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Brit-Am Now no. 1596
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

10 November 2010, 3 Kislev 5771.
1. Cristian Sildan:  Is there a bigger more-encompassing world-wide ethnic picture?
2. Question about Personal Antecedents and Israelite Ancestry.
3. Question Regarding Descent from Ancient Irish Clan.


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1. Cristian Sildan:  Is there a bigger more-encompassing world-wide ethnic picture?
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1595
Divine Vengeance against the Heathen Nations.
EDOM (Palestinians of West Bank)
MOAB (Jordan)
AMMON (Jordan)
PHILISTINES (Palestinians of Gaza)
Peace again to everybody here.
In the same way in which we research on the LTT by going far away from the Middle East, maybe it should be beneficial for the study of prophecy to do the same with the other ancient peoples? If Israelites are on different continents and number in the hundreds of millions, maybe so do most of these other populations anciently neighboring them?
If, as someone pointed out some time ago, Syrians are related genetically to the Pakistanis, then we should try to see the prophecies from this point of view?
The same with Phoenicians and their relationship to Berbers or Amerinds, the Amalekites with many of the Arabs and Africans etc.
I don't have enough training and information to do so, but maybe someone should at least try that?
It would surely be enlightening.
The whole layout of things is much too grand, and expressly presented as a global matter, for us to keep focusing on vicinity aspects restrained to the Middle East. There are a lot of problems there, and will unfold there, but they surely have their reverberations upon other continents, as do the Israelite matters.
Best wishes,

2. Question about Personal Antecedents and Israelite Ancestry.
L. wrote:

my name is L...I just found your website....I have a question I hope you can help.
How does one begin to trace there ancestory?
My grand-father was from Spain his name was Eloy James grandmother was Indian...not sure what tribe...but they lived in Kim Colorado, and Trinidad, Colorado, most of their lives...any direction would be appreciated....
Sincerely, L.

Brit-Am Reply:

We get a lot of questions like yours. We cannot help individuals with their ancestry.
Nowadays on the web there exist numerous sites dedicated to individual family groups.
In many cases there also exist different e-mail discussion groups dedicated to the genealogy of specific families or regions.
DNA cases may also help to some degree.
As for your ancestors having belonged to Judah or to the Lost Ten Tribes we can only advise you to read our works and study the Bible.
No-one (or very few) including ourselves can be absolutely certain about these matters.
We can only do what we can and ask the Almighty to guide us.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Question Regarding Descent from Ancient Irish Clan.
RM wrote:


Shalom Fellow Israelite
The Message of Judah is to obeying the Almighty's Laws and Feasts and this I think is the message of the Last Days. I and many other who are Israelites are turning back to the ancient way of Serving the Almighty.

Now my Question?

I am of Native American desent and found the Family of my dad  came from Ireland many centuries ago. I traced my dads side back to and wondered if you knew any information of who these men were.

...This name came from a clan know as Maoldoon around 679 ad.

This Clan came from Maelduin son of Maelfithrigh. He was the Son of Aedh Allan King of the North in Ireland  son of a Man called Fearghab-- do you have any information on Fearghab and his line I want to trace my way back to Israelites.

I am of Hebrew Faith.

Any helps are Great.
Fellow Isrealite RM

Brit-Am Reply:
We have no information on the clan you spoke of but we do have information about the Ancient Irish in general.
We expect that still more info on this subject will become available in the near future.
Please read what we have already published in our publications and on our web-site and stay posted.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

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