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Brit-Am Now no. 1551
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
I August 2010, 21
Ab 5770
1. Bob:
Welsh and Hebrew and Aramaic.
2. Doubts Concerning the Veracity of Brit-Am
Andrew Wallace: Follow Up Question about the Irish as Israelites
3. Joshua Micah S.: Love your site!!!
4. Orjan Svensson: Parallel between king David and Prince Daniel of Sweden?
5. Question About the Philistines and Crete  


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1. Bob: Welsh and Hebrew and Aramaic
I am a fluent welsh speaker.It has always amazed me that many religious names in wales refer to Bethesda Carmel Bozra Caersalehm Pisgah Jerusalem Bethlehem and so on.I have visited Israel three times and have memories in 67 on the shore of Galilee of jets flying towards the Golan Heights. In Jerusalem I felt safe in Bethlem I felt safe among the Christians but not among the Palestinians. I have always felt an affinity towards the faith of Abraham and Moses but how can that be relevant. In Welsh, "Yn y dechreuddiad roedd y gair"
Shalom Bob

2. Doubts Concerning the Veracity of Brit-Am
Andrew Wallace: Follow Up Question about the Irish as Israelites

After talking to a few people, the opinion has come up that the there is absolute no DNA evidence of this as being true.  The opinion has also come up that this movement isn't a particularly trustworthy one.  How would you refute such a claim (as I am sure it is normally expected)?

How would I go about doing an independent or any study about genetic traces, etc?  With some skepticism, I'd need to see which side has more of a claim.  Especially when the opinion has been made that Brit-Am really has no weight to it?

- Andy

Brit-Am Reply:
You are not being very specific.
If there is DNA evidence against Brit-Am let us know what it is.
We deal with DNA questions.
On the whole our overall impression is that DNA findings as they now stand are ambiguous and may just as well be taken as confirming Brit-Am as being against it. Also DNA research is more fluid and uncertain than as presented. DNA opinion on many issues is liable to change drastically.

People believe what they want. Someone who does not want to accept Brit-Am will always be able to find justification for not doing so.
Are the people you spoke to referring specifically to Brit-Am or to the idea in general?

Apart from DNA where the results are NOT negative but rather still uncertain,

Brit-Am bases its belief on the Bible, on History, on Linguistics, and related studies, and on an appeal to Hebraic Instinct.

The Bible says the Lost Ten Tribes are where Brit-Am says they are, i.e. amongst Western Nations.
History (especially in the light of recent findings) shows that Brit-Am beliefs are feasible.
Linguistics shows that in Wales and Ireland they once spoke a language similar to Hebrew.

Hebraic Instinct means that in your heart you are prepared to accept the possibility that Brit-Am is correct.

Brit-Am however does not say that everybody in the West is of Israelite descent, only a significant proportion.
Non-Israelties are also present.
We have encountered the phenomenon of people whose gut reaction completely and utterly rejects Brit-Am altogether.
Perhaps this emanates from a non-Israelite inheritance?
[On the other hand many modern Europeans have been subjected to a de facto brain-washing process against the Bible that makes Brit-Am type beliefs more difficult to accept as compared with Americans, and Australians, etc. ]

The task of Brit-Am is to learn what can be learned and share this knowledge with others.
After that every individual must reach their own inner resolution.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Joshua Micah S.: Love your site!!!
Hey there!
...I have been going through your website. It's such a wealth of rich information! I've been studying the lost tribes so much in the past few weeks that I've been loosing sleep over it. It's probably THE most fascinating thing I've ever studied because it confirms prophecy.

I myself am a mix of Jewish (mothers side) and Swiss German(Fathers side) so it's interesting to learn the history of both lineages.

4. Orjan Svensson: Parallel between king David and prince Daniel of Sweden?
From: Orjan Svensson <>
Prince Daniel who married Sweden's crown princess on the 19th of June, was like the Biblical king David originally a commoner.
He grew up in a relatively small municipality or town, Ockelbo, north of Uppland, in Gastrikland.
I have sometimes wondered what means "ockel" in Ockelbo. Bo, bol and bolig means dwelling or place of living in Scandinavian languages and may have originated from the Hebrew zBUL [dwelling place].
But what means "ockel"?
Maybe you can get a clue from the famous Rune Stone of Ockelbo.
The original stone was destroyed in a fire but there exists a replica, see for example
In the middle of the stone there is a tree. This is probably a version of the Tree of Life or World Tree, see
It is known that the Tree of Life has been associated with food.
Could it therefore be that ockel in Ockelbo comes from the Hebrew OCHEL, meaning food?
If so, then David came from Beth Lechem, meaning "house of bread", while prince Daniel came from Ockelbo, meaning "dwelling place of food".

  5. Question About the Philistines and Crete 
Spyros Karalis <> wrote:
Re Kings 8:1-6 Speak of the D... and "Who Were the Philistines?"

Excuse me if I didn't understand completely everything you said. Do you think that Philistines come mainly from the island of Crete or not?

Spyros Karalis

Brit-Am Reply:
The Philistines are described as coming from the Island of Caphtor [probably Cyprus], being related to the Egyptians, and also as being Cananites.
We assume that the mass of the population were Canaanites upon whom was superimposed a group of foreigners.
The foreigners were the bearers of both Minoan [Crete] and Mycenean [Ancient Greek] cultures.
They had links and other colonies on the north Syrian coast and in Anatolia.
They were also associated with Ancient Crete.

Ezekiel 25:
15 'Thus says the Lord GOD: 'Because the Philistines dealt vengefully and took vengeance with a spiteful heart, to destroy because of the old hatred,' 16 therefore thus says the Lord GOD: 'I will stretch out My hand against the Philistines, and I will cut off the Cherethites and destroy the remnant of the seacoast. 17 I will execute great vengeance on them with furious rebukes; and they shall know that I am the LORD, when I lay My vengeance upon them.'

The word translated in Ezekiel 25:16 as "Cherethites" in Modern Hebrew is "Craetim" pronounced in Biblical Times as "Craythim" and means "People of Crete" i.e. the expression "Cretan" (from Crete) could be used interchangeably with Philistine.

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