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Brit-Am Now no. 1498
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
22 April 2010, 8 Iyar Nissan 5770
1. Letter from South Africa. Posted with Permission.
# poor white citizens begging and sleeping in the South African cities streets #
2. Letter of Appreciation from a Veteran Brit-Am Fan, i.e. TG
3. New Article:
Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles
4. Lynda Crawford:  Great Message on the
ANZACs and Israel
5. New Article.
The Return of the Ten Tribes
. Selected Sources. Bible References


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1. Letter from South Africa. Posted with Permission.
# poor white citizens begging and sleeping in the South African cities streets #
From: Merlin Houzet <merlinhouzet@gmail.com>
Merlin Houzet
c/o PO Box 3835, Ladysmith,
Natal, South Africa, 3370

Merlin Houzet wrote:

Dear Yair,


I do wish that I was in a position to assist you in your project but as I am myself a poverty-stricken and needy old age welfare pensioner in this black country of South Africa where whites are murdered daily (there are an average of 18 000 murders per year) and a growing number of poor white citizens begging and sleeping in the South African cities streets with nothing to eat except the food donated to them by some good-hearted members of the public, I regret that I have no material financial means whatsoever except for my literary and pro-Israel outlook by articles that I write continually in favour of Israel and in empathy with the Jewish people.

Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you for your letter.
We all do what we can.
May the God of Israel be with you.
You do not need to explain matters to us though your letter is a positive one and it was good that you sent it.
Our postings reach ca. 1500 to 2000 different people. Only a minority will ever send us an offering.
Sometimes we send out appeals and no-one replies and sometimes the response is quite favorable.
No-one who cannot give needs to feel bad about it.
We have to make appeals because we need the funds to keep going.
We have explained this in the past. There are people who give and people who can give. Our appeals are directed to such people.
They in effect pay for the others.
We have explained this several times in the past.

2. Letter of Appreciation from a Veteran Brit-Am Fan i.e. TG.
now you are a rap artist?!

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Maintain outreach
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Help as you should
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Put it to the test
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To yourselves be true.

3. New Article:
Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles?

1. Introduction. Sanhedrin, Semicha, Revival of the Sanhedrin.
2. The Incident. The article "Reinstating semichah: In search of the Lost Tribes" by Yitzchok Lobenstein. Idea that part of the Ten Tribes still kept the Torah and never lost it.
3. Brit-Am Commentary and Remarks.
Need in our time to find and identify the Lost Ten Tribes. Deranged Impostor Mislead Menasseh ben Israel. Rabbi Avichail also mislead by fantasy stories. Eldad HaDani and the Children of Moses. Lost Ten Tribes technically have the same legal status as Gentiles. Ten Tribes will Return.
Return of the Ten Tribes in the Bible.

The Lost Ten Tribes will Return. At present they are still in Exile. Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, has proven that the Lost Ten Tribes today are to be found amongst Western Peoples. Others hold different opinions. Their status at present according to the Bible and Jewish Law is the same, for all intents and purposes, as that as all Gentiles. In the future they will return and re-accept the Torah but at present they are not legally obliged to do so. The article below partially explains the situation. We quote in full a Jewish essay, "Reinstating semichah: In search of the Lost Tribes"by Yitzchok Lobenstein, that presupposes a contrary opinion. This involves the subject of "semicha" and Restoring the Sanhedrin. The arguments are replied to and the factual background clarified. Jewish Sources located the Sons of Moses and the Ten Tribes in Western Europe and the British Isles. Biblical Sources (as well as Rabbinical ones) emphasize that the Ten Tribes are destined to return.

4. Lynda Crawford:  Great Message on the ANZACs and Israel
#3. The Anzacs [Australian  and New Zealand Army Corps] and Israel, a common destiny by Kelvin Crombie. Brief Extracts

"Shalom Yair,  What a great message on the place the Anzac's played alongside Israel.
This great story is re-enacted on the Gold Coast Brisbane Australia   is an awesome display to see. What touched our hearts is something we did not know. That being the branding of an arrow on these horses even to this day. Just so awesome is our [the ALMIGHTY] in every detail . When I read Psalm 18 verse 14  talks about these arrows in this psalm can be seen the story of the Light Horsemen. Many verses in this psalm poetically describe what took place. Even down to the foreigners who submitted themselves."

5. New Article.
The Return of the Ten Tribes


Selected Sources. Bible References

A few of the more EXPRESS (out of many explicit and implied) references.

Isaiah 11:13, 27:13 49:18-20. Jeremiah 3:18  31:17-20 50:4 Ezekiel  16:53-55 37:15-28, chapter 47,
Hosea 2:2-3,25  Obadiah 1:20-22  Zechariah 10:10 (cf. Micah 7:14)  Zechariah 9:13
cf. Genesis ch.48, Deuteronomy 33 (Blessings to the Tribes in the Last Days).

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