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Brit-Am Now no. 1497
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
21 April 2010, 7 Iyar Nissan 5770
We have given this posting the title,
"Australia, New Zealand, and Israel"
It is not be chance that Bruce McKerras whose article is praised by a correspondent in item #1 is also from Australia!

1. Article by Bruce
McKerras "Interesting"
2. Lorraine Harvey:
Were Australians and New Zealanders the Arrows of Ephraim
(Zechariah 9:3) in the Bow of Judah?
3. The Anzacs [Australian  and New Zealand Army Corps] and Israel? a common destiny by Kelvin
Crombie. Brief Extracts


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1. Article by Bruce McKerras "Interesting"
re Brit-Am Now no. 1496
#1 is especially interesting.
Randall P. Stiver
Brit-Am Comment:
Yes it was of interest and a nice valuable little article.
We would like more of the same both from the author, Bruce McKerras, and from others. There are people out there on the Brit-Am list who know things and with a little good will and some effort could give much to others, through us, or otherwise.

2. Lorraine Harvey:
Were Australians and New Zealanders the Arrows of Ephraim (Zechariah 9:3) in the Bow of Judah?

Dear Yair,

I thought you may be interested to read this accurate account of the ANZACS [Australia and New Zealand Army Corps] in the fight for Israel which indeed helped in the restoration of this wonderful land of Hashem. I have copied the below paragraph under the heading of "Our present responsibility to Israel"  first in the hopes you may read the whole article which included eye witness account of the Jewish people towards the ANZACS and how they also fought along side us and prayed for the ANZACS to have victory. It is a stunning account of the tribes fighting together instead of against each other.

The article was presented recently in Canberra at the National Alliance of Christian Leaders by Kelvin Crombie. I for one will help in the fight for the continued restoration of the Land of Israel in the land when your government permits us to return and they surely will, for only the Lord can move their hearts to fulfill His wishes in His perfect time as is seen in this article also.

For in Zechariah 9:13 Hashem says "For I have bent Y'hudah as my bow and made Efrayim its arrow. I will rouse your sons, Tzion, and make you like a warrior's sword against your sons, Greece." We Christians see this as the sons of Tzion against the sons of  [Pagan Hellenization].

Also Sorry to say and in all respect, Judah is known to be stubborn bless her heart and fill it with perfect shalom, and so it is Hashem that will bend the bow and fill it with Efrayim its arrow. Also did you know that all the horses for the Light Horse and even today are branded by the army with an arrow.

Blessings & shalom,
Lorraine Harvey
Kevin Crombie:
Our present responsibility to Israel

It is apparent from this brief analysis that there has been an amazing dynamic between the Anzac soldiers of both world wards and the Jewish people in the land of Israel.
There is little doubt, at least in my mind, that alongside, New Zealand and Britain, no other country has played as significant a role in aiding in the restoration and preservation of the Jewish people as has ours. It is, I believe, absolutely incumbent upon our country to give due consideration to this dynamic, and the consequences of our relationship with the Jewish people.
Our soldiers, mostly in ignorance of the bigger picture, aided in giving hope to a despised and rejected people, in the first instance against the Islamic entity of the Turkish Empire, and in the second instance against the totally anti-Semitic Nazi German regime.  Surely, in a sense, this is what the Anzac "spirit" is all about.  Fighting for freedom of speech and movement.
The challenge for us today therefore is to ensure we
don't squander what those brave soldiers fought so hard to achieve.
We need to be diligent, firstly on the home front, against any forces which would want to take away our treasured freedoms of speech and
behaviour.  And secondly we need to ensure the survival of Israel.
For it could almost be said that Israel is our front line today.  If Israel falls, we may very well feel the brunt of an assault which might pale when compared to what we fought against during both World Wars.

3. The Anzacs [Australian  and New Zealand Army Corps] and Israel, a common destiny by Kelvin Crombie. Brief Extracts

# the nation of Israel is in a covenant relationship with God.  Destroy the nation of Israel, and you destroy the concept of a covenant-keeping God.  Destroy Israel, and the entity which empowers Islam can claim the victory. #

Brit-Am Preliminary Note:

Lorraine Harvey of Australia forwarded this article to us. No URL is attached, we could not find it on the Web. The whole article is of value. Even so, we are only quoting a few excerpts for obvious reasons.

Brief Extracts:


Speak about the Anzacs to anyone in Australia and you will invariably receive a totally positive response.  Conversely, however, speak about Israel to anyone in Australia and you will receive a whole range of responses, from the very positive to the very negative.
This is ironic, for the Anzacs have been one of the major contributors towards the modern day restoration of Israel, during both World Wars.

...10,000 Jewish people had been summarily expelled from their ancestral homeland soon after Turkey entered the [First World] War, and ended up as refugees in Egypt.
From these refugees a group of some 500 volunteered to serve in the British Army.  The British, however, would not enlist them as front-line infantry, but as transport troops, and thus was formed the Zion Mule Corps.  These men, who were commanded by an Anglo-Irishman, John Patterson, proudly wore the Star of David emblem, and were the first distinctly Jewish fighting force for some 1700 years.  One of the officers, Joseph Trumpeldor stated that Gallipoli was the road to Zion.
...The British, Australian and New Zealand forces were entrusted with the responsibility of now actually capturing the land of Israel. The first major battle in this conquest took place at Gaza in March 1917, and ended in failure, as did a second battle in April.  There were some 10,000 plus casualties.
If the land of Israel was to be captured, another solution needed to be found.  The solution was the idea of capturing Beersheba, inland from Gaza, in a surprise assault.  Through the summer months of 1917 the British and Anzac troops prepared themselves for this surprise attack, which was scheduled to begin on 31 October.
Simultaneously the political battle also heated up.  Miraculously all of the opposition to a potential Jewish homeland in Palestine was overcome, including the Vatican and the French.  The last obstacle was President Wilson of the United States.  Following his consent, the British Cabinet was scheduled to make their final decision at a meeting scheduled for 31 October, the same date as the scheduled attack on Beersheba.
On that crucial day British infantry attacked Beersheba from the south and west and gained their positions. Most of the casualties on this crucial day were by the British infantry. Then New Zealanders captured the strategic ancient Beersheba, Tel es Saba in the mid afternoon. Later that afternoon up to 800 Australian light horsemen of the 4th Light Horse Brigade charged in from the east and completed the victory so wonderfully set up by the rest of the [British and Allies] EEF soldiers earlier in the day.

... At almost the same time as the final victory was won on the ground at Beersheba, the [British] War Cabinet almost unanimously agreed to the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine.

The official surrender [of Turkish forces occupying Jerusalem] took place on 11 December 1917 when General Allenby  entered into Jerusalem.  He ascended the steps of the ancient fortress of Jerusalem, and there the official surrender was proclaimed.  Opposite him were some 110 British soldiers, and 50 Anzacs, equally comprised of Australian and New Zealanders.

[World War-2] ...The New Zealanders were based in Egypt, while the Australians were based in Palestine.   Thereafter these soldiers on a daily basis rubbed shoulders with the local inhabitants, and many, especially the Jewish people, thoroughly loved them.

...During this period up to 500,000 Jewish people lived in Palestine.  It was quite clear what would happen to these people if the Nazi-German led force ever captured this strategic land. And the land of Israel was strategic in the Second World War as it was sandwiched between the Suez Canal on one side and the oil fields of Mosul on the other, both of which were German objectives.
Thus each time the Anzac soldiers went out to fight, be in North Africa, Greece, Crete or Syria, the Jewish people silently or openly prayed for their success.  And when there were considerable failures, particularly in Greece, Crete and initially in North Africa, despondency fell upon the Jewish community...
General Leslie Morshead, commander of the 9th [Australian] Division was entrusted with the responsibility of holding Tobruk at all costs.  For Winston Churchill, Tobruk became the linch-pin for the survival of the British Empire, and many saw it as a symbol for the survival of western civilization.
While this garrison force at Tobruk held off the German onslaught, then Egypt remained secure, and beyond that both the Suez Canal and the land of Israel were also secure.  And for the 500,000 Jewish people in Palestine, this was welcome news.

...A pro-German government had taken power in Iraq, and the Germans had sent supplies to Iraq via Vichy controlled Syria to the north of Palestine. This movement was a potential disaster for the British, for if the Vichy French would permit a fully-fledged German incursion into Syria, this force could then move south  through Palestine to the Suez Canal.
Thus in June 1941 the "slouch-hat" [Australian] invasion of Syria began, with men mostly of the 7th Division, some from the 6th Division who were extricated from Greece and Crete, alongside British, Indian and Free French troops invaded Syria and Lebanon.
This campaign was very difficult, and cost some 430 Australian dead.  It did however neutralize the danger from any potential German led initiative coming from the north, at least the present. It also provided some valuable fighting and service experience for numerous Jewish men from Palestine, future leaders such as Moshe Dayan, Yigal Allon and Yitzhak Rabin, all of whom acted as guides for the invading Australian forces.

Despite this set-back the Nazi-German juggernaut continued its movement, from the north through Russia, aiming for the oil fields of Mosul and elsewhere, and from the west, through Libya.
In early 1942 Rommel's forces broke through the British lines, and ultimately consumed Tobruk, which was no longer garrisoned by Morsehead's resolute Australian soldiers.  With Tobruk no longer a thorn in his side, Rommel continued his thrust eastwards towards the Suez Canal.
This thrust was finally halted at a small place named El Alamein in July 1942...

[Faced with the German Nazi threat] The Jewish leadership decided to remain in the land of Israel and fight the invading Germans as best they could.
It was also decided to establish a fortress on Mount Carmel, and to bring the entire Jewish population there, and to hold out against the Germans as long as possible. 

...This final battle [of El Alamein in Egypt against the forces of Rommel] began on 23 October 1942 and thereafter ensued some ten days of solid fighting.  Thousands of men from both sides fought and died.  The future of the entire region depended upon the outcome of this battle.
Finally in early November primarily through the Australians on the coast at Tel el Eisa, the German line was broken, and the Allied forces streamed through and continued to chase the retreating German-led force.

...The degree of gratitude which the Jewish people had for these heroes, is epitomized in a gift which the Jewish leadership of Palestine, the Vaad Leumi, later presented to General Montgomery.  It was a beautiful Bible, and with it was an inscription in English and Hebrew:
To Field Marshall  Viscount Montgomery the gallant leader of the victorious British forces by whose hand God has placed salvation in Zion in the days of El Alamein.
...Have we succeeded thereafter?  Well yes and no.  There have been times when our governments have been supportive of Israel, and even the Australian foreign minister, Evatt, was very much involved in the initial setting of Israel at the United Nations in 1947-48.
However, at times our governments have not been supportive. 

...And what is the basic cause of this opposition [to supporting Israel] as well as opposition from such humanist entities? 
There can only be one answer: the nation of Israel is in a covenant relationship with God.  Destroy the nation of Israel, and you destroy the concept of a covenant-keeping God.  Destroy Israel, and the entity which empowers Islam can claim the victory.

In conclusion therefore, as two nations [i.e. Australia and New Zealand] whose soldiers played an immensely important role in initially bringing about the restoration of Israel, and then in the second instance preserving the small Jewish population from Nazi destruction, we, above all other nations in the world have a duty, firstly to understand why Israel exists, and then to stand by and protect her to the best of our ability.

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