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Brit-Am Now no. 1568
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

5 September 2010, 26 Elul 5770
1. Brian
Patmore: Brit-Am is Definitely Correct
2. Dennis McGinlay:  What is Made Needs a Maker.
3. New Article:
Human Development Index
(HDI) and Brit-Am Israelite Nations.
4. Tim: Evidence of tribes and the Welsh.
YouTube: Wisdom from shaybird76
(a) You are a Khazar
(b)  The tribes of Israel were people of color, not Europeans.
YouTube: whoisthejudge really enjoyed 10 tribe video
7. YouTube: ghostwolf66:  "Keep spreading the truth".


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1. Brian Patmore: Brit-Am is Definitely Correct
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1567
#4. Brit-Am Answers Criticism from Avichail aficionado Julia Andrews.

Shalom Brother Yair,

Good on you for standing on the principles set forth in the Word of The Almighty, as set out in scripture.

You stood against man's traditions and chose instead the infallible word of The Almighty.

Yes, prophecy is written in the Bible to instruct us as to the truths of The Almighty, including how The House of Jahudah and Yisrael are to find each other in the last days.

History is a vital factor that very clearly points out who is who by fulfilling scriptural prophecy for one.

Note a difference between Jacov and his twin brother Edom.

Edom rejects The Almighty BUT Jacov loves The Almighty !! Look at this folks !!! The difference in spirit !!

Edomites or Idomeans along with the Amelekites (they are mostly merged into one at the moment and like firing rockets at Yahudah) hate all Yisrael and The Almighty of Yisrael !!

It is still as true today as back thousands of years ago.

Even in my part of the world I have witnessed it from my youth.

Yes the Pashtuns of Afghanistan maintain that they are sons of Yacov.

Many of our families Down Under have their blood in our ancestry, so we speak with some authority on this point.

However, the love of The Almighty will be the thing that will sort out who is Yisraelite and who is not.

Who love The Almighty will seek out the truth and recognise it eventually living by the Torah and rejecting all else.

This will eventually be the mark on the Sons and Daughters of Yacov.

The rest will have another mark upon them, not of The Almighty.

One point is very important and all should consider it very clearly and look to the scriptures for verification,
as we are exhorted to do by The Almighty.

All of us have fallen short as regards The Torah, yes all of us and our ancestors as well.

Scripture, using the methods The Almighty has laid down in Scripture for the clarification of scripture, is the means and the first and last authority on all things Torah.

We will be required to live the pure life style of Torah to be accepted into The Kingdom.

For once and for all time it will be kept the way it was meant to be kept.

Debaters can debate but The Eternal does not change and what He has said He has said and that is that.

I remember reading that Minoans, Phoenicians etc lead some boat loads to Ireland, landed the people and forced them to burn their ships so that they would not return.

I do not have any scriptural basis but it could well be true.

If we stick to scripture, as you have done Yair, I believe we will see clearly what has gone on and what is going on.

Should I refer to the land of Sinim (Latin "Australus") for one reference again so as to locate one location for Yisraelites ?

Shalom Yair and you are definitely correct.


2. Dennis McGinlay:  What is Made Needs a Maker.
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1567
#4. Brit-Am Answers Criticism from Avichail aficionado Julia Andrews.

Dear Yair

Julia Andrew's rant is typical of someone with much knowledge but little understanding. I believe that God gives that precious understanding to whomever he chooses and leaves the rest of humanity in a state of darkness. No matter how clever or educated they may be they will never come to full understanding of the scriptures or the will of God.
Look at the fools Dawkins, Hitching, and the latest utterances from Steven Hawkins. They have a wide knowledge of what God has made but do not understand, and I suspect willfully, that what is made needs a maker.


3. New Article:
Human Development Index (
HDI) and Brit-Am Israelite Nations.
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.


Human Development Index (HDI) is a composite of Life Expectancy (health), Education, GDP per capita.
We have already discussed Life Expectancy (health), Education, GDP per capita.
The HDI will be seen to give similar results and serves to further confirm our existing conclusions as to the advantages possessed by all nations Brit-Am considers to be Israelite.

Over the years 1990 to 2009: Canada has been ranked the highest eight times, followed by Norway at seven times. Japan has been ranked highest three times and Iceland twice.

Israelite nations top the list and comprise nine out of the top ten and seven out of the next ten places. All of the Israelite nations are in the top 20 except Israel which is number 23.

4. Tim: Evidence of tribes and the Welsh

Hi Yair, just a few locations that I think link to the Welsh, perhaps
you already know of them.

Gyumri, armenia is at the following location,
40 ?47'22.00"N  43 ?50'51.00"E

Ronda, Spain
36 ?44'31.06"N  5 ? 9'59.08"W

Rhondda, Wales
 51 ?39'2.37"N  3 ?29'37.65"W


5. YouTube: Wisdom from shaybird76
(a) You are a Khazar
shaybird76 has made a comment on The Khazars from the Ten Tribes.avi:
You are a Khazar. Those who occupy the land of Israel are all Khazars and you Sir are one and the same. That is why you wave the flag with the star of Moloch, which is a hexagram used in witch craft. Their is no such thing as the star of David in the Bible. The gentiles will wake up one day and say we have inherited lies, and the lies that they have inherited are the ones that you are telling. How could Yashua be hidden amongst the Egyptians if he was pale skin when the Egyptians were dark skin.

(b)  The tribes of Israel were people of color, not Europeans.
shaybird76 has made a comment on Ten Tribes of Israel Exiled in Ships.avi:
they were taken across the sea to a new land where no man had dwelt so that they may keep their ways, apart from the heathen. The tribes of Israel were people of color, not Europeans. These lost tribes are the Native Peoples of North and South America along with the Island nations of the south Atlantic. Such as Cuba, Haiti, and Dominican Republic. The depictions of the Pyramid builders on Egyptian walls attest to the fact that they were ruddy brown, not pale skin like you. you are not Israel.

Brit-Am Reply:
(a) Dear Shaybird67
I am not a Khazar but calling me one is a compliment in my eyes.

6. YouTube: whoisthejudge really enjoyed 10 tribe video

whoisthejudge has sent you a message:
10 tribe video
Interesting video. I really enjoyed it. However, how can you know WHICH tribe you belong to?
My ancestors moved FROM Ireland TO America... I always wanted to know what type of Barbarian I was and took a DNA test... It turns out that I am originally from the Middle East and ONLY match Jews. What you are saying about Jews forgetting their heritage and moving from region to region is TOTALLY PLAUSABLE even if you have an Irish sounding last name... My genetics show my DNA has moved EXACTLY where those supposed "myths" occur. Everything from France To Egypt... However, I am not a bible reader nor a religious man. Any suggestions on how I can discover my place?
Jess D

7. YouTube: ghostwolf66:  "Keep spreading the truth"
 The Khazars from the Ten Tribes.avi:
Keep spreading the truth about the lost 10 tribes. You are doing a good work here.

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