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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

13 September 2010, 6 Tishrei 5771
1. Excerpts from:
A prayer for 5771 By CAROLINE B. GLICK
, The Jerusalem Post, followed by Brit-Am Note
2. Notes Concerning Reuben and the French added to Article on Israelite Empires
3. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Peaceful
in the World!
4. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically the Most Generous
5. International Russian Language TV Station Prepares
Progam about Orjan Svensson and the Runes


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1. Excerpts from:
A prayer for 5771 By CAROLINE B. GLICK, The Jerusalem Post, followed by Brit-Am Note

September 8, 2010
On August 28, Fox News commentator Glenn Beck confounded his colleagues in the media when he brought hundreds of thousands of Americans to the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC for a rally he called 'Restoring Honor.'

... Although Beck called the rally "Restoring Honor," it wasn't really about restoring honor. It was about restoring something even more important. It was about restoring the American creed.

That creed is so ingrained that it has served as the subtext of every major political and civic speech by every American political and civic leader since the 18th century.

The American creed has two main components.

First, its core belief is that America is an exceptional country and that the American people are an exceptional nation. Second, it asserts that as Abraham Lincoln first said outright, America is the last, best hope for mankind.

What the multitudes who congregated at the Lincoln Memorial two weeks ago understood is that America's greatness as a nation is entirely predicated on its creed. If the creed is abandoned, while America may hang around for awhile, its path to ruin will be inexorable.

Lincoln once called Americans "God's almost chosen people." In saying that, he linked American history to the history of the Jews. Whereas the Jews singled ourselves out as the chosen people by agreeing to accept God's law, in Lincoln's view, Americans accepted the burdens' and the gifts of a unique national path and mission in accepting the American creed.

THE AMERICAN creed has been cultivated, preserved and defended for some 350 years. The Jewish creed America?s founders turned to for inspiration has been cultivated, preserved and defended for 3,500 years.

The Jewish creed is predicated on the dual destiny of the Jews: to be both a nation that dwells alone and a light to the nations.

God bestowed the Jews with three tools to achieve these twin, and seemingly contradictory missions. He gave us the Law of Israel. He gave us the Nation of Israel. And he gave us the Land of Israel.

The law of Israel, the Torah, is the human path to righteousness and holiness. By obeying the laws and recognizing the frailty of mankind as a collective, the Jews comprise a distinct nation that is a
blessing and an inspiration to the world.

By building our lives in the Land of Israel, our birthright, the Jews are able to cultivate our heritage and perform our dual mission in relative peace and make the blessing of chosenness tangible for ourselves and the world as a whole.

Since the dawn of modern Zionism, the overwhelming majority of Jews, in Israel and throughout the world have recognized the return to the land of Israel as the harbinger of redemption for the Jewish people, and through it, for the world. This understanding has been so ingrained that it has seldom necessitated a mention.

As George Gilder demonstrated in The Israel Test, Israeli computer entrepreneurs created the foundations of the digital age by inventing, among other things, the microprocessor and the main components of cellular telephone technology.

The world we inhabit would be inconceivable without Israel's pioneering role in building it.

As for Judaism, it is flourishing in Israel today as it never has at any time in the past 2,000 years. The Jewish people emerged from the brink of annihilation 65 years ago to build a Jewish state whose population is more learned in Jewish law than any Jewish community has ever been. More Jews study in institutions of Jewish learning in Israel than have studied at any time in our history. And even non-observant Jews live Jewish lives in Israel to a degree their families could never have enjoyed or imagine just four generations ago.

Jews have survived repeated attempts to destroy us not because we have argued the finer points of the anti-Jewish narrative of the day, but because we have been faithful to our creed. That is, we have not survived by attacking anti-Semitic slurs, but by loyally upholding our truth.

THIS EVENING we begin our observance of Rosh Hashana. The Bible describes Rosh Hashana as the day of trumpeting. When we assemble in prayer and blow the shofar, we engage in a loud and boisterous celebration of national unity and uphold our sacred birthright to our religious heritage and the land of Israel.

It is my prayer for the coming year that our leaders take a measure of strength from our people and our creed. I pray that they recognize that it is both their sacred duty and their great privilege to confidently represent and defend our exceptionalism and our destiny as the nation of Israel.

Brit-Am Comments:
CAROLINE GLICK is a very prominent Jewish Nationalist Commentator.  She is accomplished in her own right as well as being able to utilize the knowledge and abilities of her own research team.  This gives additional import to her writings.
In the article above the existence of an "American Creed" is acknowledged parallel to "The Jewish Creed"  meaning in the terms used the Torah of Israel. Some kind of connection between the two is implied.
Brit-Am has written of this and we have shown how the "American Creed" is that of Joseph.
The Task of Joseph is also found in the Torah.
The Blessings and Tasks of Joseph.

2. Notes Concerning Reuben and the French added to Article on Israelite Empires
The following Remarks have been appended to our Pictographic Essay:
Israelite Empires in the Recent Past.
We identify France with Reuben. The Ribuari (sons of Reuben) Franks laid the foundations of the Carolingian Empire of Charlemagne (742-814 CE). Charlemagne found the Holy Roman Empire. His capital was in Aachen, Germany. German Historians regard him as a German monarch whereas the French refer to Charlemagne as King of France. He was the son of Pepin the Short and grandson of Charles Martel both of whom were rulers of France. His power base derived from his ancestral leadership of the Ribuari Franks who by then were mainly in France. After his death the Kingdom split up into different sections. The dynasty of Charlemagne continued in France but was eclipsed elsewhere. Despite the relatively short life of his Empire it had a profound civilizing influence on all of Europe for centuries afterward.
The Empire of Charlemagne and its beneficial effects may be attributed to Reuben and the French.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821 CE) became Emperor of France by harnessing forces released by the French Revolution. Like the case with Charlemagne, the actual rulership of France over regions conquered by Napoleon did not last long. Nevertheless, everywhere it existed Napoleonic Rule reformed and rationalized local existence. The effects remain until this day. On the whole, despite serious reservations, the Napoleonic Era resulted in a radical transformation and reformation of European existence in a positive direction.
Reuben was the firstborn son of Jacob (Israel) in a biological sense but the right of the Firstborn was given to Joseph (1-Chronicles 5:1). Historically, the rule of the English-speaking peoples (identified with the sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh) was greater and their influence more profound than that of the French. Even so, in many ways the French were the first to
acheive greatness and influence other peoples in a good way. They had a style and finesse of their own.
The French have the characteristics of Reuben and fulfilled the promises to Reuben and to Israel in general.

3. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Peaceful in the World!
Global Peace Index rankings
..... being considered Peaceful may well reflect an Israelite Disposition and fulfillment of Divine Promise.
Of the top Ten Nations, 8 are Israelite in Brit-Am terms.
Of the second Ten, 4 are Israelites.
The four least peaceful Israelite Nations are France (35), the UK (31), USA (85), and Israel (144).
These represent the Israelite Tribes Reuben, Ephraim, Manasseh, and Judah.
Is there something to be learnt from this?

Part of the Series:
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.

4. New Article:
Israelite Nations are Statistically the Most Generous!
(a) Overseas Aid as a Proportion of National Income.
(b) Most Generous Countries as donation per citizen.
(c) Official Development Assistance by country in absolute terms.
(d) World Giving Index (Individuals who recently helped others with time and/or money).


Israelite Nations give more both internationally to other nations and amongst themselves.
Israelite Nations also lead by nearly every other positive standard.

Part of the Series:
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.

5. International Russian Language TV Station Prepares Program about Orjan Svensson and the Runes
A  Russian Language TV Station with world-wide outlets is  preparing a Progam about the Runes.
The Runic Script was a form of writing used by the Gothic Peoples of Scandinavia and by the Angles who gave their name to England.
This script was derived from the Ancient Hebrew Lettering sometimes referred to as "Canaanite" or "Palaeo-Hebrew".
Brit-Am supporter, Orjan Svensson, wrote,
"Scandinavian Secrets. The Hebrew Code of the Runes" ,
Brit-Am Publications. Russell-Davis Publishers,  Jerusalem, Israel, 2007.
In our work, "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel" by Yair Davidiy (1995, 2001)
we showed how an inscription east of the Jordan in the Biblical site of Succoth and in the former territory of the Tribe of Gad used a dialect that incorporates both Aramaic and Hebrew elements. The Tribe of Gad became the Goths who were prominent in Scandinavia and especially in Sweden.
Orjan Svensson in "Scandinavian Secrets" shows how runic inscriptions in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia were written in dialect that derived from both the Aramaic and Hebrew languages.

Orjan recently wrote to remind us:
# I found especially the inscriptions of Stentoften and Bjorketorp to be in a MIX between HEBREW and ARAMAIC.
To this day I am most proud of my decoding of the
STENTOFTEN and also the Bjorketorp runic inscriptions.
These TWO I consider to be the MAIN existing proofs that a mix of Hebrew and Aramaic was used by at least some of the people who anciently during the Iron Age wrote runic texts in Scandinavia.
Thus, I want to emphasize especially my work on those two particular inscriptions.
.... Lost Israelite tribes could have reached Scandinavia via, 
Chorazmia (to the east of the Caspian Sea) for example, where Aramaic texts have been found and also via what is now Russian territory. #

This whole subject, including related matters such as Hebrew origins of the Khazars, has a great potential interest for many people in Russia.
The Russian TV Team may dedicate  a good portion of an upcoming program to the work of Orjan.
They have also shown interest in an interview with Yair Davidiy in Jerusalem.

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