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29 August 2010, 19 Elul 5770
1. How would one know if they were from Joseph or not?
2. Affirmation from You Tube.
3. John
Salverda: The Palace of Odysseus
4. Revised Article: The Fourteen Aims of Biblical Prophecy
according to Don Isaac Abarbanel
5. Is the
Ephraimite Movement Dying Out?
6. AVIGDOR: Suggested Brit-Am Tutoring?
7. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, a New Appeal.
8. Additional Appeal from Brit-Am: End of Week, End of Year
9. Lasse Martinsen: Concedes Brit-Am has many correct points.


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1. How would one know if they were from Joseph or not?
KL wrote:

How would one know if they were from Joseph or not?

Brit-Am Reply:
I guess one can never know with absolute certainty. at least not until the Times of the Messiah.

One may however take the Brit-Am proofs and apply them to whatsoever degree of inner identification with Joseph one experiences.

Do you identify with the message?
with Joseph?
Do you live in a Joseph dominated area?
Are most of your ancestors from regions identified with Joseph?

I recently received a letter from a lady in Finland. She believes she is from the Lost Tribes and that so may be most of the other people in Finland.
She wanted to receive information only about Finland. She did not want to receive anything about anybody or anything else.
So concerning this lady we are probably safe in saying that whatever the Fins identify as or are identified with she will probably be part of it.

She was not interested in Joseph and so we could be fairly certain in saying that though she may be a Lost Israelite she is not descended from
Some of us are interested in all of it. These may probably belong to one of the leading Tribes such as Joseph, Judah, or Levi.
In short on an individual level one may be able to cut the possibilities down by a process of elimination.
This is a beginning.
God bless you

2. Affirmation from You Tube
sterlingwalters has made a comment on Division Between Judah and the Ten Tribes.avi:

I know that what you are saying is true. [The Almighty] bless you!

3. John Salverda: The Palace of Odysseus

Dear Yair,
Professor Thanassis Papadopoulos and a team of archaeologists from the University of Ioannina working in Ithaca, in the Ionian sea off the north-west coast of Greece, have found the remains of a 3-story building that dates from the 8th century B.C. The professor believes it is the remains of the palace of Trojan War hero Odysseus.

Isn't it interesting, in regards to the Velikovskyan reconstruction of ancient history, that the palace of Odysseus  is dated to the 8th century BC. and not the 12th as the conventional date of the Trojan War would be? This was in the 700's BC. when the nation of Israel was in full swing. The modern concept of the, so called, "dark" ages of Greece dies slowly but surely. And so my contention that the Myths of Greece were contemporary with the history if Israel is further reinforced.

-John R. Salverda

4. The Fourteen Aims of Biblical Prophecy
according to Don Isaac Abarbanel
as Found in the Book of Isaiah
and as exemplified today
by Yair Davidiy

Article is a revision of an article we presented in the past:
Isaiah's Fourteen Aims of Prediction

4. THAT IN THE FUTURE REDEMPTION THE TEN TRIBES WILL RETURN. These had been exiled by the Assyrians and did not return in the Second Temple Era. Isaiah 11;11  24;16 [but stay tuned: In addition to the above quite a large portion of Isaiah will be seen to concern the Lost Ten Tribes].

5. Is the Ephraimite Movement Dying Out?
Andy Hollingsworth: Thank you
Shalom Yair

I would like to say a huge 'thank you' for the work Brit-Am does. It is massively important so please keep pressing in and don't be discouraged, you are fulfilling scripture requirements and a co-labourer with Hashem.

Have you got any thoughts about the 'enmity' can be broken down between Joseph and Judah? We find a lot of people from  'Ephraim' have a negative attitude towards Judah specifically 'Judaism and Rabbinism. Do you have any examples of where 'bridges' have been built?

Thank you


Brit-Am Reply:
Our answer will distinguish between (a) "Ephraim" and (b) "Ephraimites".

(a) "Ephraim" meaning the Lost Tribes in the west in general especially in the west. Evangelical and Fundamental Christians in the USA have built up a rapport with activist elements from Judah. The Jews are realizing that these people are genuinely on their side and are accepting their cooperation and assistance in many fields. Problems still exist but the positive side is predominant.
Outside of the USA the situation is reasonable in countries such as Australia but much less so in once friendly nations such as Norway, and Finland.

(b) The Ephraimite Movement refers to Christians who as part of their religious creed also believed themselves descended from Israel.
Usually they tended to adopt Jewish or Hebrew customs and aspects of the Commandments.
Much of the early support for Brit-Am came from such people but now much less so.
At one stage they seemed to be making an impression everywhere and Brit-Am dedicated some attention to them.
"New Joseph Forum"

While Brit-Am has been growing the Ephraimites seem to have been avoiding us.
We once had supporters amongst them, or thought we had and maybe we still do have?
Different reports say the  Ephraimites are still around but are fiercely squabbling amongst themselves. Anti-Jewish and Conspiracy beliefs have been dissipating their enthusiasm. They also have let themselves be seduced  by ludicrous Karaite do-it-yourself type doctrines that they themselves do not believe in. Some of them seem to be out there with the UFO people watching the moon and stars for signs from the heavens.
Instead of wishing to draw closer to Judah they are deliberately distancing themselves.
It is a free country and maybe this is for the better?
The question  however arises. How genuine were they?

6. AVIGDOR: Suggested Brit-Am Tutoring?

Shalom Yair,

Has the idea of Brit-Am sponsoring Biblical Hebrew on-line, prayer/lessons on DVD, tutors associated with Brit-Am been discussed in the past? I think anything that can build up a working relationship between Judah and Joseph would be welcome on both sides at this moment.


7. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, a New Appeal.

A few postings ago we were trying to set up a conduit for international business deals between Judah and Joseph.
Now, we have to make an appeal for funds.
It may seem incongruous but both attempts are part of legitimate Brit-Am activities.

The Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, fulfills a purpose and succeeds in  its goals to some degree.
We do spread the message. Our expansion may not exactly be phenomenal but it does take place. By Divine Providence so far we have consistently maintained our position in the face of adversity and increased our range by small but real increments. We also deepen knowledge and awareness both internally (to ourselves) and to others.

We consider ourselves the emissaries of both Judah and Joseph.
[The first person plural is used by us since it is less informal and also because we are conscious of representing others, who are dependent on us, and to whom we give expression.]

We also believe that the Brit-Am Message is very important. It is needed and it is positive.

They who help us will be rewarded from above. We have said this before and we believe it.

# Bring all the tithes into the storehouse,
      That there may be food in My house,
      And test Me now in this,
      Says the LORD of hosts,
    If I will not open for you the windows of heaven
      And pour out for you such blessing
      That there will not be room enough to receive it. #  (Malachi 3: 10).

There are those who have considered us presumptuous to apply the promised blessings to ourselves and to those who help us.
Seeing is believing. Test it.
Without a certain measure of effrontery, of brazen boldness, the whole operation of the Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes,  might not have come into being.
Divine Providence, ongoing research results, contemporary events, and the feedback of others have justified this activity.
We are asking you to send us an offering with as generous an eye as possible and also to purchase our publications if you have not yet done so.

We are asking because the Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, is in need of funds,
the work of Brit-Am is for the good of All Israelites. Through helping us not only will we be helped but, God willing, so will they who help us.
Please try to send whatever you can.

May the blessing of the God of Israel be on all Israelites.
Yair Davidiy
on behalf of
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.

8. Additional Appeal from Brit-Am: End of Week, End of Year
From Yair Davidiy on behalf of the Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

This is an additional appeal to the one we made a few days ago.

To some it may seem that all we do is ask for money.
Not so,
if you look back the last appeal before the most recent one was a few months ago.
In the meantime it was not that we had money but we got by due to the offerings of others.
Our aim should not be just to get by but to spread the message and reach out to others.
Nevertheless, on the whole that is what we limit ourselves to doing whilst continuing to function as well as possible.
Our last appeal received perhaps relatively modest but still very welcome results that enabled us to pay off a debt
Brit-Am had incurred out of necessity.
it did not leave us with anything beyond that.

Brit-Am is an organization through which Divine Providence becomes apparent.
We see this every day.
They who help Brit-Am will be aided from above.

Brit-Am is badly in need of help at the moment.
They who believe or sympathize with Brit-Am are called upon to send a contribution to Brit-Am.
For whatever faults we may have we are doing work that needs to be done.
This work (as it has become strongly apparent) needs to be constantly worked at.
It cannot be left as it is.
Without funds Brit-Am cannot function.
Send an offering to Brit-Am.

In about another 10 to 11 days (on the 8th of September at sunset) will begin the Hebrew New Year.
Every day, every minute, a person may change and begin anew. Some times however are more propitious than others.
Help Brit-Am to finish off this (Hebrew) year and so begin the next one as renewed.
HaShem be with you.

9. Lasse Martinsen: Concedes Brit-Am has many correct points.
You have absolutly  many correct points, Even if [you should say] that Asher definitely is Swedish, and tribe of Gad is the Dutch (Netherlands). Good luck

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