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Brit-Am Now no. 1578
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

3 October 2010, 25 Tishrei 5771
1. Dennis
McGinlay: "Radio Broadcast. Fine job".
2. Ingileif: Observations from Iceland re the Khazars and Northern Peoples.
3. Thomas Malloy:
Gog and Magog and the Turkey Factor
4. New Article by John
Athens and the Hebrews. The Other Lost Israelites.
5. New Article: Statistics
 Israelite Intellectual Achievements


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1. Dennis McGinlay: "Radio Broadcast. Fine job".
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1577

#5. Yair Davidiy Interviewed on Major US Radio Program
The Al Gainey Show

Dear Yair

Just heard the radio broadcast.

Fine job. As I recommended some time back, radio will bring Brit-Am to a wider audience and I hope to hear more of them in the future.


Dennis McGinlay

2. Observations from Iceland re the Khazars and Northern Peoples.
Ingileif (from Iceland)  wrote:
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1577

 #2. The Coming Gog and Magog War of Russia and Eastern Europe versus the USA and the West?

Shabbat Shalom Jerusalem,
I was now reading Brit-Am Now no. 1577 and found this matter about Russia so interesting that I have to express few things I have been figuring out about this gradually.
We know that the  two of the oldest towns in Russia are Rostov and Rostov-on-Don. And we know that Rostov means: Radstofa it will say saloon for advice.
We know about Khazarea already from Herodotus and even earlier
W know about Gardarike earliest  from 300-400 AD
We know that in Finnish Swedes are still today called for Ruosta-lainen (Russ- men)
If the ten tribes went to exile in a landscape later known as Khazarea and
If the Proto-Germanic language is derived from the Hittites with lot of loan words and
If the Proto-Germanic language was then used as English is used today in that area an official language
Then if we puzzle this together then it could possibly be so that as in Gardarike, Khazarea was a net of losely bound towns where the Ruotsi meet regularly for advising each other and strengthen their bounds in Rostov-on-Don.
Later when the Maygars and Bulgars starts to make problems then new Gorods are started further north with Aldegjuborg (which means always wet place) as the most Northly place and then the Rostov was moved further North.
But for a long time Kiew seems have been a common place.
 At that time then it was very straigth sail over the Baltic Sea to Sweden which at that time was called Swe-tjod  the cold and Gardarike was called Swe-tjod the big,
(tjod means nation).  My Hebrw is nearly as bad as my Finnish it will say almost negliable bu I have often been thinking about the word Swear or Svear as they are still called in here in Island. I know a girl in Israel with name that sounds very similar to Svia and here name means a doe (female deer) is it possibly that Sviar are Napthali? And is it possibly that 1/3 or the haploid genom of the Icelandic men is from East-Europe through this Russian inheritans of the Askenazy mixing?
Yours Sincerely

Brit-Am Reply:
Regarding the name of the girl.

In Hebrew it is "Tsvi-ah" which can sound like Svia so the doe (female deer) connection is feasible.

The Svia were one of the two major peoples of Sweden.
If I understand your letter correctly you are suggesting that through the Canaanite Hittites the Israelites may have been influenced
by a Germanic-type tongue even before their Exile?
You are also proposing an interaction and possible common origin between the Israelite Khazars and Nordic Peoples before and after the movement northward.
This is similar to what we described in our work,
"The Khazars. Tribe 13"
God bless you

3. Thomas Malloy: Gog and Magog and the Turkey Factor
Subject: Ezekiel 39 - 39
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1577

 #2. The Coming Gog and Magog War of Russia and Eastern Europe versus the USA and the West?
From: konrad siegfried

You might find this interesting

I find eschatology very interesting, Konrad. 

My family's crest has a lion on it too. Jack, who studies in our Wednesday night Torah study, says that it indicates descent from Judah. I hope that it means that we are of the line of Caleb, I Chronicles 2:19.

As for America, the case can be made that it is the final physical embodiment of Babylon, whose destruction is spoken of in Jeremiah 50 - 5`1. The text indicates that it has a king, I'm thinking Bush 41. The prophecy continues, there are boat loads of goods headed to Babylon on the day she is destroyed. There for it's economy hasn't collapsed. Given the government's hostility to business, I'm surprised that the economy hasn't collapsed. The destruction begins with an attack by the Medes (Iran).

Bush 41 originated Land for Peace. It is written, that the nation which divides Ha Aretz (The Land) and the City (Jerusalem), is cursed. In a speech delivered in Spain, Bush 41, called for Land for Peace. Within hours, the Perfect Storm blew us in the north  Atlantic, it tracked due west, and trashed his house. Ditto for Katrina which blew up with in hours of the last Jew being expelled from Gaza. These stories, and numerous other events are recounted in Bill Koenig's of , Face to Face.

I just watched an interview with the prophecy scholar Joel Richardson who was making the case for an Islamic coalition lead by Turkey. He sited the writings of an Islamic scholar who is promoting this idea. I didn't write his name down, but I'm sure that you know who he is. He's supporting the rebuilding of The Temple. He was pictured with various Jews. In his scenario, Saudi Arabia is Babylon. I have no problem with this, because I think that there are at least three Babylons, this would make four. However, in Ezekiel 38, Sheba and Danan appear to stay out of the war. I'm sure that you will weigh in with your opinion on who they are.

Various scholars on the prophecy sites were speculating that the Tribulation (Daniel's 70th Week) would happen last Rosh HaShana. I'm expecting this war to begin on Tisha B'Av. When July 22 passed (Tisha B'Av on the Aviv Calendar) I concluded that it wouldn't happen.

4. New Article by John Salverda.
Athens and the Hebrews. The Other Lost Israelites.
Brit-Am Preliminary Note:

We at Brit-Am do not feel that the Phoenicians were all Israelites. Neither were the Ancient Greeks. Nevertheless, as John Salverda points out in the article below, the Israelites influenced both groups as well as being influenced by them. Archaeological Findings attributed to these peoples in some cases should really be assigned an Israelite Provenance. We do not think that all the citizens of Athens were of Israelite Descent. Some of them however may have been and they definitely had been influenced by their contact with Israelites.

The Greek debt to Israelite or Jewish Influence was discussed by Josephus

John Salverda (extract):
Athens is considered to be the birthplace of Democracy, and the Western nations (predominantly lost Israelites) owe much to
this ancient Greek city. What religion shaped this remarkable populace? ..They believed that they had been tested at the foundation of their civilization by a
great and jealous god as to whom they should worship, instead of the god they chose a serpent woman and her tree, making her their goddess of knowledge. This was done by the free choice of a woman. For their insubordination they endured a great flood sent by the angered god. They spent some time in Egypt, and considered themselves to be part of a great multitude that was lead up out of  the place by a famous ancestral law giver. He taught them to worship the highest god, instituted patriarchal monogamy, invented writing and began an annual festival of cakes. He divided them into twelve groups and settled them in their new land. They had with them had an ark that contained the promise of an immortal king as a cult object. They were warned not to look upon the secret
contents, under penalty of death, but they had disobeyed....

5. New Article: Statistics
 Israelite Intellectual Achievements.
Israelite Nations Do not lead in IQ!
Innovations and Patents
Countries with the Most Nobel Prize Winners
Nobel prize laureates (per capita)
Jewish and Israeli Achievements

The blessings were promised to Israel.
Israel received these blessings not because of inherent "superiority" (Deuteronomy 7:7) but for other reasons. It may be that in some ways other peoples have natural advantages over us. Nevertheless the Almighty decided that Israel would play a certain role in world
afair and receive the wheretodo that was needed.

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