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Brit-Am Now no. 1549
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
26 July 2010, 17
Ab 5770
1. Answer to Kerry Bulls about Irish and
Scoth-Irish Presidents of the USA and Masonic Conniving in Washington DC.
2. Jonathan
Caro: In Favor of 'Lost Israelite Identity'.
3. 25% Irish or 100% Israelite?
4. A Criticism of the Opinion of Rabbi E. Kin on the TLTs
5. New Articles:
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified
and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.
Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Happiest Countries in World!


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1. Answer to Kerry Bulls about Irish and Scoth-Irish Presidents of the USA and Masonic Connivings in Washington DC.

Dearest Yair,
Blessings in His Name.
I am of Irish descent (mother Irish Prod from Scotland originally and father Irish Cath from the Republic.  Somewhere in the process I also came up with 1/4 Cherokee blood.  Sounds like stew doesn't it?
Is there anything to the fact that most of the Presidents of the US have been Of Irish descent?
Just curious?
And in your view is there anything to the myths of the Masons laying out Washington DC in a particular way?
Again just curious if it ties in in any way.
Kerry Bulls

Brit-Am Reply:
The fact that most US presidents have been of Scotch-Irish origin in addition others of South Irish provenance (Kennedy, Clinton, Reagan, and maybe more?)
 helps confirm the conclusions of Brit-Am researches.
These US presidents were doubtless mostly men of above-average abilities. It is doubtful however that if they have been anywhere else (e.g. UK, Australia, France) that they would have been appointed heads of state though important posts they may well have received.
And vice-versa concerning the hypothetical positions that would have been received in the USA  by men who became leaders elsewhere.
We are saying that the USA pertains to Manasseh. These leaders came from Manasseh or from leading houses (from Judah?) that in the past had settled amongst Manasseh. They reflected a need of Manasseh that was recognized by the citizens of the USA even if numerically most of these are not from Manasseh.
We may have now succeeded in making a very simple point sound exceedingly complicated.
The fact that these men all had similar ancestry and they received the post they received against the odds of statistical probability proves the importance of ancestry. It is as if the nation has a soul that recognizes its own.
[Next time you want a convoluted, abstract, confusing, obscurationist response to a simple question, call on us again.]

As for the masons laying out Washing DC in a peculiar way we cannot say. People find all manner of ways to amuse themselves.
Betty Rhodes once sent us a Map of Jereusalem from the 1600s superimposed (exactly) on a map of Washington DC from the 1800s.
This has been reproduced in our book, "Biblical Truth", p.208.

2. Jonathan Caro: In Favor of 'Lost Israelite Identity'.
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1547
#3. Was "Lost Israelite Identity" our best book??

Dear Mr. Davidiy
As iterated in the past, I like one of your recent correspondents, Mr Steve Dotson, very much look forward to the reprint/re-issuance/updated or second edition copy of 'Lost Israelite Identity'. The whole matter of the Israelite influence upon Celtic culture, not to mention the current understanding of the latter's origins, as well as how the earliest interprenetration between the two came to be reinforced by later waves of Israelite invasion is in need of further study and elaboration. I am certain that since the publication of the first edition more information has come to light that helps to reify your first
conclusions. In a recent newsletter you hinted that you might re-issue this work in three parts to permit inclusion of what I presume is a welter of additional findings and considerations.
Also, in line with your self-posted 'You Tube' productions is any consideration being given to the provision of a downloadable e-book service to assist in reaching a large audience more readily and perhaps to increase funding?
Gratefully, Jonathan Caro

3. 25% Irish or 100% Israelite?
Andrew Wallace wrote:

I got a reference from your site via wiki under the Ten Lost Tribes section.  I found it very interesting that the Irish are listed as possible suspects to being part of these Ten Lost Tribes!  This would be mean that 25% of me has direct kinship, if true, to Abraham himself!    Although, from your site, I'm not too sure how excited I should get.

What are the possibilities that this would be true?

- Andy

Brit-Am Reply:
Shalom, I represent Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.
I looked at the article. The paragraph under Irish does have a reference to us.
In addition there is another paragraph dedicated to Brit-Am:
Here you will find the sentences:

## Brit-Am also believes that "Other Israelite Tribes gave rise to elements within Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Wales, France, Holland, and Belgium" and that "The Tribe of Dan is to be found amongst part of the Danish, Irish, and Welsh." Brit-Am also believes that the Khazars were descended from the Ten Tribes and quotes Jewish and non-Jewish sources that were contemporaneous with them.[41] ##
Go to our site for more details:
Experience shows us that if someone is "partly" Israelite and feels it then in effect they are wholly so.
You should be very excited about this possibility.
All of us should be.
At the beginning we expected to encounter a great deal of excitement concerning this issue.
Since, some decades later, we see that such was not exactly what took place we have gotten used to the lack of excitement.
Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.

4. A Criticism of the Opinion of Rabbi E Kin on the TLTs
Amnon Goldberg wrote:

What is your opinion of this talk by Rabbi E Kin on the TLTs?

Brit-Am Reply:

Relatively longish video.
Gives some background information from a Jewish perspective.

Speaks of Yonadab of the Rechabites descendants of Jethro, Sons of Moses, Benjamin, and Simeon.
Suggests that Khazars were from the Ten Tribes.
Speculates some of the Tribes may have intermixed with Jews of Georgia.
Refers to a group in northern Saudi Arabia as possible descendants of Yonadab of the Rechabites.
Sambation in legend.
North of Tibet, north of Nepal, bordering Burma. Identifies Sinim as China. Unknown places in Himalayas, Vietnam.
Mashiach ben Yoseph brings back Ten Tribes. Yehudah to be involved in return of Ten Tribes.
Some of the Ethiopians, Karens, Afghans. Mountain (Georgia) Jews. Lemba of South Africa.
Bnei Menasseh from Burma. Buchara a possible mixture of Jews and Ten Tribes.
Hephtalites-Nephtalites-Naphtali. Ancient Aramaic script in Bucharia, Japan, China, Naphtalites,

Pashtun (Pathans) of Afghanistan: Usual urban Legends constantly regurgitated and unproven.
Pashtun not like Jews. Do not want to be associated with Jews.

Interesting, a bit slow.
Unreliable speculation especially concerning identification with the Pathans,
see our article:
Taliban-Who? Pathans are NOT Israelites!

5. New Articles:
The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.

Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Happiest Countries in World!

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