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Brit-Am Now no. 1525
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
15 June 2010, 3 Tammuz 5770
1. John Wharton: Brit-Am List of Biblical Proofs is excellent!
2. Peter from Dunedin, New Zealand:  Clarifying Some Issues
3. Books Received.
"Surnames of the British Isles, a Comprehensive Collection" by Oren Davies


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1. John Wharton: Brit-Am List of Biblical Proofs is excellent!
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1524
#1. You Tube Brit-Am Biblical Proofs: Spread this Message
I agree Yair.
Your list of Biblical Proofs of the locations of the Tribes of Israel is excellent!

2. Peter from Dunedin, New Zealand:  Clarifying Some Issues
pete wrote:

ive just stumbled upon your site, ive been a christadelphian for a long time. our fundamental belief is in the oneness of [the ALMIGHTY],and the promises HE has made through Abraham, which is the restitution of the world and the throne of David at the end of the age through the return of the Messiah,so we are naturally pro Israel but do not condone the use of violence and leave that to the kingdom of man,nevertheless we know that Israel must accend and the world must decline to make way for Israels Messiah,and that this process will cost many many millions of lives but little did i know that the western world could be the descendants of the lost tribes, i myself am of scottish extraction but i was born in a mainly scottish town called Dunedin in New Zealand, is there DNA evidence that relates the Scotts to modern Jewry or is that a stretch of the imagination, another question is why are certain Jewish families like the rothchildes so prominent in all of the financial scandels around the world which cause people to become anti semetic, you speak of the people of ismael and esau like the iranians causing terrorism when our own western governments are some of the biggest terrorists of them all,i didnt see the japanese dropping nuclear weapons on innocent civilians and as far as i know  and understand the corrupt form of monetary policy that we are all enslaved too doesnt have its roots in ishmael or esau but more so the jewish and anglo elite that are currently wrecking our once prosperous country and every other country in the world,i see GODs Hand in all of this and do not judge the obvious offenders,as we know that GOD uses all sorts of people even Hitler to achieve His purpose which is ultimately to bring all people to there knees and to repentance but at this stage i dont see any particular or inherant goodness in any nation which deserves a particular blessing but more likely a further judgement.Trying to be as objecive as possible
regards Peter

Brit-Am Reply:

 Shalom Peter,
Good to hear from you. Your letter is helping us clear up a few misconceptions. It is true that we trace the Lost Ten Tribes primarily to Western Peoples. We also say that in Scotland there settled groups who were most likely predominantly of Israelite origin.  None of us however can automatically take it for granted that we are of Israelite origin even if our ancestors all came from areas where Israelites were probably predominant. There is a reason for this uncertainty. It is as if Divine Providence is saying:

#You have an Israelite Birthright but you still have to work at it. Some proof through deeds and attitude at your end is still required. #

Work required of individual Israelites who realize who they may be includes:

Bible Learning especially with Brit-Am Biblical Commentary and/or with other suitable Commentaries.
Realization of Blessing i.e. Self Elevation: Improving aspects of our existence that will enhance our service to the Almighty.
Identification with Israel and Judah.

We have Ephraimite Criteria at the National level:

Individual Considerations:

Regarding your other remarks:
There is No straightforward DNA link between the Scots and Jews, but read our articles on DNA for more information and different possibilities.

Individual Jews are involved from time to time in financial scandals mainly because Jews are often involved in finance.  These problems however do not extend to whole families. They also do not usually involve the Rothschilds though the Mythmaking Conspiracy Dirt Fantasizers demonize the Rothschuild family. The reason for this is historical and also because the Rothsxchilds are Jewish and cannot defend themselves against Gentile scandalizers as well as their Gentile millionaire counterparts can.

[ Statistically, Scottish financiers and those of Scots ancestry are much more powerful and much worse. The Jew is often the fall guy, the figurehead who takes the blame, a sacrificial lamb. In fact Gentiles sometimes seem to only appreciate the type of Jew who is prepared to die for the sins of others, but none of us really want to go there, do we Peter?]

Dropping atomic bombs on Japan ended the war and saved millions of lives. It served the cause of righteousness.
You speak of the "jewish and anglo elite" as arch-villains. This shows that your mind is befouled with Conspiracy Theories.
Brit-Am conducts an ongoing campaign against such nonsense:
Conspiracy Watch

3. Books Received.
"Surnames of the British Isles, a Comprehensive Collection" by Oren Davies

Wind Hill Books 2010.
Oren Davies is the brother of Yair Davidiy

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