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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

2 September 2010, 23 Elul 5770
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2. Contacting
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3. Thomas E. Roberts: Praying for Brit-Am.
4. Brit-Am Answers Criticism from Avichail aficionado Julia Andrews.
5. New Article:
The Temple, Intermediaries
, and the Ten Tribes


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3. Thomas E. Roberts: Praying for Brit-Am.
Thomas wrote:
"Just wanted to let you know we are praying for God's blessing on you and your ministry."

4. Brit-Am Answers Criticism from Avichail aficionado Julia Andrews.

Julia Andrews  wrote:

   British Israelism, is  an old tired concept that is mainly spiritualizing the scripture and is about 200 years old..  And I read a lot of those, too,  A lot from old discredited preachers, whose names I can't remember..  It is like replacement theology and everybody brags that they are "Manasseh or Ephraim".  The 13 states of America wanted to believe they are "the new Israel",

Britain did a great thing when they brought in the concept of a Zionist
entity in the Middle East.  I have studied all that but have forgotten the main ones who pushed this, maybe Lord Balfour or Winston Churchill,  But since Brit signed the white paper in 1939  to prohibit Jewish immigration to Israel, it has become Israel's enemy.   Let them say they are the Lost Philistines.  The Philistines were carried away in the 7th century, BC, also.   I saw the authentic inscriptions written on the walls of Ekron.    Where did they go?  They are not the present Palestinians.

I wrote that book [?] because I did not believe in British
Israelism and found ample evidence to prove it is not true.  I can't go back and bring back five or six years of evidence that I found.  Sure some Jews are living as gentiles but the people who studied this and went and visited the places maintain that  the tribes went East, not to Europe.  Rabbi  Avichail actually went and lived  in the places from 1975 to 2005, principally in Afghanistan  and eastward and has written extensively, kept the feasts, taught Torah..
He has hundreds of testimonies from people who have encountered  the "Lost Tribes".  Why don't you talk to him and give him the benefit  of the doubt?   HE is NOT a false prophet.  No one has showed me that they have studied British
Israelism any except to compare certain words like "Dan" and "Denmark".  All I am saying is that I studied and found many evidences which I don't have now.  I do have some books which I am not going to reread now. None of these were false prophets but actual people that went there or lived there.   Also Avichail  knows where the sons of Moses went.  Why doesn't anyone say anything about them or say that they are "Gershom" ?   Why doesn't someone ask about what happened to the Sons of Jonadab, the Rechabites, who were carried away in the deportation to Assyria.  They were back talking to Jeremiah in 35th chapter, and  were again carried away 150 years later in the Babylonian captivity. Jeremiah said they would never lack a man to stand before God.  Why doesn't someone claim to be them?

I found a lot of information from university journals and magazine articles after I wrote the book.  You ask for specifics:  Here it is 
KULANU.  11603 Gilsan Street, Silver Spring, MD 20902 3122.  I took their journal from 1995 to 2005.  They took over coverage of Menashe and when other tribes emerged they sent Rabbis and the Jewish Agency to investigate and work with them concerning Aliah, if desired.  .  The Jewish Agency is not slack in finding emerging Hebrew tribes.  KULANU, has regional offices to cover the tribes in Brazil, China, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Tutsi, Uganda.  Not a single tribe has emerged from Britain.

I know in the 1950s The Hebrews came home from Iran and Afghanistan.  The
Bukharian , Iran, "Jews"  living in north Jerusalem make up part of them.  They claim to be of the ten tribes.  You remember I walked miles in Jerusalem to search out the Bukharian Jewish neighborhood..  I talked to people who knew them but they had scattered..
 Thank you.   Julia Andrews

Brit-Am Reply:
Your letter is somewhat incoherent and even preposterous. Nevertheless it raises some issues worth answering. It is also typical of those who believe like you do that the Afghans and company are from the Lost Ten Tribes. One would think that advocates of this idea with all their money, energy, academic and rabbinical credentials, along  with other factors in their favor  would (after so many attempts) be able to finally put together something worth reading. They have not done so.
In answer to your claims, point by point with other points,
British Israel may be 300 or 200 years old as a movement though as an official body it is much less. Belief in Israelite origins did however exist in  Ireland, Scotland, and England from the earliest times of recorded history.
It is true that certain groups, especially those newly converted to Christianity, have a tendency to claim Israelite origins. This however does not hold everywhere. Attempts were made (before and after WW1) to transfer British Israel type beliefs to Germany i.e. to say that the Germans (like the British) were descended from the Ten Tribes.  This however was never accepted in Germany. The Germans did not want any association with Israel. In the USA however some groups of largely German extraction adopted such ideas. Many of them are now Jew-haters. They claim the Germans are Judah and the Jews are impostors. The Germans in  Germany would be insulted at such a notion.
This is symptomatic of the American reality.
Many inhabitants of the USA though originating from all over Europe are in effect descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel.
This includes many of those whose ancestors came from Germany. They were not really Germans but rather Israelites who separated themselves out from their German neighbors. It could be that a minority of Edomite and Canaanite non-Israelites (or Israelites infected with idolatry) instinctively feel this. It results in a sense of alienation and dislocation amongst this small minority of German "patriots" in the USA,  so they resort to anti-Jewish Identity theories. A similar phenomenon exists amongst African-Americans in the USA.
If viewed correctly the phenomenon is actually an indication that real descendents of Israelites are present amongst many Gentiles in the USA. Non-Israelites may have difficulty coping with this reality.

Your idea about the Philistines having gone to Britain is of interest. Philistines (Minoans and Myceneans) and Phoenicians alongside Assyrians were in the European area. It could be that many of the entities mentioned in Prophecy (Moab, Ammon, Edom, etc) are at present amongst the Europeans.

Rabbi Avichail visited India a few times for a few days each time. He was never in  Afghanistan or anywhere near it. Your claim to the contrary is typical of the Urban Legends people of your school insist on spreading.
Jewish traditions said that the Rechabites and Sons of Moses went to France (or its neighborhood) and Britain.
Aed and the Lost Tribes in Britain

You asked for evidence as to where these entities went and here you have it. You evidently are aware that in Jewish Tradition they were closely associated with the Ten Tribes and so they were.

You mentioned KULANU not finding a single tribe in Britain. This organization has the same attitude as Rabbi Avichail. They do not care about history.
They have psychologically pre-committed themselves to certain solutions in advance and anything drastically different would not be accepted by them.
Rabbi Avichail is an Orthodox Jew and would like to find people prepared to convert to Orthodox Judaism. KULANU are mainly Reform Jews and would like to find others like themselves. We have communicated with them, challenged them to debate, and they have not been able to answer us.
Brit-Am is not certain what it would like to find but is going with what the Bible and supplementary sources say there is.
The approach of Brit-Am depends upon the Bible, followed by Rabbinical sources and the findings of secular disciplines.

5. New Article:
The Temple, Intermediaries, and the Ten Tribes
The commandment exists. You may theologize and philosophize about it as much as you wish. However you deal with it the commandment is obligatory. The only question that remains is when and how this commandment may be put into effect.

Tradition says that the Lost Ten Tribes will return and will be instrumental in rebuilding the Temple.

Make no mistake about it. We are Fundamentalists in so far as we believe in the literal truth of the Bible and this means putting the Bible into practice in accordance with Divine Will.

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