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Brit-Am Now no. 1515
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
27 May 2010, 14 Sivan Nissan 5770
1. David Bell (Australia): "one of the wonderful passages of scripture"
2. Brit-Am Sales Representative in South Africa:
Ailton Barros:  Crypto-Jews, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil
4. Question on Scythian Languages and Writing.
5. New Article:
"Have The Ten Tribes
Ever Been Torah Observant?" by Edward Anderson


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1. David Bell (Australia): "one of the wonderful passages of scripture"
 Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1514
#3. Rabbinical Source:
Each Tribe has "its own manner of serving the Almighty which for it becomes a Fundamental Principle".
Yair, to me this is one of the wonderful passages of scripture. It is not repetition, but God giving the same value to each offering. No one stands above any other. all are equal before Him. David -----

2. Brit-Am Sales Representative in South Africa:
Antonette Willemse
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3.  Ailton Barros:  Crypto-Jews, Spain, Portugal, and Brazil
re Brit-Am Now no. 1514
#2. Michelle Bowie: Alton Barros from the Tribe of Simeon?

Hello Yair,

 I don't know  about my being from Simeon of the Lost Tribes. My coat of army does not mach with Simeon (Sword) but rather with Gad (Lion) as I explained to you. I am a very calm person, very analytical. I am a secure, very confident, very Davidic person. I like to sing,  to express the word of G-d to others, to blow the shofar, to dance to G-d. I am a Theology Student and Student of Judaism. I used to be Human Resources  Manager for Fiat Dealers in Brazil.  Today I owne my own Construction Business and  work in the US. I am in the Brazilian Reserve Army, got my Honor to Merit in the army. Feel to be very honest with my clients. I have a lovely wife and 2 daughters. When was a kid I always ran away from fights, have always been  my own person. I like USA people and love this country. I love Israel and wish one day to come back. I also always have empathy with England....

About Portugal and Spain
My surname could have Spain origins since that we know the Peninsula was formed around 600/900 years B.C. and  that is the same time the 10 tribes were taken away .... Around 1490 [CE] the Queen of Spain Isabel drove out all the Jewish families that did not convert. All these families were welcomed by King Don Manuel in Portugal, because the King was very pleased with the Jewish families major contribution to Portugal's success. The Jews enjoyed the relative protection of the crown. Many important Jews, like Isaac Abravanel,  gave money for Portugal expeditions to Brazil and another Jew Fernando  de Noronha/navigator was  responsible for the Portuguese Marine navy. Descendants of Abravanel  today live in Brazil as the Silvio Santos family. Unfortunately the King of Portugal married the Queen of Spain/Isabel and signed a contract to expelling  all the Jews from Portugal if they did not convert by 1497.  Most of the Jews went to Brazil which spoke the same language, Portuguese. Since Brazil was a Portugal colony the same rules [against the Jews] applied for Brazil as well. Many of these Jews started to live a double-life,  hiding their faith. They became the Crypto [hidden]-Judeos. Arturo Carlos de Barros Bastos became a Apostle for the Marranos. The name Marrano came from Spain.
My Coat of Army was shown to me when I was Young.  It has on the top, a Helmeted Soldier with a  shield that has 4 Red stripes and 3 White stripes with 9 stars of David in yellow color.
England/Portugal and Spain all participated in the American Discovery.  France stayed out of that since Napoleon wanted everything.

Thanks so much Yair and that was just another thought and G-d bless you .Shalom. Ailton Barros/US

4. Question on Scythian Languages and Writing
Has there been any further finds regarding a Scythian written language , I believe there was some un identified writing in one of the Scythian mounds but I have not seen any photo's of it on line? L.

Brit-Am Reply:
The "experts" say that the Scythians used an Iranian dialect because in regions bordering those of Iranians Scythian names have Iranian-type connotations.
Towards Thracian areas however Thracian-type names are recorded.
It may therefore be deduced that the "experts" knowledge of Scythian names relies on how these names were transmitted by third parties
who infused the names with characteristics of their own tongues.
East of the Caspian Sea in what was than a Scythian area "Aramaic" inscriptions have been found (A.L. Mongait, "Archaeology of the USSR", 1962, 1971, see also the writings of Philip Lozinski).
A runic inscription from Kazakstan from a Scythian grave and dating from around 400-300 BCE was found. It was
claimed (by Jeanine Davis-Kimball) to be in a Germanic (or proto-Germanic) tongue.
This was reproduced in Renate Rolle, "The World of the Scythians", 1981.

Jeanine Davis-Kimball later found what she considered to another such inscription:
For illustration of inscriptions see:

The Golden Prince(ss) by Unrevealed Authoress consulting with Jeanine Davis-Kimball
Until the discovery of this bowl, scholars had believed that the Scythians did not have an alphabet. When I first saw a sketch of this inscription, I recognized all the characters immediately as having identical forms with Germanic runes. In fact, I tentatively read part of the inscription as UUilaz or Wilaz, possibly an Indo-Iranian version of Wilagaz, or in modern English, Wily (see my last article for the possibly homosexual connotations of this name). After a meeting I had with Dr. Kimball in Berkeley, she e-mailed her Russian colleagues who are on-site in Kazakhstan, and they thoughtfully e-mailed me photographs of the silver bowl and it's inscription.

Jeanine Davis-Kimball herself is an archaeologist who excavated in central Asia. She is also (as she herself seems to emphasizes at great length) a New Age type personality interested in homosexuality, deviations, Amazons, and female empowerment. This orientation may have influenced her findings.

Stephen M. Collins ("Israel's Lost Empires" p. 211),
 quotes Herodotus (7:64) that one of the Scythian Kings was named Saulius i.e. Saul, a Hebrew name.
Cam Rea found many more Scythian Names that could be explained according to the Hebrew.
"The Assyrian Exile. Israel's Legacy in Captivity" by Cam Rea (2007, USA)
"Isaac's Empire. Ancient Persia's Forgotten Identity" by Cam Rea (2009, USA)

Yair Davidiy
("The Tribes. The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples"  1993, 2004)
based on the Geography of Ptolemy and other such sources along with local Jewish and Gentile legends shows how Scythian Tribal Groups in Scythia reflect the clan-associations of Biblical Israelites. These alliances and geographic arrangements were later repeated in Western Europe.

Inscription no.1 part 1

Inscription no.1 part 2

Inscription no.2 part 1

Inscription no.2 part 2

Inscription no.3: The Silver Bowl

5. New Article:
"Have The Ten Tribes Ever Been Torah Observant?" by Edward Anderson

As you can see, this story does have a "happy ending" but NOT for all of us. Those that REFUSE to obey God's Torah are NOT going to be back enjoying His blessings. They are NOT going to there at all because God will no longer tolerate rebellion against His Laws!!!

The whole book of Hosea is mainly about Ephraim but also the Ten Tribes whom Ephraim heads. It will ONLY be when God re-gathers the tribes back into the Land will Ephraim finally repent. This can be seen very clearly by reading the whole chapter of Ezekiel 20.

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