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Brit-Am Now no. 1540
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
11 July 2010, 29 Tammuz 5770
1. Merlin
2. Letter from Western Australia.
3. Benjamin Fourie: Regarding the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa
4. Ron Fraser: Appreciates Brit-Am Historical Explanations
5. New Article:
The Jews Need Joseph
: A Debate Amongst Jewish Patriots!
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Dearest Yair,


I listened to some of your introductory videos for the first time today and find them truly excellent and I wish to congratulate you on a good job. You speak to my inner being as no one has ever done before during my six decades of sitting in Christian Church pews and I am now approaching the age of 73!

Let me tell you of an experience I had in December 1997: It was always my desire to go to the mountains to fast and pray and to seek biblical truth. I was given the opportunity to do that in the summer of that year. I spent two weeks in the Drakensberg Mountains of Natal. I took no food and all I took with me was my hiking gear and a small tent and a bible which I tried to study. I also did much praying.

One morning, upon waking, I had a strange inner impression kind of experience accompanied by the words: " Whenever you hear the truth one day it will come from the lips of a Jewish Rabbi."

Nothing happened until about three years later when I bumped into an old Jewish school mate, Heimie Gras, on a Cape Town pavement. We used to attend S.A.C.S (South African College School), together during the early 'fifties of the last century.

S.A.C.S is an old boys' school in Cape Town. I discovered that Heimie was a Messianic Jewish believer and I used to accompany him to an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue occasionally until he was knocked down and killed by a passenger bus in Main Road, Sea Point.

I used to listen attentively to all the deep sermons of the Rabbis that they preached during my times of attending Schul with my friend. Subsequent to Heimie's death I tried to find a Messianic Synagogue in Cape Town. I eventually found a small Messianic home Fellowship later and attended the meetings until I had to move to Somerset West and subsequently to Ladysmith.

I don't know whether you are the "Rabbi" that came to me in that powerful inner impression of that 1997 summer morning on the mountain, but what you say in your videos certainly strikes a deep inner note of perfect harmony. It certainly seems to me that you are the man!

Would you mind if I included your website address at the foot my emails, as below, and also in my own Google Hebraic roots/Two Houses of Israel website? My website address is as follows:

Merlin Houzet
Brit-Am  Reply:
You are welcome to include a link to our site.
Yair is not a Rabbi though he believes in Rabbinical Teachings, tries to learn about it, and accepts it.
The Brit-Am message however avoids religious denominational discussion.

2. Letter from Western Australia

Hello Yair Davidiy,

My name is Richard and I live in Perth Western Australia. Recently I discovered your website and am very pleased that I did , I firmly believe in my heart that your work is true, and I am considering purchasing some of your books however at this point in time I am not sure exactly which copies to buy .
Over the last few years I have had a stirring within myself that somewhere there is a Hebrew connection in my lineage although this  has never been spoken of or discussed within family circles. I am a Christian and was born again some 26 years ago and consider myself  non-denominational these days. My Mother is a  Catholic of French descent her maiden name being "Girot" , her Grand father coming from "Menoncourt Haut Rhine" and her Grandmother coming from "Bethonville" having the name "Naal " as a surname.I have always thought there  was a kind of a sense of an underlying loss somewhere deep within our  family line, something spiritual and unidentifiable and I was very  interested to hear about what you had to say about the Tribe of Rueben and the loss of his birthright it twigged in me then that this is the unidentifiable connection to that sense of loss . The next day I was feeling sad for Rueben as I considered his great loss.

There are so many questions I have now about many things concerning the lost tribes. About 20 years ago I read a book called "Dead Men's Secrets" .In that book there was a chapter about Phoenician artifacts being discovered in the north of Australia and a photo as well of a plaque or a monument , this is of interest to me as well and especially your theory about these ships bringing the Aboriginals to this country from Egypt, it all seems to make sense to me now. My family on my fathers side also came here on convict ships on the  first fleet . My father's family name is "Mc..." from Scottish descent and I am interested in the hebrew connection on my Fathers side as well , I feel there may be some connection to the the House of David, could this be possible?

Yours Sincerely


Brit-Am Reply
re the books:

If you wish for a short but comprehensive overview get "Origin".

If you wish for more detail and academic background use "The Tribes".

After that each and every one of our other works is an entity in its 
own right and explains itself.
Read the description of each book on our list and decide which ones 
most appeal to you.

Relatively speaking our books are not expensive and in our opinion
we provide good value.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

3. Benjamin Fourie: Regarding the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa
"Benjamin Fourie" <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1539


Regarding the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa:
Many women and children died because they were given unclean water and were undernourished in these concentration camps. You can find many photos of children looking like Jews in the holocaust. Just living bones, being starved to death. One also reads reports of small pieces of glass found in porridge and the aim was simple: to kill off people. Emily Hobhouse was an English nurse who saw what was happening and revolted about this. So they definitely didn't simply "get the plague" and died of this. Besides this the British burnt farms and cattle en masse, after which the Boers retaliated. The point is, Britain saw that they couldn't win the war in an honorable way and used disgusting tactics to reach their goal. But many have simply moved on from this and regard these things as long past.

Concerning Apartheid: the irony is that Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd, who lead the country at the height of apartheid was a born European (born in the Netherlands) and product of English schools and Lord Shepstone first introduced the principle of racial segregation in the Natal Province in the 1850s. On the whole Africa was subdivided by colonial powers in such a way that caused many minority ethnic groups to be suppressed by majority ones - a reason for endless strife, as seen in for instance Rwanda. Perhaps primitive tribes are on the other hand always involved in a "survival of the fittest" and civilized man just do it on the soccer field.

Dr. DF Malan, of French Huguenot descent, the first "Boer" or "Afrikaner" head of state in 1948 (the man who defeated Genl. Jan Smuts) was the first politician who thought of indigenous ethnic groups in a differentiated way and tried to design some kind of system that would cater for their distinct cultural aspirations. Thus you find universities and centers of learning in many regions in the countryside that were built during the "apartheid" years. The government's policy was also known as one of separate development and I think of Micah 4.

The problem with Afrikaners in cities was that many were impoverished after the Anglo-Boer War, and had to build lives from nothing, having lost their farms, families and cattle in the War. They say charity starts at home. They did use political power to enrich themselves financially. It is also true that many were aware that the thinking of political leaders were not ideal.

As I see it you can't only have red roses in a garden, neither can everything be in confusion. But the gardener would surely like to pluck the most beautiful flower and if a tree doesn't bear fruit you will uproot it.

Perhaps many thought that they were the "most beautiful flower", and flocked to cities where there were more opportunities.

The problem as I see it was that descendants of a primarily middle-class European mindset (or simply people who used the top part of their bodies) had to rely on a labor force that was primarily "black", although quite a few whites worked on mines after the Anglo-Boer War, that formed part of a gradual migration from rural to city life.

Nowadays the country has seen a massive brain drain of educated "white" people, and it is quite possible that many things may end up being buried in history, as the constitution provides for a secular state and mindset where a distinct sense of spiritual destiny probably has a place of relative, and not absolute, importance.

I don't expect you to defend anything. Just to inform about happenings in a part of the world that can easily be ignored as somewhere distant, but which in fact may relate to Old Testament prophecies.

Benjamin Fourie

4. Ron Fraser: Appreciates Brit-Am Historical Explanations
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1539
#2. Edward Anderson:
Remarks Concerning White Slaves, First Night Rights, Irish, Boers, and my pending Knighthood

Greetings Yair!
Once again you present a balanced view of British history in response to Edward Anderson?s contribution.
We appreciate your striving to sort the wheat from the chaff.
Shabbat shalom,
Ron Fraser

5. New Article:
The Jews Need Joseph: A Debate Amongst Jewish Patriots!

Brit-Am Discussed on Important Jewish Nationalist
Introduction: The Three Letters.
Brit-Am Reactions:
"British Israelism" and anti-Semitism
"Brit" and "Britain"
Herbert W. Armstrong and Brit-Am

The Jews, Qualities of Esau, and Joseph
Continuation of the Thread and Brit-Am as an Issue


Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes traces the Lost Tribes to Western Nations. We rely on Biblical and Historical Evidence as well as traditional Jewish Sources.
Brit-Am works in the fields of Research, Representation, and Reconciliation: We study the sources (Research), publish the findings (Representation), and strive to bring Judah and Joseph closer to each other (Reconciliation).
The Jews in general are prepared to listen to us but many are uncertain and often highly reserved on this issue.
The article below is based on a discussion amongst Jewish Patriots in which some of the
ideaological and factual difficulties involved came to the fore.

In place of just Judah and Esau with Judah being spiritual and Esau physically aggressive we include Joseph.
Joseph was sold to Esau (Amos 1:6, 9), became like him, and in the end overcame him, at least in part.
This process is not yet complete.

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