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Brit-Am Now no. 1493
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
13 April 2010, 29 Nissan 5770
1. P. J. Rieke
: Perhaps Elijah was a Nazirite?
2. Brian
Patmore: "De Bello Gallico" by Julius Ceasar
3. Question About Gibraltar
4. The Brit-Am Thesis in Short.
5. Did Brit-Am Insult or Flatter Hussein


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1. P. J. Rieke: Perhaps Elijah was a Nazirite?
Re: 2-Kings ch.1 part one Elijah warns against the Lord of the Flies

"A HAIRY MAN" = A "master" (lord) of hair (Strongs #1167). See JP Greenes' Hebrew/Greek Interlinear. The margin of the KJV that the New Englishmans' Hebrew Concordance uses (circa early 1800s), states "owner of hair". If he was indeed under a Nazarite vow, that would explain the hair (or conversely, the hair could infer that he was under a Nazarite vow). pjr

2. Brian Patmore: "De Bello Gallico" by Julius Ceasar
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1492

#3. Tacitus and Caesar on the Ancient Britons


Hi Yair,

The book written by Julius Ceasar is "De Bello Gallico" (About The Gaul Wars)

I had to translate it at school in Tasmania many years ago.



3. Question About Gibraltar

Hi Yair

what do you know about Gilbraltar?  Both modern day and historically.  We are examining some masonic activity through a thread and wondering the Jewish position on Gilbraltar.


Carol H.

Brit-Am Reply:
First of all, Brit-Am does not necessarily represent the Jewish position on anything.
We represent both Judah and Joseph. We know nothing about Masonic activity and it does not interest us.
To our mind Conspiracy Theories and the motivation behind them are a MUCH GREATER MENACE than the Masons may or may not be.
As for Gibraltar, historically it was part of Tarshish  and may have served as an Israelite Emporium in the time of Solomon. Now it belongs to Britain though on Spanish territory from the geographical point of view.
The US dollar note sign is derived from a heraldic symbol representing the Straits of Gibraltor.
All these and related points link together to complement Biblical and Rabbinical Sources linking the Lost Ten Tribes with the Isles in the West and the Atlantic Ocean.


4. The Brit-Am Thesis
Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields. The Prophets spoke of this. Peoples that emerged from the British Isles (including North America) represent Joseph. The Jews of the State of Israel and the Diaspora are Judah. Joseph and Judah are destined to re-unite! This information deserves to be studied and internalized.

5. Did Brit-Am Insult or Flatter Hussein Obama?
Re: Elijah warns against the Lord of the Flies
Brit-Am wrote:

Please explain to whom you are referring in the statement :- " This attitude contributed to the placing of a Muslim Black White-Hating Israelite nut case who despises us in the Presidency".
I patiently await your expeditious explanation. Thanks. Edgar.

Brit-Am Reply:
Your expression "expeditious explanation" i.e. an explanation given with "speed and efficiency" was somewhat out of line.
I assume you meant no offence but Please be more careful with your formulations in the future.

We ourselves wrote a little hurriedly and did not express ourselves with our customary clarity.
Obama Hussein may not really be a Muslim. The Muslims however would consider him Muslim or Muslim apostate. He himself seems sympathetic to Islam and to Muslims in general. He seems to consider himself more Muslim than black. He has a Muslim cousin, named Odinga, in Kenya whom he has been backing and who is trying to take over the country, murdering Christians in the process.

So far Odinga has been unsuccessful. Obama is descended from an Arab slave-trader who took a black woman. To the Arabs he would be considered of elevated status for an African but lower than another Arab. To the Africans he would be viewed as African but on the Arab side of the fence.
This however may be a cultural thing rather than a religious one.

In the past Obama did not attend a mosque but rather the Christian church of the Jew-hating Whiteman-reviling reverend Jeremiah White who however seems quite close and friendly with the Moslem hate-monger Farrakhan.

Obama is black which should be OK if it would not interfere with other considerations. A white President could be worse for the USA and for Israel than Obama is. Whatever he is, Hussein appears to be bad. When someone is bad one throws out epithets concerning the manner in which his badness expresses itself.  Hussein was backed, reared, educated, cultivated, and promoted, partly because he is black.
Because he is black (along with other factors) his backers assumed he would act as he is acting and that is why they backed him.
Because he is black he was enabled to be a regular attender at a Racist Hate-Mongering congregation for more than 15 years and get away with it. A white candidate would not have been so lucky.
Statistically blacks are more inclined to be anti-Jewish, anti-Israelite, and anti-White and he himself has made statements indicating that is what his blackness may mean for him. Blacks can also be pro-Jewish, pro-Israelite, and pro-everything positive. So can Arabs. Will the USA elect an Arab President the next time round?

We called Obama, a "Muslim Black White-Hating Israelite nut case".
We should have said,
"Black Muslim  Hater  of Whites and of Israelites and a nut case".
Obama is anti-white and has said as much. This is despite the fact that his mother was white and his father was of part white Arab ancestry.
Obama has a black brother who lives in China and whose mother is Jewish.
He has other black brothers in Africa.
Obvama however does not seem to care much for his family or for anybody.
Obama  is against Israelites and Israelite values and in favor of homos and abortion.
I think he is a "nut case" though a talented speaker, obviously very intelligent in his own way. He also seems to have a gift for picking talented people
and has managerial capabilities.

Apart from all that the white supremacists and racist Jew-haters are as much (or more of) a danger as the black ones. They are traitors to Israel
and need to be treated as such.

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