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Brit-Am Now no. 1555
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
8 August 2010, 28
Ab 5770
1. G. Forrester :
King Jehu of Israel and Napoleon?
2. Afghanistan. Rabbi Kin Replies Indirectly and is Directly Replied To.
3. Will Only a Portion Return?
4. Brit-Am as the ONLY Movement?
5. New You Tube Video Clip to Accompany Article.
110 Biblical Proofs


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1. G. Forrester : King Jehu of Israel and Napoleon?
Subject: Re: 2-Kings 9:1-5: Jehu

Hi Yair

The kingdoms of the world are governed by laws which repeat themselves, consequently the events that are attested to in Israeli history are also seen in historic events prior to the creation of Israel and following it's creation.
It must also be noted that the inhabitants of the earth are the same since the days of Adam so the tribal groups and their wars and contention are "Nothing New " .
The historic parallel between an event in ancient Israel and it's equivalent in recent times can be made quite clearly. This would be the most accurate and reliable method to prove that there is an Israeli link in the European Family  of Nations . It could well be that the nation of Israel was descended from Europeans or that the Europeans are descended from Israel . Either way it can be shown through Historic Events that there is a link.

The rise and fall of the house of Ahab can be seen clearly in the history of France as it battles to dislodge the Normans / Naboth from it's territory. Calamity finally came upon the house of Ahab when they accomplished this deed in the 17 Century, as they defeated the Protestant descendants of the Normans / Naboth .
The below mentioned quote from 2-Kings clearly suggest that disaster would come only after the evil design was accomplished Elijah had originally been given the task of anointing Jehu (Yehu) but because King Ahab had repented the matter was delayed to be fulfilled through Elisha the disciple of Elijah.
This event culminated in the French Revolution and the rise of a military commander Napoleon / Jehu as leader of France, as indicated in the below mentioned quote:

[2-Kings 9:5] And when he arrived, there were the captains of the army sitting; and he said, I have a message for you, Commander.
Jehu said, For which one of us?
And he said, For you, Commander.

These prophecies clearly indicate that they can be fulfilled in a generation or multiple generation and are dependent on our action or inaction

G Forrester

2. Afghanistan. Rabbi Kin Replies Indirectly and is Directly Replied To.
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1549
#4. A Criticism of the Opinion of Rabbi E Kin on the TLTs

The following reply was forwarded to us by someone who prefers to remain anonymous.
We understand it was written in response to what we had written previously.

Rabbi Kin Replies Indirectly:
Concerning the critique: It is acceptable to "question" some of the conclusions regarding the origins of the tribes living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as other people for whom we have doubts about their origin. This topic will only be made clear to us with the coming of Mashiach very soon. However, the amount of research that has been done on the Pushtun people by Jews and non Jews alike is quite extensive. The opinions, therefore, expressed by those who seriously looked into this over many generations - has more weight than some "Afridi" living in the 21st century - sharing his beliefs. Much of the information that has been gathered over 1000 years is based on the Pushtun's tradition themselves, including the late king of Afghanistan himself.
The lecture on the Ten Tribes does not contain all the evidence that exists. There are so many accounts and testimonials from travellers, eyewitnesses, and historians from different backgrounds that have reached similar conclusions. It is true that there are other historians who have differing opinions. But what most critiques forget - is that this is exactly what the prophets meant by that the tribes will be lost, concealed, and unknown to the rest of the world until right before Mashiach arrives. That is part of their punishment -a complete detachment from the rest of the Jewish nation. But the prophets clearly point out that they will eventually join the Jewish people.
Some critiques have issues with the Taliban and because of that they can't imagine the Pushtun (some of whom are associated with them) are lost Jews. DNA may never be conclusive either because of the possibility of intermarriage. If one wants to really be convinced of the veracity of the claims made in the lecture - the correct approach would be - to begin by speaking to the elders of these tribes, check out the archeology in the Kabul museum, and read the many essays on this subject in various languages by those who analysed the vast amount of evidence that exists. I have no doubt, that after proceeding in this manner - the chances are better than not - that one who does so - will agree that the majority of the Pushtun, if not all, originate from the lost tribes.
Why does all this make any difference anyway at this time? Because I am convinced, for one thing, that the closer we are to Mashiach - many of the lost tribes will become known to us.

All the best.

Brit-Am Reply:
We ourselves have written at some length on this subject on our web-site and even much more so in our book, "The Khazars. Tribe 13".
Quite a few Jews have been and still are interested in this subject.
Jews are a literate people.
Perhaps the most literate of all peoples.
If the evidence concerning the Afghans exists then someone should have written about it in a coherent manner.
This has not been done.
We produced reasons as to why we do not believe the Pashtans and Afghans to be Israelites and no-one has refuted us.
Are we supposed to do the work of the Pashtan-fans for them?
The good Rabbi apparently has his heart set on the matter but evidence he has not.

Gildas in the 500s CE referred to the British as Israelites, Irish legends claimed Israelite admixture, John Sadler in the 1600s showed Anglo-Saxon legal traditions to be traceable to their Israelite ancestry, the Scottish kept Jewish dietary laws, etc.
These claims are better and more authentic than those of the Afghans besides which the Bible and numerous other sources confirm Brit-Am beliefs.
Why then does Rabbi Kin not accept Brit-Am beliefs concerning the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel  while expecting us to believe in his own sources
(of the same nature as ours?) which he says exist but cannot be accessed?

3. Will Only a Portion Return?
aubrey wrote:

my wife and I have recently started observing the Sabbath.  we've eaten according to the laws in the OT for yrs.  we are convinced that we could be of Israeli descent.  but none of our family on either side has the same inclinations.  if we're being called back to our Jewish [i.e. Israelite] roots.......why not them? 
if my wife and I part of the lost tribes of Israel,  then our families would be also.  why would they not also be called back to their Jewish [i.e. Israelite] roots of the past like us?  I guess the questions is why us and not them also.

Brit-Am Reply:
You could also ask the same question about yourselves.
Why now and not previously?
It may be that before the End Times only a portion will return.
Alternately you may be the Pioneer element with others of your family following after.

cf. Jeremiah 3:14  Return, O backsliding children, says the LORD;  for I am married to you. I will take you, one from a city and two from a family, and I will bring you to Zion.

Amos 9:9  For surely I will command,
    And will sift the house of Israel among all nations,
    As grain is sifted in a sieve;
    Yet not the smallest grain shall fall to the ground.

4. Brit-Am as the ONLY Movement?
S. Said:
New Tribesman, The Brit-Am, Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement, Magazine.
Some will view this as presumptuous to call Brit-Am, The Lost Ten Tribes Movement.
The magazine would be better off called, New Tribesman, a magazine of the Lost Tribes Movement.
Brit-Am Reply:
We do not say we are the ONLY  Lost Ten Tribes Movement.
We do say that Brit-Am is THE  Lost Ten Tribes Movement.
There may be other groups out there who also work in a parallel direction.

Nevertheless, we think we have something going for us that is unique.

Our aims and activities revolve around questions directly pertinent to the Ten Tribes.

We can justifiably state that in our own way we are the only valid answer (at present) for numerous Israelites concerning the issues in question.
We strive to provide an all-encompassing message.

You may argue with us on this point but it is the reality.
We have worked on the matter for decades and continue to do so.

We believe in what we say.

People who want to say the same thing or add something of their own are welcome to do so and indeed doe do so.
This should be considered as enhancing the paramountcy of Brit-Am rather than detracting from it.

5. New You Tube Video Clip to Accompany Article
110 Biblical Proofs

Duration: 10.07 minutes
The Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes represented by Yair Davidiy presents 110 proofs from the Bible tracing Western Peoples to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

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