nevertheless on the whole Israel is beneficial in the long run to those who come here and are determined to make an effort to succeed.

Non-Jews cannot come to Israel except as tourists on a three-month visa.
Tourists are forbidden to work unless special exemptions are obtained.

In the past volunteers were accepted on Kibbutzes etc.
At one stage more than 10,000 volunteers from western countries would be accepted each year by the Kibbutzim.
Nowadays it is only about a thousand.

Certain Church organizations and charity projects also accept volunteers but we are not familiar with them.

Volunteers usually work for food and board and sometimes (but not always) pocket money.
In other words even volunteers should come with some financial reserves of their own.

I know this is not an encouraging answer to your question but such is the case according to our knowledge.
God bless you

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