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Brit-Am Now no. 1579
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

4 October 2010, 26 Tishrei 5771
Didrik and Ingelief: Thoughts Concerning Lost Israelites and Links between Scythia and Scandinavia.
2. Illustrations (from Kristiansen) of Ancient cultural (and ethnic) contacts between Northern Europe and the Middle East.
3. Thanks and Blessings to Brit-Am.
4. How does one send a contribution to Brit-Am?
5. Cristian Sildan: National Average IQ Adversely Influenced by Foreigners and Question re Josephus and the Greeks.


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1. Didrik and Ingelief: Thoughts Concerning Lost Israelites and Links between Scythia and Scandinavia.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1577
#2. Ingileif: Observations from Iceland re the Khazars and Northern Peoples.

Shalom Jerusalem, Shalom Mr. Davidiy

I have no opinion on when the Proto-Germanic Language started to develop. The only opinion I have is; that it was probably used by the tribes in connection with other nations in the land far North of Israel and became sooner or later the mother tongue of the tribes that were connected that way.

 Maybe the Hittites were the rulersof this area. I dont know. But I know  that there is a tendency to use the language of the most powerful nation  in the area as official language. To give a good face to the powerful one.

  As I understand Homers Illiad, then the Dan and one more of the tribes   were there when everything was happening, so they were not afraid to   travel already soon after 1200BC.
  The Hittites were also  around there as I understand it.

After the fall of the Northern State of Israel then the Diaspora of Ephraim began. And as I see it there was [the ALMIGHTY]s mighty hand that drove them North and West more and more in various ways over many hundred years. Some went really far to the East in the beginning, to "Bjarmaland" as it was called in the Icelandic sagas. I think it was the Finnish people. But at last even that people drove West.

We know also that there were always really strong bounds to Miklagard (Constantinople) from Scandinavia and even from Iceland after it was settled. Through Ladoga, Novogord and Kiev. [Novogord (why New town; they must have moved from some older town probably further south)].

   Around the year 930AD one of our noblemen (Grettir Asbjarnarson) committed a crime so he had to be out of the country for 20 years if he wanted to save his live. Then he went to his close relative in England and they went together to Miklagard through Kiev and they had even an  address from England of a widow in Miklagard where they could hire a room.
The Nobility in Sweden were for a long time really connected to this area called Gardarike or Svythjod the Big [Greater Sweden]. And at least 3 Swedish  kings
(Stenkil, Inge den gamle and Anund Gardske) between 900 and 1000 AD grew up in this area .
And we also know that Kiev was counted both as a town in Svitjod the Big [Greater Sweden] and as in the Khazar area.
The Ae-sir (Asir) were the honoured people that came from Azov Sea region as Snorri Sturlason tells us.
Odin journied from the Azov Sea area to Sweden the Cold and gave land to his sons and relatives.

  How it really was nobody knows really.
  But keep in mind that on the pictures from Egypt of the Hebraic pyramid-builders show people with fair skin colour and some with blue eyes and fair and red hair, even if brown eyes and black hair were also present. So the Nordic look is not neccessarily entirely from intermixing.

P.S. About the coat of Joseph. If it was a coat that signified his inheritance so that all the other brothers became furious, then it is really possibly that it came from Miletus where they were able to weave this diamond shaped Sumerian pattern.

Brit-Am Reply:
In the Bronze Age in Scandinavia existed a culture that derived from the Middle East associated with Mycenean Greece, the Hittites, Egypt. Cyrpus, Syria, and the area of Israel.
This discussed at length in,
 H.R. Ellis DAVIDSON, "Gods and Myths of Northern Europe", U.K. 1964.
and more recently with plentiful illustrations in
"The Rise of Bronze Age Society. Travels, Transmissions and Transformation" by Kristian Kristiansen and Thomas B. Larsson, Cambridge, 2005.
[Numerous other works on this subject undoubtedly also exist.]

# In the Nordic Bronze Age of period 2 one finds more East Mediterranean and Mycenaean influences in metal-work, prestige goods and cosmology than in any other region in Europe.#
Kristiansen p. 186

The work by Kristiansen describes centers in the Middle East in the Hittite Region of present-day Turkey, Mycenean Greece and Cyprus, the Carpathian Mountains of Europe and Scandinavia.

For connections between the Land of Israel, Ancient Britain, and the North in this period see the map from  Kristiansen at:
Brit-Am Now no. 1102
#3. Map of "Bronze Age" Links between Britain and Israel

See also the Illustration at:
Ancient Contacts between Bronze Age Scandinavia and the Middle East

See also the following item no 2 below.

2. Illustrations (from Kristiansen) of Ancient cultural (and ethnic) contacts between Northern Europe and the Middle East.
The pictures below give more examples of direct parallelisms between ancient Scandinavia and the Middle East.
These are just a few of many.
The situation was not one of osmosis. Influence from the Middle East did not spread into Europe and then seep on up to the north.
The north is an isolated phenomenon as if people had been taken from the Middle East and moved directly to Scandinavia without stopping off on the way.
It is true that in the Carpathian region of southeast Europe (possibly associated with the Cimmerians) another center (also linked with Scandinavia) of Middle East connexion is found but here the influences are somewhat different and of less magnitude.
Also the influences in Scandinavia concern an enormously large population.
There are more than 20,000 megalithic monuments based on Middle Eastern and Near Eastern (Israel area) prototypes.
These edifices must allocated to the dsame time-frame as the other influences and we believe this to have been after ca. 700 BCE
though conventional scholarship dates it earlier (to ca. 1500-800 BCE).
At the end of the Bronze Age (ca.500-400 BCE) there was a drastic change of climate and the population of Scandinavia greatly diminished.
Many migrated elsewhere and we associated the arrival of the Tuatha de Daanaan (Tribe of Dana i.e. Dan) to this period.

Another work discussing contacts between the Middle East and the area of Northern Europe is:
"Bronze Age Atlantis" by Walter Baucum

3. Thanks and Blessings to Brit-Am.

Thanks to Brit-Am from Minnesota, USA.
Dear Yair
Here is a donation for Brit-Am.
Thank you for all the research you have done and making it available to the public.
Robert P.

I do find your articles extremely interesting....May HaShem continue to bless your work as you bring new knowledge to our people and others who are interested.
Shalom v'brachas [and blessings], T.

Happy 60th Birthday!

I deeply apologize for being so late in wishing you a happy 60th birthday.  May you have 60 more!!
Thanks so much for your sincere dedication to enlightening the world about the Brit-Am truth.  I appreciate your web site very much and always look forward to every e-mail.
Tommy West
Wake Forest, NC

4. How does one send a contribution to Brit-Am?

So how does one send a contribution to Brit-Am?  By sending a check to Jerusalem?

Brit-Am Reply:
Go to:

You can make an offering by PayPal.
Or by sending a check to our address in Florida, USA.
If you live in North America this option is probably preferable.

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God bless you

5. Cristian Sildan: National Average IQ Adversely Influenced by Foreigners and Question re Josephus and the Greeks.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1578
Israelite Intellectual Achievements

Peace Yair.
Concerning the aspect that the nations of mostly Israelitish stock don't lead intellectually, I think one important aspect has escaped people: nowadays, these nations are flooded with non-native stocks, mostly from low-IQ/low education countries.
This cannot go without influencing the average.
From Canada to Israel, around 15 to 35% of the population is Third World-originated and with IQs below 90. Surely this weights on the mean.
Of course, we see exceptions like Germany which is in a similar situation as far as Third World immigration goes, and yet has a good score (must be that the foreigners are mostly Turks and Eastern Europeans, people quite satisfactory from an IQ point of view, and I think, they also are from closely related stocks), and Finland which has still little presence of that sort and yet manages to have a low score.
Nevertheless, it must weight in most cases and I'm sure that without this aspect the scores would be, on average, visibly better.
We must also not forget that most of the learning system has gone down the drain in the West in general, these last 2 post-modern generations, or so.
Concerning the Athens history thing Josephus wrote, where could I find it? Is it in his Antiquities?
Thank you.
Take care.

Brit-Am Replies:
(a) I am not sure how reliable these IQ tests are regarding innate intelligence though they may well be useful in estimating academic potential.

(b) Concerning Josephus, this is the second query we have had on this issue. The other questioner was also (like your) apparently a scholar. Apparently even scholars such as yourself do not bother to read our articles even when the subject matter interests them. Rather than follow the link they content themselves with the very brief extracts we post on "Brit-Am Now". This is a pity since the articles are worth reading and (we believe) quite readable.
If you had have followed (as we intended you do) the link to the article:
"Athens and the Hebrews. The Other Lost Israelites"
by John Salverda
You would have seen the Brit-Am (preliminary) Note in which we quote Josephus, 
"Against Apion" 1.1, 1.22, 1.23
In fact all of section 1 in "Against Apion"  speaks on this matter at some length.
Josephus,  "Against Apion"  may be read online or downloaded free of charge at:
Classic Christian Books Online

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