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Brit-Am Now no. 1557
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
11 August 2010, 1
Elul 5770
1. TG Gets it Right! TG Catches Brit-Am Making a Mistake!
Ailton B (originally from Brazil): Room for ALL the Arabs to Move to Brazil
3. Edward Anderson: Spartans were Hebrews!
5. Visits to the Brit-Am Web-Site: Yearly Statistics


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1. TG Gets it Right! Catches Brit-Am Making a Mistake!
TG said:

Re: SCROLL DOWN! List of Brit-Am Biblical Proofs.htm
You seem to have multiple learning difficulties, counting, alphabet, and taking notice of people telling you your mistakes.
Consistent formatting would also be appreciated :)

[TG then goes on to number the proofs arriving at:]
50? (110.) Numerous Other Proofs in Scripture and Related Sources.
Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you TG. You were right on this point. I do not know how the mistake came about but it did. It was also there for quite some time before our eyes and before the eyes of everybody else and no-one noticed it or at least they did not make a remark about it.
We have now more or less corrected it.
The present number however  is 122.
You suggested a re-numbering of 50 in which what we have numbered as
# 44-114. Seventy Tribal and Clan Names many of which are still in use. #
was counted as only one proof. We counted this point as seventy separate proofs since,
Each Name deserves to be registered as proof in its own right since it usually occurs several times over in conjunction with other clan names of the Tribe and in similar Line of Camp Marching Alignment as described and illustrated in our work The Tribes.

We have re-named the article,
List of 122 (was 110) Brit-Am Biblical Proofs

2. Ailton B (originally from Brazil): Room for ALL the Arabs to Move to Brazil
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1556
#3. New Article and You Tube Video Clip
"They Must Go!"
Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.
From: Ailton B.
[Letter received light editing due to problems with the use of English in the original. We believe we have remained truthful to the intention of the original.]
We need to see that G-d did bless all the Arabic/Palestinians as well ( Ismaell from Agar, Esau from Isaac) from  whom come most of the Arabic tribes....but the land was promissed to  Jacob from whom come the 12 tribes. This has nothing to do with Ismael or Esau because they not in the convenant. .. A lot of Jews fled to Brasil during the Portuguese inquisition but ony 100,000 Jews today live in Brasil. Most went to the USA and others places after the Inquisition was applied to Brasil (as well as Portugal) [Brazil has] a large amount of Jewish descendents that were Converted by the Universal [Catholic] Church.
Brasil has more than 10 million descendents of Arabs  plus thousands of Palestinians. They are not violent there. This is more than all Lebanon and Syria together so it seems that the [Proposed]  [Movement] of Arabs to Brazil [ss practical] as confirmed from South American experience. G-d does not want to destroy the Arabic people but the Torah says that any one who comes in the way of Israel will be destroyed. Blessed are all the nations that support Israel. Brazil seems to have been blessed for keeping all these Arabic people in there and accepting some Jews [as well]. Brazil has a day on their calendar Commemorating the day that the Jews arrived in Brasil and this day is in pray for this [the en masse Movement of Arabs to Brazil] to happen and let our Jewish brothers rejoice with our G-d in their land as promised. Shalom.....AB. USA.

3. Edward Anderson: Spartans were Hebrews!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1556

Hello Yair,
  I would like to comment about the post about Israelites and the ancient Greeks. The Spartans and related people in Greece WERE of Israelite decent of which I post below from the Jewish historian Josephus. Below is the geographical locations of these people:

Laconia (Λακωνία), also known as Lacedaemonia, is a prefecture of Greece. Its administrative capital is Sparti (Sparta) and its main towns and cities are Amykles, Areopoli, Gytheio, Molaoi, Monemvasia, Mystras, Voies and Oinountas. It encompasses Cape Malea and Cape Tainaron and a large part of the Mani Peninsula.

And now, I will post from The Works of Josephus about WHO these people were:
10. At this time Seleucus, who was called Soter, reigned over Asia, being the son of Antiochus the Great. And [now] Hyrcanus's father, Joseph, died. He was a good man, and of great magnanimity; and brought the Jews out of a state of poverty and meanness, to one that was more splendid. He retained the farm of the taxes of Syria, and Phoenicia, and Samaria twenty-two years. His uncle also, Onias, died [about this time], and left the high priesthood to his son Simeon. And when he was dead, Onias his son succeeded him in that dignity. To him it was that Areus, king of the Lacedemonians, sent an embassage, with an epistle; the copy whereof here follows:
"Areus, King Of The Lacedemonians, To Onias, Sendeth Greeting.

"We have met with a certain writing, whereby we have discovered that both the Jews and the Lacedemonians are of one stock, and are derived from the kindred of Abraham (14) It is but just therefore that you, who are our brethren, should send to us about any of your concerns as you please. We will also do the same thing, and esteem your concerns as our own, and will look upon our concerns as in common with yours. Demoteles, who brings you this letter, will bring your answer back to us. This letter is four-square; and the seal is an eagle, with a dragon in his claws."

11. And these were the contents of the epistle which was sent from the king of the Lacedemonians.

So YES, MANY of the settlements of Greece were Israelites including Troy.

Brit-Am Reply:
Steven Collins believes that the inhabitants of Sparta were Israelties from the Tribe of Simeon.
We think they were an offshoot from Edom. Edom came from Esau twin brother of Jacob. They were the sons of Isaac son of Abraham which explains the claim to shared ancestry through Abraham.
A portion of the early settlers of Rome also appear to have come from Sparta.


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