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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

6 October 2010, 28 Tishrei 5771
1. New Article:
Karaites: In Defence of the Oral Tradition.
2. Answer to Question Comparing the Egyptian Marriage of Joseph to Boaz marrying Ruth.
3. Letter from an Enemy of Humanity and Brit-Am Reply
4. Cristian Sildan: IQ Tests match the levels of culture and civilization!
5. The Work of Brit-Am is Valued.
6. Alistair Williams: Observations on Gog and Magog, Brit-Am, etc.
7. "Lost Israel Identity" may soon be available Online!


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1. New Article:
Karaites: In Defence of the Oral Tradition.
The Samaritans
The Sadducees
Anan ben David
The Karaite Samaritan and Ishmaelite Connection.
Similar Points exist between the Samaritans and Karaites.
Egyptian Elephantine, Ethiopian Jews, and the Karaites.
The Gentile Attraction to Karaite Doctrines.
Judaized Pagans and Samaritan Sects.
European Karaites and their Claimed non-Existence!
Karaites Today
The Karaite Korney Korner
Karaite Belief
The Pseudo-Karaite Seduction.

In other words they claim that when God gave the Torah HE did not care how it was interpreted. The Divine Commandment to listen to the Council and Counsel of the Sages (Deuteronomy 17) when in doubt is ignored by them!
Their real agenda is like that of the Ancient Sadducees who were motivated by Atheistic Inclinations!

The Messianics and Ephraimites say they follow Jesus of Nazareth who is recorded as instructing his followers
to obey the Pharisees  (Rabbinical Authorities) "who sit in the seat of Moses"  in matters of Law.
Some Messianics however have decided that in this case the one they follow did not know what he
was talking about!

2. Answer to Question Comparing the Egyptian Marriage of Joseph to Boaz marrying Ruth.
Re King David and the Oral Law.

Miri Burgin  wrote:

What is this craziness about K David you are preaching?
You might as well say that Joseph and his descendants, Ephriam and Manassa were nullified because he married the daughter of the Egyptian priest.

Brit-Am Replies:
There is a difference.
Joseph lived before the giving of the Torah when different rules prevailed.
For example Jacob married two sisters, Amram (father of Moses) married his aunt, Judah begat a child by his daughter-in-law, etc.
All this happened before the Torah was received.
Afterwards it would have been forbidden.
Boaz married Ruth and begat the great-grandfather of David after the Torah had been given.
If marriage to female Moabites (as well as males) was forbidden then the offspring would not have been eligible to rule over Israel!
This question however was never raised (explicitly) in Scripture therefore the understanding that the law ONLY applied Moabite males must have been accepted.

3. Letter from an Enemy of Humanity and Brit-Am Reply
Sean casey  wrote:

Your gross assumptions as to the origins of the Khazar coming from Israel despite the absence of proof, as stated by yourself, is a typical Israeli propaganda exercise of the kind relative to what you call the Holocaust. Holocaust means "Burnt Offering and implies a prior intention to sacrifice an animal or person to appease the gods. Claiming to be a Semitic race is another example of your religious policy for lying. Even though the amount of deaths claimed for Auschwitz in WW2 was down graded to less than one and one half million from 4 million, Jewish historians, such as yourself, still perpetuate the lie that six million Jews died. How can you keep a straight face when you tell that lie over and over or do you stand by the six million? The fact is more Catholics died in those camps than Jews so where is our reparations. The point is how can anyone believe a word you say or how does one know when a liar is telling the truth. Being a Jew is not being a Race it is a religion with a cultural bent, bent being the operative word, otherwise one could not convert to it otherwise I could become a China man. I grant you the world is made up mostly of idiots and that is a fact you exploit with relish but the worm is turning you white trash liar. Ashkenazim are the descendants of the Khazar who are Caucasian and openly show their disgust of Sephardi Jews who are actual Semites, as are Arabs. Now that's antisemitism. The pot calling the kettle black wouldn't you say? That fact conveniently escapes you when claiming antisemitism to gain sympathy. Your description of the ancient Tribes of the Steppe fits perfectly with the bestial nature of Ashkenazim Israeli's. That much you got right. You are the descendants of Attila the Hun and act accordingly but instead of remoulding the outside of the skull you remould the inside. The effect remains the same, distorted and mishapen. Arthur Koestler, a man for whom I had enormous respect, would turn in his grave to witness the likes of you writing history. You should be ashamed of yourself but I very much doubt it as psychopathic behaviour is genetically hardwired into your brain and is the reason why you have strict inter marrying rules guaranteeing a small gene pool to ensure that your attitudes and bestial pastimes carry on unabated. I can hear the strains of antisemitism aimed at me already. I'm very fond of actual Semites and find them quite charming. Not so your kind, the pretend to be Semites. You are about as low as one can go, hardly chosen by any God I can think of, perhaps the Devil chose you.

Brit-Am Reply:
I will be posting your letter to our e-mail list. Usually we simply delete missives such as your own but every now and again our subscribers need a little entertainment.
The Germans intended to exterminate the Jews and in their minds this was a kind of sacrifice to the Devil.
The number of Jews killed for being Jewish in World War-2 was probably well in excess of 6 million.
This however is besides the point. Jews were killed systematically and thoroughly just because they were Jewish.
It may be that more Catholics than Jews were killed. The Catholic Church was persecuted and many German Catholic priests were killed. Many Catholic officials, especially Nuns,  helped save Jews.
On the other hand a not insignificant number of the perpetrators were also Catholics. After the War the Vatican ran "rat-line"
underground railways to smuggle Nazi criminals to places of safety in South America and elsewhere.
Anyone indeed can become a Jew.
The Bible allows for this.
Is the Bible wrong in your opinion?
Nevertheless many Jews seem to be descended from the original Israelite Core.
Nowadays the fiction between Ashkenazim and Sephardim is not serious.
I would not be certain that the Arabs are racially so "Semitic".
You say you "had enormous respect" for Arthur Koestler who killed himself.
If you have problems take them elsewhere.
On the one hand you point out that anyone can (and often do) become Jewish but you also attack the Jews for their  "strict inter marrying rules guaranteeing a small gene pool". Make up your mind.

You believe what you want to believe and evidently you want to believe bad things about the Jews.
You are not alone.
Most Gentiles of the world seem to be like yourself.
The Almighty shall judge all of us.

4. Cristian Sildan: IQ Tests match the levels of culture and civilization!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1579
#5. Cristian Sildan: National Average IQ Adversely Influenced by Foreigners and Question re Josephus and the Greeks.
Thank you for the quick answer.
1 I know IQ tests are not perfect, but they match quite well the levels of culture and civilization. Even when they don't - like for China - the bad economic situation of such countries is likely to change fast when the political situation improves and quickly moves toward a matching of the IQ.
2 I saw the full article but, while looking forward for Apion, I wasn't certain where this story about the parallel between Torah and Athenian mythology was coming. I don't remember such things from my Greek lectures, so I was looking for something more specific than Salverda. I assumed it was somewhere in Josephus as well and wanted to verify.

Brit-Am Reply:
Josephus in "Against Apion" (also referred to as "Versus Apion" or just "Apion") does not refer specifically to the Athenians being influenced by the Hebrews but to the Ancient Greeks in general.

5. The Work of Brit-Am is Valued.
As a Christian who keeps Sabbath to the best of his ability because that is what the Bible tells me to, I value your work, it is an education, so may God bless you and keep you while you continue to do what you know you have to do.

6. Alistair Williams: Observations on Gog and Magog, Brit-Am, etc.

Dear Yair.

Very interesting observation on what might potentially happen.

Ahmedinajad being mentioned and what is prophesied regarding Damascus I feel strongly that Iran will attempt to do what it wants to do and attack Israel, they will miss and probably strike Syria by accident.

Then as you say, Russian interests will suffer and they will be drawn in, I believe Iran will probably strike Britain and America probably from within but not necessarily, but both countries will suffer.

What of China.

If Iran strikes Britain and America China's export markets will suffer, they will be angered and possibly get involved as well. 

And then there is oil.

Demand for oil and threats to supply lines will be of major concern to other nations, they will most likely get involved to protect oil supplies.

The world is a very unstable place right now, your work is valued, there is a reason why God is opening up rich seams of information to you.

May He continue to bless you in all you do.


7. "Lost Israel Identity" may soon be available Online!
Daniel O' wrote:
Re: Book - Lost Israel Identity - The Celts
Lost Israelite Identity

Dear Sir,

Is there anyway I can get a copy of Lost Israel Identity - Celts?

I have a immense interest in this subject and am of Irish descent in the area of Ireland where the tuatha od danaan supposedly settled for good.

Thanks for any help you can give.


Daniel ... (O'Duana)

Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you for your letter.
"Lost Israel Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races" (1996) has been out of print for some time now.
Within a few days we may take steps to make it available (for a price) online in .pdf format.

This work consisted of about 450 pages. It included copious footnotes and endnotes and appendices printed in small type.
It is quite a read.
By way of comparison our second largest work "The Tribes" has about 480 pages but takes much less time to peruse.
I read and write all the time and have done so for much of my life.
I can read faster than most people. It is my job.
If I wish to read "The Tribes" all the way through I know it will take me about a day.
"Lost Israel Identity" will take me up to a week!

"Lost Israel Identity" is divided into three sections:
Section One:  "Menasseh": Israelite Origins Of The Cimmerian Celts In Western Europe.
Section Two:  "SEA-WAY" : The Movement by Ship of Exiled Israelite Tribes To The British Isles.
Section Three : "ISRAELITE CELTS" :
Deals with Archaeology, Names of peoples and ancestral deities, and Mythology proving the Israelite origins of the Western "Celts".
In addition there are Appendices To Section Three:
 Appendix A: PARAPHRASES OF THE IRISH EXTRACTS AT GREATER LENGTH.  Irish Mythology proving Israelite Origins as explained by us. 
APPENDIX  (B) :THE EXTRACTS THEMSELVES:   The relevant Irish sources themselves in English Translation.

At present we have run out of money and cannot do anything.
If in the future it becomes possible we hope to publish the three different sections above (after some updating and editing)
as separate books in their own right.

Anyway, as stated, if all goes well we may shortly be able to offer the entire work as  .pdf documents.

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