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Brit-Am Now no. 1593
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

1 November 2010, 24 Cheshvan 5771.
1. Did Statues of the Patriarchs Exist?
2. Additions to our article about the
The Choice is between an Ancient Oral Tradition and a New One Derived from Base Motives!
Recognizing the
Karaites means Denial of Judah!
The Brit-Am Issue with the
3. David Jackson:
Sizemores, Melungeons, Cherokees and the Sieve of Amos
4. Bo Ronn: Welcome Lars Waern to Brit-Am-North
5. MK (Member of Knesset) Kara: Druze are Descended from Jews!


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1. Did Statues of the Patriarchs Exist?

Zacharias of Mytilene (500s CE):
# It [the city of Rome] contains, moreover, 25 bronze statures of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar, and of the Kings of the House of David, which Vespasian the king brought up when he sacked Jerusalem, and the gates of Jerusalem and other bronze objects. #
Source: "A History of the
Ostro-Goths" by Thomas Burns, USA, 1984, p.68.

The Bible does not encourage statues and is generally understood to forbid plastic representations of human beings in the round.
Exceptions may however have existed.
Where there statues of the Patriarchs in Judea that were later taken as booty to Italy?

2. Additions to our article about the Karaites/

Defence of the Oral Tradition.

The article has been slightly revised and the following addition sub-heading entires added:

The Choice is between an Ancient Oral Tradition and a New One Derived from Base Motives!
Recognizing the Karaites means Denial of Judah!
The Brit-Am Issue with the Karaites.

The Choice is between an Ancient Oral Tradition and a New One Derived from Base Motives!
In practice the Karaites also adopted Oral Traditions of their own. ...
In effect in order to understand the Bible and keep Biblical laws as the Bible intended one needs to accept the Rabbinical Oral Traditions. In some cases it can be proven that these practices existed in Biblical Times! ...If one does not want to go according to how the Rabbinical Jews teach but rather to follow Karaite Practice then in effect you may well (perhaps unconsciously) be adopting another Oral Tradition but one whose foundations are from less sanctified a source.

Recognizing the Karaites means Denial of Judah!
Each Tribe had its own individual qualities. The Twelve Tribes as a whole were divided into two. One section was headed by Joseph; the other by Judah. "Joseph" became the Ten Tribes.
The Task of Joseph was to civilize and uplift humanity and to rule the earth. ...
Judah was blessed that he would keep the Law and be enabled to decide how the Law should be kept...
The present-day so-called "Karaites" are not Karaites but renegade Jews or Christians who have adopted an historical identity that does not belong to them. ... Karaitism is a rejection of Scripture under the guise of elevating it. The Karaites of history were in effect saying that the Bible has no Divine Authority and may be legitimately interpreted in different ways according to arbitrary decision. There was a stage when no two Karaite authorities could be found to agree with each other! This is a denial of Divine Providence and a rejection of the Principle that God is with HIS people and reveals Himself through the Tanach!
It also transgresses the commandment to follow the opinion of the Sages when in doubt as to how to apply Torah injunctions (Deuteronomy ch.17).

We repeat it is a free country and one may do as one pleases but at least be conscious of what the choice is.

The Brit-Am Issue with the Karaites.
Brit-Am is dedicated to issues concerning the present-day whereabouts of the Ten Tribes.
... If it were not for the equivalent of Rabbinical Rulings in Biblical Times then David would have been considered illegitimate!
... The founder and head of Brit-Am at present is Yair Davidiy...Yair is recognized as an Orthodox Jew and has Rabbinical Scholars amongst his offspring.
This is to the advantage of Brit-Am.
The mother of Yair was Jewish but his father was not.
Yair Davidiy is only considered Jewish due to a Ruling of the SAGES!
.... This ruling of the Sages is justified by the Bible. In the opinion of Yair only the Sages and those who learn according to them understood the Bible.

3. David Jackson: Sizemore, Melungeon, Cherokees and the Sieve of Amos
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1592

This article ( was really interesting to me.  My paternal great-grandmother was a Sizemore (a subset of the Melungeon isolate according to this article).  Three of my father's four grandparents were Cherokee to some degree.  They were all from Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky. 

I don't recall any family history of Jewishness per se, but it's perhaps significant that my family was always stridently pro-Jewish, even the ones who were otherwise non-religious.  My father consciously avoided pork.  I was raised in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood.

The Sizemores were hard people.  One ancestor used the top of human skull she found in a riverbed as a soap dish.  Another was a prize-fighter who killed an opponent in the ring.  He was said to be a "large, hairy man". One of my Indian great-grandmothers said that when she was little in the late 1800s the tribe was still carrying on the practice of mercy-killing: When a person became very old and infirm, they took them to a mountain top to freeze to death and then retrieved them in the morning.

You frequently cite this verse in your articles Amos 9.9:  For, lo, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations, like as corn is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall upon the earth.

I don't know if the Sizemores, Cherokees or any American Indian tribes were part Jewish, but I do wonder if when the truth of Amos 9.9 is someday fully revealed that there will be lots of surprises.

David Jackson
Keller, Texas

4. Bo Ronn: Welcome Lars Waern to Brit-Am-North
Good Day Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am,

Re: Brit-Am Now 1592: 1 ' 2, Lars Waern

Great to see another 'Goth' Lars Waern, that has found his roots. We Nordics are so dull and need fresh enthusiasm now and then. I wish to inform Lars Waern about BritAmNorth, which has been dormant for some months now. It is a discussion site for Scandinavians within the framework of Brit-Am, where we can debate common interests in our own languages or English.  Again, welcome Lars.'prop=eupdate

Shalom / Bo Ronn

5. MK (Member of Knesset) Kara: Druze are Descended from Jews

by David Lev
For centuries, practitioners of the Druze religion took care not to reveal any information about the nature of their beliefs, rituals, and traditions. Under penalty of communal ostracism, or worse, members of Druze communities have refrained from telling any outsider more than basic details about their religion.
'Druze here are too fearful to loudly proclaim their sympathies with Israel, or to convert to Judaism, although some do ' because of the fear of what might happen to their brethren in Syria and Lebanon.'
But now, the secret is out. Druze MK Ayoub Kara (Likud) says members of the Druze communities believe in many of the same things that Jews do. And that's not surprising, he adds, since the Druze are actually descended from the Jewish people ....

According to Kara, who is politically allied with the Jewish nationalist camp, there are many aspects of Druze beliefs that mesh with Judaism: 'All our prophets are Jewish ones: Moses, Judah, Jethro, and Zevulun, the son of Jacob.' In fact, he says, the Druze are likely one of the lost tribes of the Jewish people, probably Zevulun, considering his special status among them.

According to Kara...  one symbol has stuck with the Druze throughout the centuries. 'Only among Druze do you find a red Star of David, in homes, cemeteries, and places of worship,' Kara says. 'This is one sign that has been open and visible for centuries, unlike most of the other ones, yet few have noticed.'

If the Druze dropped most, if not all, Jewish ritual, it's because they feared the sword of Islam. 'Unlike Jews and Christians, who have the status of 'people of the Book' among Muslims, and are therefore are given some basic rights, Druze are simply heretics to Islam, and such heretics must be either converted or eliminated,' Kara explains. In fact, Druze were massacred by Muslims on several occasions, and 'it would have been much worse if they had identified themselves as Jews.' As a result, the Druze initially converted to Christianity and subsequently took on a Muslim identity ' but through it all, they never forgot their Jewish identity.

Those roots explain, at least in part, the fierce loyalty the Druze in Israel have to the state. 'However, Druze here are too fearful to loudly proclaim their sympathies with Israel, or to convert to Judaism, although some do ' because of the fear of what might happen to their brethren in Syria and Lebanon,' Kara said.  Druze soldiers have given their lives for Israel and have risen high in IDF ranks. However, Druze tradition is to be loyal to whatever country rules the area they live in, so that Druze in Syria are loyal to Syria.

Kara says that his evidence stands on its own merits. 'For thousands of years the Druze suffered,' he said, 'so it's understandable that they would be a little hesitant to come forward after only 60 years of Israel's existence. But when you check our beliefs ' and our veneration of the great Jewish prophets ' the matter should become clear.'


Brit-Am Commentary to 1-Samuel 15:6:
The Druze in Israel revere Jethro and consider him their forefather. The Druze appear to consider themselves distantly related to both the British and the Jews. The Druze probably came from Persia and migrated to Lebanon, Syria, and Israel before the Muslim conquest. They adopted a secret religion that believes in re-incarnation. Traditionally they believed themselves to be related to the French and British and according to Sheik Tarif (one of their most revered religious leaders) also to the Jews. [The name Druze was been linked to Druid and Celtic attributes ascribed to them]. The Druze in Israel serve in the Israeli Army. They make good, brave soldiers. On the whole they are patriotic Israelis. Their language is Arabic and their physical type of similar to that of the Christians in Lebanon who however were their traditional rivals. That the Druids are descended from the Kenites of Jethro is one possibility but perhaps there are others?

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