Brit-Am Now no. 1560
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
17 August 2010, 7 Elul 5770
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1. New Article
Brit-Am Statistics. The Newsweek List
of 100 Best Countries
2. Brit-Am Replies to Philip Gilchrist about the Messiah and an anti-Messiah.
3. Brit-Am Replies to Questions by Chaplain Kerry Bulls Concerning Rebuilding the Temple
(1. Priests Being Trained to Serve in the Temple
(2. The Stockpiling of Materials to Build the Temple
(3. Discovery of The Door of the Holy of Holies, etc
(4. The Red Heifer
(5. Choosing a High Priest.
4. New Pictures Added to Existing Article on Dolmens
5. Ron Hoover: Popularity of the Name Balaam Amongst Mennonite Ancestors.


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1. New Article
Brit-Am Statistics
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Numbers.
An Ongoing Series.
The Newsweek List
World's 100 Best Countries ranked by health, education, economy, and politics

There are 16 Israelite Nations counted here... 9 occupy the top 10 places. 6 of the 7 remaining are in the top 20. Israel is no.22.

Germany, Japan, Italy, and maybe Spain all contain some Edomite elements and Esau (Edom) was also blessed with blessings similar to those of Jacob (Genesis 27:39-40).

2. Brit-Am Replies to Philip Gilchrist about the Messiah and an anti-Messiah.

Philip Gilchrist wrote:

Hi Yair, I  am interested how the Christian concept/ idea of the Temple being rebuilt  by an anti messiah or torahless one   may fit or play out, is there any hint or idea of a "non kosher" Temple being rebuilt? ( in many resects the Herodian structure  was that anyway)  My own thoughts are more along the lines that Moshiach will build or instigate  the rebuilding and 21st century christians would view him as their anti messiah figure as their view of  Moshiach  is different to the Jewish view.

Kind regards Philip

Brit-Am Reply
In  late Jewish Tradition there is the idea of
Armilius is a kind of anti-Messiah and an agent of evil.

This however to our minds is an extra-Biblical concept and needs more support from Scriptural sources in order to be taken seriously.
We are not saying we disbelieve in the said source but rather that we know almost nothing about it and prefer not to relate to it.
The Brit-Am attitude is to concentrate on what the Bible says and its Literal meaning.
BAMBINO no. 25
#2. When and When Not is Scripture to be Taken Literally?
#3. Saadia Gaon: The Literal Meaning of Scripture Must be Accepted.

We are interested in the Literal Message of the Bible in the light of the Hebrew Language and Biblical Commentatories.
We are also interested in any source that may shed light concerning the whereabouts and identity of the Ten Tribes.

3. Brit-Am Answers to Chaplain Kerry Bulls Concerning Issues of Rebuilding the Temple

My Dearest Yair Shalom.
I have a couple of questions that you may or may not choose to answer, but if you can it would Be much appreciated:
1.    We have heard for years now, here in the USA, that priests were being trained to perform their priestly duties in the temple at this time.  Is that true?
2.   We have also heard for years now that materials for the building of the 3rd Temple were being stockpiled in Israel.  Is that true?
3.   We have heard for years that what might be the door to the Holy of Holies has been discovered in digs beneath Temple Mount.  Is that true?
4.  We have heard that the Red Heifer has been born.  Is that true?
5.  We have heard that the High Priest for the Third Temple has been chosen.
Is that true?
If you can see your way clear to discuss this a little it would be great.
Chaplain Kerry Bulls

Brit-Am Replies:
(1. Priests Being Trained to Serve in the Temple
Yes. Rabbinical scholars from Priestly Families (Cohens) for the past few decades have been learning intensively and preparing themselves to officiate in the Temple. Several different organizations in different ways have been involved in this.
The rationale involves the principle that even if the opportunity to serve in the Temple does not  actualize in the lifetimes of those
who are training for it, the learning itself is worth its while.
(2. The Stockpiling of Materials to Build the Temple
A Temple similar to that of Solomon or Herod would require enormous amounts of marble, prepared sandstone slabs of immense size,
copper, tin, silver, gold, and rare woods that have been specially treated, etc.
No such stockpiles have been prepared.
An interim, rudimentary but halachically sufficient, structure could however be put up almost overnight (at least in theory)
and it may be taken for granted that somewhere the necessary plans for this exist.
In addition the Temple Institute as well as other bodies have prepared the necessary garments and utensils.
(3. Discovery of The Door of the Holy of Holies, etc
Nothing of this nature has been published. We doubt that such discoveries have been made but they could have been.
The authorities may have preferred to keep such information to themselves for the time being though this is doubtful.
Nevertheless, one never knows.
(4. The Red Heifer
Ashes of a red heifer are necessary to ritually purify the Priests and the Congregation in general. In theory even without this purification the service can still go ahead though it is obvious that prior purification is preferable.
Every few years reports of a red heifer being born appear and then after a while something happens or becomes apparent to disqualify the poor cow. Nevertheless the phenomenon  does exist in nature. With genetical engineering it can be made even more certain.
In the past there were reports that somewhere in the USA a whole herd of red heifers was being prepared under the supervision of a non-Jewish "cowboy" believer.
(5. Choosing a High Priest.
No High Priest has been chosen.
There is no body with the authority to make such a choice.
The so-called Sanhedrin by its own admittance has no authority and does not really exist.
Nevertheless choosing a High Priest is not an impediment. In principle any valid "kosher" Priest who had learnt the Laws could qualify.
There is a problem that we cannot be 100% sure who really is descended from a Priestly Family and who is not.
A few families have genealogical lists going right back to the beginning and many Rabbinical Authorities say that such traditions may be relied upon.

4. New Pictures Added to Existing Article on Dolmens
See the first entries depicting dolmens in Jordan.
The previous photos of dolmens in Jordan have been removed and replaced by nine others.

5. Ron Hoover: Popularity of the Name Balaam Amongst Mennonite Ancestors.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1558+Notsrim
#3. Reply to Questions from Joseph Lowe.

Notsrim: Lost Tribes willb e Christians

Hi Yair,enjoyed reading 1558 and about the Notsrim!.
There are a lot of Balaam first names in my Thompsons, my Mom's maiden name. For example the first was a Lt.. Balaam Thompson in 1772, my 4x great-gf.
Another was my great-great grandfather Balaam Thompson. These are just a few with that name,also have a lot of Thompsons with the first name of William. Why would family name their kid after the God Baal?,found that strange!.
One was Revd. Wm Thompson a minister from N. England that had to flee to early 1600s Ma. because of persecution from the Church of England for having puritan leanings. His son also was named Wm and a minister in the colonies.
My Hoovers had to flee from Switz to the Rhineland because of persecution from the Roman church,they were all Mennonites and finally made it to Lancaster County Pa around 1710-15.
Thanks for all the info you share....
Ron Hoover in Colorado
Brit-Am Reply:
Balaam despite being a pagan was directed by the Almighty to utter valid prophecies for the good of Israel.
Perhaps it was in honor of  the prophecies that the name became popular amongst these Fundamentalists?

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