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Brit-Am Now no. 1552
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
2 August 2010, 22
Ab 5770
1. Noel Rude: Interesting Commentary Concerning the predicted Assimilation of Ephraim
2. TG Finds an Interest in Other
TT Claims??
3. Dennis
McGinlay: Prophecy Leaves No Doubt as to Israelite Identities!
4. TG Replies to # item 2 above and makes new accusations in accordance with his obnoxious nature.
5. Pleased with Brit-Am You Tube Clip


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1. Noel Rude: Interesting Commentary Concerning the predicted Assimilation of Ephraim
From: Noel Rude
1. Noel Rude: Interesting Commentary Concerning the predicted Assimilation of Ephraim

For what it's worth,

  Hosea 7:8 Ephraim has mixed himself [Hebrew : yitbolel = confounded himself] among the peoples;
      Ephraim is a cake unturned.

Though I'm sure you're already aware of Radak to Hosea 7:8, here it is (with my version of nikud and translation):

 He hath confounded himself. 
  Just as (Genesis 11:9)
"when there Hashem confounded the speech of all the earth" 
  the issue was confounding and mixing. 
  In other words he (Ephraim) was blended 

"with the worshippers of stars and planets, 
  whom God, may he be blessed, 
    had divided from them (Israel from the nations),   
    and they (the Ephraimites) became involved with them and they do after their deeds. "

Noel Rude

2. TG Finds an Interest in Other TT Claims??
TG wrote:

one of your 'friends' :)
---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 31 July 2010 01:11
Subject: On The Contrary

Amar'e Stoudemire's [A famous Afro-American basketball player] Views on Israelite Tribes; Now Everyone Can Shut Up

The mainstream media has picked up on Amar'e Stoudemire's claim that his mother is a Hebrew and has run with it. Some are even suggesting that he join the Israeli national team. Everyone can calm down now.

Back in May, Amar'e's Pheonix Suns wore "Los Suns" jerseys to protest the new Arizona immigration law. As part of this show of solidarity, 'Re tweeted: "We support the Latin commuity. They are apart of the 12 tribes of Israel. It 1 Nation under YAH (god). Let's come together. Shalom !! 1love. [sic]" At the time, I came across this article during my wide-ranging researches for JID.

So the new Knick thinks that Latin Americans are part of the 12 Tribes of Israel (technically speaking, he would not consider them Jews, who are members of specifically the tribe of Judah). This belief is weird, but not as uncommon as one might think. In fact, Black Hebrew Israelites, Rastafari, and Mormons all believe that some or all of the the Israelite tribes made their way to the Americas. To be sure, belief that Amerindians are descendants of the Lost Tribes was extremely popular in the 17th century among Europeans and even Jews. Manasseh Ben Israel (the subject of a feature article in Segula last issue) was probably the best-known Jewish proponent of this theory; in his messianic vision, the exile would be complete - and the redemption could begin - only when Israel would be scattered over the entire globe. This was his impetus for petitioning Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell to admit Jews into England, but I digress.

Let us sum up: Stoudemire has apparently adopted some sort of belief in Hebrew roots of some Africans, Latin Americans, or Amerindians. Adherents of these theories probably take such belief seriously, but the rest of the world, including the scientific community, generally relates to it as a bunch of baloney. Yes, it was fun to entertain the idea that Amar'e is fun unzere, but sadly, no. Farmar and Casspi are still the best we've got.

Brit-Am Reply:
On the Contrary:
The fact that all kinds of people are running around claiming that they have the answer as to who the Lost Ten Tribes are and expecting that their claims be seriously related to tells us something.
It shows that the question exists. It will not go away. If an answer is out there it needs to be found and publicized. Brit-Am believes it has found that answer.

3. Dennis McGinlay:
Prophecy Leaves No Doubt as to Israelite Identities!

From: "Dennis McGinlay"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1551
#2. Doubts Concerning the Veracity of Brit-Am
Andrew Wallace: Follow Up Question about the Irish as Israelites
Dear Yair

In reply to Andy. No one who as read the prophecies to Ephraim and Manasseh of future greatness as a company of nations and a Great nation could be in any doubt about the identity of Grt. Britain and America. No peoples throughout history have begun to approach this prophesied state. Of all the evidence presented in the Bible and through Brit-Am, nothing could be more prescient.


4. TG Replies to # item 2 above and makes new accusations in accordance with his obnoxious nature.
TG wrote:

And this has been precisely my point all are no different from this basketball player because your theory is founded on beliefs, and beliefs are falsifiable. Its Philosophy 101 for much of the educated population. You will never be taken seriously until you can offer a theory that will stand up to criticism, and you can expect far harsher criticism than anything I have said to you. Meanwhile, you are undermining the possibility for such effort in future by promoting yourself as the 'only' authority on the subject, and asking for money to support you, which means you have a self interest and therefore suspected of a conflict of interest between your research and its findings being targeted at those from whom you seek financial support. Anyone else that may advance a more plausible explanation will just be likened to you and disregarded without being given the opportunity to be heard.
And, it seems to be true. Most of your supporters are Christians who lack any significant understanding of Torah, and have their own 'beliefs', in the case of the base-baller, that he is entitled to protest state laws against illegal immigration.
Your research has been roundly dismissed and derogated in the academia. However, it is never too late to start again.


Brit-Am Replies:
Bring it on TG. All your criticism so far has bordered on the ludicrous.
We would like something more substantial for a change.
Brit-Am Beliefs are not theories but proven facts that have never been disproven.
We never said we were,
# the  'only' authority on the subject# !
The Brit-Am Explanation however is indeed the only one that is valid.
As for money, TG, what can we do? Maybe you have independent means and devote your life to philanthropic causes free of charge?
We have not been so blessed.
Divine Providence apparently wants at least a portion of those who receive from us to participate with us through their input and offerings.
In return we genuinely believe that they receive a blessing for what they give, many times over.
[We ourselves tithe our proceeds and believe that by virtue of our tithing survive through miracles, as promised in Malachi 3:10.].
Show me a single movement like our own that can exist without funding.
This is a matter you have brought up in the past.
Are you jealous?
Do you think we have no right to be funded?
Do you begrudge Brit-Am its right to exist?
It indeed happens that often we lack for funds. I guess we can forget about succor arriving from your direction. This is a pity since we offer you a chance to do something positive with your money.
Seriously however,
From now on you will tone your criticism up, make valid points, speak politely, or in future be ignored by our honored selves.
You said,
# Your research has been roundly dismissed and derogated in the academia. #
Please give us just ONE example of such dismissal and/or derogation.
Just ONE!
Prove your veracity for a change.

5. Pleased with Brit-Am You Tube Clip

lltetrahedron has made a comment on Ten Tribes in the West Brit-Am Biblical Overview.avi:
This is pretty cool!

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