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Brit-Am Now no. 1481
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
21 March 2010, 6 Nissan 5770
1. Craig Blackwood:  the TRUE BLUES
2. Jennie Schmidt: Future Prospects
3. Israeli TV Humor about the Lost Tribes: Many a True Word Spoken in Jest!
4. Bonnie Berggren: Swedes in US believe in the Bible and support Israel
5. Polemics. New Article
Brit-Am Versus TG over the Poem "Hebrew Nations"


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1. Craig Blackwood:  the TRUE BLUES
RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1480
#1. Answer to Question on Koestler and the Khazars

Shalom Yair

I found that your work on the Khazar issue was more sensible than Koestler.

There is no denying there are many correct facts that he uses but when they
are misorganised and misunderstood they become error.

I found it fascinating to find that Koester himself was of Jewish origin (Ashkenazi).

The Khazar subject is a bit more complex than realised.  Its a bit like "What is a TRUE BLUE AUSTRALIAN"?...Not the original Aboriginal, not the Chinese or Greek or Italian or over 130 other nationalities and even not the TRUE BLUE Kiwi (WHO WERE OF SIMILAR STOCK).  The Australian True Blue became known as THE CURRENCY KIDS and behaved differently and morphed into a different species of nationalistic trait than their cousins across the ditch because the situation, land, climate and economy dictated it thus.
All-be-it New Zealand was once administrated out of New South Wales (which was the eastern half of Australia).  This is how some who interpret Israel as being Gommer, Japheth, Gog and Magog because they don't understand that Israel was banished to these nations.  Just as the TRUE BLUES took over the Colonial nations they migrated too, so did the Israelites.  Just as the TRUE BLUES world wide are being marginalised and overtaken by other nationalities, so did the Israelite in Khazaria.  Thus they moved on and this is called "THE WHITE FLIGHT".  In the main the pure stocks moved on and the mixed ones stayed behind.

2. Jennie Schmidt: Future Prospects? 

Dear Mr. Davidiy:

Very interesting!  I can trace my lineage to Zedekiah's daughter as well, down through the James people.  You know, King James, Jesse James...

Anyway, our Bible Prophecy people over here believe Jeremiah 50 and 51 refers to the destruction of America, and that Moses seems to indicate (Psalm 90 and so forth) it will happen next year. 

So IF Russia and China attack us next year(or later this year) and IF everyone gets off the continent(except for our government and false spiritual leaders) and IF the continent becomes uninhabitable so no one can return, and there sit 350 million people plus Canadians and Mexicans scattered all over the world, no place to go, their money suddenly worth nothing,  will Israel still not let them in?

God does have a way of forcing the issue.  And what should we as a nation take with us? (Since we can't go back to get anything.)  And who are these "winnowers" who come to help us get out of the country?  Is that you people?  Because our government is not going to evacuate us, and neither will our spiritual leaders.   Maybe Israel should stock up on food or something.  I think the scripture says we will end up in the West Bank after the Palestinians are gone.  So what happens to the Palestinians?  I guess with our government gone, you won't need to coddle them any more. 

Someone said you elected a High Priest recently.  Is that true, or false rumor?  Because we have been waiting for him.

Well, God will richly reward you for all your work very soon...in a God sized way!

Jennie Schmidt  

3. Israeli TV Humor about the Lost Tribes : Many a True Word Spoken in Jest!
"Polishuk" (Televised Light Comedy Series about Israeli Politicians) chapter 5:
Translated from the Hebrew:

# When they begin to find all kinds of Lost Tribes in [places like] Peru or in India...
I ask myself, Why not search for them in Sweden? Would it not be preferable to find some Lost Jewish Norwegian Tribe or some Lost [Israelite] Germanic Tribe? #

For those who know Hebrew a replay of the program may be seen (a bit more than a third of the way through) at:

4. Bonnie Berggren: Swedes in US believe in the Bible and support Israel
Yair:  Bonnie here.  We are praying for you!  Also, I am 100% Swedish, so is my husband.   But I came from a group that experienced revival in Sweden before coming to the states, and we study the Bible a lot.  Some came over to till the soil and make money.  There still is quite a difference between the two. We are people who do not drink any alcohol....period.  By the way, by book soon in print "Engate Telescopes...from Sweden in 1886" will show we have a close connection to Israel.....Tell your friends around 75 % are right behind you and we have 24 hour prayers going........Watch what the Almighty is about ready to do.   bb

5. Polemics . New Article
Brit-Am Versus TG over the Poem "Hebrew Nations"
Introduction: Brit-Am Note
The Poem: "Hebrew Nations".
Round One.
Criticism by TG of "Hebrew Nations"
Brit-Am Reply to TG
Round Two.

The Vikings emerged from Scandinavia in the 700s-900s CE. They terrorized Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and other places whose populations themselves had formidable fighting reputations. They held the Carolingian Empire (i.e. the major world power at the time) at bay and forced it to cede them the territory of Normandy in West France. During the Viking Era, in every generation ca. 20% of Scandinavinan males died fighting. Viking mercenaries kept the Byzantine Emperors (of the eastern Roman Empire, also a major World Power in that age) on the throne and helped them govern their Empire. Viking adventurers conquered Russian tribes and founded the kingdom of Russia. The Norman descendants of the Vikings conquered England, Sicily, and southern Italy. They intermixed with the Irish and Scottish nobility and participated in their perpetual internecine warfare. They were also prominent in the Crusades. Afterwards during the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) Swedish armies were quite prominent in Germany.

We are disappointed by the general lack of erudition and sophistication displayed by our opponents. You are indeed (as you yourself suggested) hardly worth replying to.
The Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples. This is a fact. It needs to be dealt with. Other questions arise from this fact.

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