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Brit-Am Now no. 1492
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
12 April 2010, 28 Nissan 5770
1. New Article.
. Do Traditions of British and French Kinship Reflect Ancestral Connections?
2. George Forrester
(a) Huguenots a Religion not a People!
(b)  Boers of South Africa may be Persian (and not
Edomite as previously suggested!!!) ??
Tacitus and Caesar on the Ancient Britons


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1. New Article.
THE SAMARITANS. Do Traditions of British and French Kinship Reflect Ancestral Connections?
Origins. Biblical Account Reflected in Assyrian Inscriptions
Israelite and Jewish Contacts with the Samaritans
Influence on Early Christianity and on the Jewish Karaite Movement
Belief in Israelite Origins and in Kinship with the British and French
Encounters with Yair Davidiy in IDF Service.
(Appendix 1)
Was the Samaritan Belief in English Kinship the Result of Christian Missionary Deceit in the 1600s?
Response to H.23 by Jim Ridolfo. Extracts
 (Appendix 2)
Wikipedia. Samaritans. Extracts.

Mills (1864) writes:
            "There was a tradition amongst them which has yet hardly died out that large numbers of their brethren were dwelling in various parts of the world in England, France, India, and elsewhere".

2. George Forrester
(a) Huguenots a Religion not a People!
Re "The Huguenots. Israelite Origins of an Ethnic-Religious Grouping"

Brit-Am said:
"Huguenots were also important amongst the Afrikaners of South Africa."

The French protestants [Huguenots] would have consisted of many different ethnic groups in much the same way the Methodist Church in America is comprised of several distinct and unrelated ethnic groups. Most Methodist  are, or were zealous in there religious practice, hence the term Methodist was applied to them in there early history in the United Kingdom. As converts were added to the denomination the original Welsh stock which predominated the early church was supplemented by English, African and Scot-Irish converts. Consequently it would be a gross miscalculation to use the term Methodist to define the religion of a single ethnic group.
This is equally true of the Huguenots which obviously is comprised of diverse ethnic elements practicing a common faith. The only accurate principle used to identify different ethnic elements in a single body is to observe the peculiar characteristics of the various elements. This is the very principle used to determine the individual element in a chemical compound. In layman's term " by there works you shall know them " .
While it can be proven that the Huguenots are primarily of Israelite heritage it is equally true that " some" are not and
there " Works" have shown them to be Edomites. These are the facts as it applies to the Afrikaners.
It might be of interest to note that the Welsh / Methodist  element in the UK and USA represent Judah within the Anglo Celtic family and it would not be uncommon to identify Edom among the tribe of Judah.
George Forrester
(b)  Boers of South Africa may be Persian (and not Edomite as previously suggested!!!) ??
Re Brit-Am Now no. 1490
#2. George Forrester: Are the Boers of South Africa Israelites or Descendants of Edom?

Hi Yair Please correct the error in my post which identify the Boers with Sparta
In that post I identified the battle of Plataea as a struggle between Athens and Sparta.It was in fact a struggle with Athens And Persia.
This may suggest the Boers are of Persian heritage and not Edom as I had miscalculated

G Forrester

3. Tacitus and Caesar on the Ancient Britons
Tacitus, Life of Agricola.
# Who were the original inhabitants of Britain, whether they were indigenous or foreign, is, as usual among barbarians, little known. Their physical characteristics are various and from these conclusions may be drawn. The red hair and large limbs of the inhabitants of Caledonia point clearly to a German origin. The dark complexion of the Silures, their usually curly hair, and the fact that Spain is the opposite shore to them, are an evidence that Iberians of a former date crossed over and occupied these parts. Those who are nearest to the Gauls are also like them, either from the permanent influence of original descent, or, because in countries which run out so far to meet each other, climate has produced similar physical qualities. But a general survey inclines me to believe that the Gauls established themselves in an island so near to them. Their religious belief may be traced in the strongly-marked British superstition. The language differs but little; there is the same boldness in challenging danger, and, when it is near, the same timidity in shrinking from it. The Britons, however, exhibit more spirit, as being a people whom a long peace has not yet enervated... #
Caesar says in Gallic Wars, Book 5, chapter 12:
The interior portion of Britain is inhabited by those of whom they say that it is handed down by tradition that they were born in the island itself: the maritime portion by those who had passed over from the country of the Belgae for the purpose of plunder and making war; almost all of whom are called by the names of those states from which being sprung they went thither, and having waged war, continued there and began to cultivate the lands....

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