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Brit-Am Now no. 1490
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
8 April 2010, 24 Nissan 5770
1. The Messiah son of Joseph is NOT identical with the Christian Messiah.
2. George Forrester: Are the Boers of South Africa Israelites or Descendants of Edom?
3. Interesting Sources Concerning the
Picts of Scotland


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1. The Messiah son of Joseph is NOT identical with the Christian Messiah.
We received a question as to whether Deuteronomy 18:15 could be referring to the Messiah son of Joseph.

Deuteronomy 18:15: "The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto Him ye shall hearken".

Not being certain as to how to answer but sensing that the reference is to Prophetical Succession to Moses in general we attempted an Internet Search.
To our surprise there seem to be 100s of Messianic sites who relate this verse to the Messiah son of Joseph and identify the Messiah son of Joseph
with the person Christians consider their Messiah.  We did not find any who link the Messiah son of Joseph to the Lost Ten Tribes.

What people choose to believe in general is not the concern of Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes.

Just for the record however,
Concerning  the Messiah son of Joseph (MBJ) there are different interpretations.
MBJ was never a strong figure in Jewish thought, at least not until recently.
Whereas a Jew who denies the existence of the future Messiah son of David would probably be classifiable as someone who goes against the Bible altogether, MBJ is an element of take it or leave it.
He was referred to here and there and then not very clearly and not in a consistent manner.
Our understanding is that in the Last Days the Ten Tribes will experience tribulations. MBJ appears amongst the Lost Tribes, leads them to overcome their enemies, and facilitates re-union with Judah. Some sources say that MBJ is then killed by the heathen
but is revenged by Messiah son of David who appears from Judah and finalizes the re-union with Joseph.
By studying some of the descriptions of the said events supportive evidence confirming the Brit-Am Tribal identifications may be obtained.

2. George Forrester: Are the Boers of South Africa Israelites or Descendants of Edom?
From: jracforr@comcast.net
Subject: Edom and Sparta
George Forrester said:

Herman Howe identified Bela with Belus the founder in Greek Mythology of the Dynasty of Sparta.

The similarity between Athen's war with Sparta and Britain's war with the South African Boers is quite striking,To learn from your article that the Edomite Bela is thought to have founded Sparta is even more remarkable since this struggle is also quite similar to Esau and Jacob rivalry .
Many Boers were aligned with the Germans during both world wars and you are of the opinion that Germans are of Edomite stock so that is to be expected Southern Africa is the geographic equivalent of Edom in the Atlantic Basin so any conflict with Edom / Sparta is expected to involve this region.
Sparta practiced a peculiar form of state sponsored separation of the races which was similar to Apartheid in south Africa.
The Spartan siege of Platea  against Athens is quite similar to the siege of Mafeking and Lady Smith by the Boers.
The Boers were expert riflemen and hunters like Esau
The Drakensberg Mountain is mount Seir  in the Atlantic Basin
It was prophesied " the dragons of the wilderness will posses the heritage of Esau"
George Forrester
Brit-Am Reply:
The Boers (also known as Afrikaners) were the original colonists of South Africa. They descend from French Huguenots, Dutch, and German Protestants. They were known for their Biblical Literacy and identification with the Bible. They also displayed considerable bravery and martial qualities,
industriousness, and individuality.
They fought against the British who, after a long and difficult struggle,  eventually defeated them.
Together with British and other settlers they comprise the white population of South Africa that is now suffering from African discrimination, racially-biased crime, and misgovernment.
On the whole they were pro-Jewish and treated the large Jewish community that once dwelt amongst them (and to some degree still does) quite well and fairly. There are however Nazi-type elements amongst them who nevertheless are in a minority.
The situation is complicated by historical mistreatment by the British that provoked in some pro-German attitudes that still remain.
Also the problems (verging on Civil War and a threatened attempt to exterminate the whites in general) with the natives causes an over-reaction of racism and hatred that is on occasion directed towards the Jews.

Nevertheless we consider the Afrikaners to be on the whole of Israelite origin.

3. Interesting Sources Concerning the Picts of Scotland

 Chronica de Origine Antiquorum Pictorum
"The Picts take their name in their own tongue from their painted bodies; this is because, using sharp iron tools and ink, they are marked by tattoos of various shapes. The Scots, who now are incorrectly called Irish, are {as it were} Sciti, because they came from the Scythian region, and had their origin there; or else they take their name from Scotta the daughter of Pharaoh the king of Egypt, who as the story goes was the queen of the Scots. It is known for a fact that the Britons arrived in Britain in the third age of the world. However the Sciti, that is, the Scots took possession of Scocia, or Ireland, in the fourth age.

Isidore of Seville 560-636 CE, ix.
# The Scythian people are born with white hair due to the continuous snow; and the colour of that same hair gives a name to the people, and hence they are called Albani: from them the Scots and Picts trace their origin. In their eyes, there is a bright, that is coloured, pupil, to such an extent that they can see better at night than by day. Moreover the Albani were neighbours to the Amazons. The Goths are thought to be named after Magog the son of Japheth, from the similarity of the final syllable; they whom the ancient Greeks called Getae, rather than Goths. They were a courageous and most powerful race, lofty, with massive bodies and striking terror with their kind of armour. About them Lucan wrote:

Let the
Dacian press from this side, let the Gethi attack the Spanish on that side.
Dacians however were offspring of the Goths: and it is thought they are called Dacians  perhaps Dagians, because they were created from the stock of the Goths."

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