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Brit-Am Now no. 1554
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
5 August 2010, 25
Ab 5770
1. Pleased with Articles on Brit-Am Web Site
2. John
Salverda: Jehu, Jonah, the Hittite god Teshub, and Jason
3. New Article:
Israelite Peoples are Statistically Considered Amongst the Longest-Lived
in the World!
4. Adoption:  The rights of adopted people to obtain full disclosure.
5. B and  Gratitude.


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1. Pleased with Articles on Brit-Am Web Site
Subject: Great Site!

I am reviewing the articles on this website.  This information confirms beliefs I have held for a while.
I know that I am an Israelite.  (can't prove it, I just "know" it.)
I am actually looking forward to returning to Israel someday.

2. John Salverda: Jehu, Jonah, the Hittite god Teshub, and Jason
Re: 2-Kings 9:1-5: Jehu
Dear Yair,

Your commentaries on the Scriptures are my favorite. They are beyond informative, they are inspirational (if not inspired). I look forward to every episode. They often include tidbits that don't appear to be pertinent generally, but on a personal level are very intriguing indeed. Recently you connected the word "Tishbite" with the term "Teshub." While you did not mention the Hitties, I have often thought that the Omri Dynasty of Israel was a Hittite one (could the name of the well known Hittite god be connected with the phrase "shall return?"). The Hittite god Teshub is the son of "Kumarbi." Kumarbi is the "Saturn" of the Hittites. I have learned that the word Kumarbi is not a name but a title, the Hittite suffix "-bi" meaning "of" or "from" indicating that this father of Teshub is from "Kumar." Israel was also known as "Gomer" perhaps from the name of King Omri. So, while the Greek myths are often thought, by modern historians, to have originated with the Hittites, I have always argued that they came from Israel. How did Hittite mythology get to Greece? The "Phoenicians" brought it no doubt.

Here in your current episode you point out that Jewish legends (presumably from Ginzberg) make the anointer of Jehu, one of the "sons of the prophets," out to be Jonah. Now, you did not have to make this statement, your commentary did not depend upon it, and you well know that most Biblical scholars don't agree with this. Usually Jonah is placed a few generations later, based upon the erroneous assumption that because a prophecy that he made came true in the days of Jeroboam II, Jonah must have lived at that time (of course a prophecy, and most scholars don't believe in such things, can be made a long time before it is fulfilled). God bless you for your courage and independence. I agree with your assessment. The same legends say other things about Jonah that are worthy of consideration. Such as, he was the child whom Elijah had raised from the dead, and that he was accompanied on his sea voyage by representatives of every nation on Earth, and that the baggage that they threw overboard during the storm actually consisted of Idols that they were carrying from each of their respective countries. ... The Scriptures make Jonah out to be a mere minor prophet and a false one at that. There is obviously more to the story of Jonah.

I have a theory that the Greek myth of Jason (a shibboleth of the Greek version of the name Jonah, "Jonas") and his Argonautic sea voyage is an embellished version of the story of Jonah. However it depends largely upon the legendary, earlier Jonah and not so much the Scriptural one. One day, God willing, I will write an article on this theme that will outline my evidences, and I will send it off to you. Thanks for the inspiration.

-John R. Salverda

3. New Article:
Israelite Peoples are Statistically Amongst the Longest-Lived in the World!

4. Adoption:  The rights of adopted people to obtain full disclosure 
Shalom Yair:

I appreciated your reply and gentle admonishment to the adopted person who signed as "B".  There is an organization here in the US known as "Bastard Nation". I remember back in the 1970s when a seemingly angry and hateful young woman from Oregon strongly promoted the rights of adopted people to obtain full disclosure of the names of their natural parents.  It turns out, as an adopted person myself, I totally agree with her.  Apparently the State of Oregon took her seriously enough to pass and adoption reform bill.  The Canadian province of British Columbia, where I was born, followed suit in 1995. 

5. B and  Gratitude
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1553
#1. Question from Adopted Personage who Agrees with Brit-Am Findings
Subject: Gratitude

Dear Yair,
    I see that I made the BritAM report 1553. I am flattered and amused. I truly thank you for the gentle chiding in reference to my adoption. I have always believed that it was of Divine Providence that I was taken in by the most gracious parents that one may chose. In either case we are related in Clan Neal. My birth mother was Sots-Irish but that is all that I know for certain. My parents also of Scots-Irish ancestor once told me when I young, that the Tartans of Scotland were of remembrance Joseph's coat of many colors. They however possessed no knowledge of our families true origins. It was your research and my subsequent study that revealed the truth to me.
....You have given us all a new connection to Torah and increase in understanding of that Divine Revelation from our Creator...
Your friend,

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