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Brit-Am Now no. 1457
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
4 February 2010, 21 Shevet 5770
1. A. Cohen:  Race and the Lost Ten Tribes
2. Ephraim and Manasseh:
Additions to Article and How TG and
YF Epitomize Ephraim and Manasseh!
3. Nathan Proud: Why apologize About Race?


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1. A. Cohen:  Race and the Lost Ten Tribes

Shalom Yair,
Just a few comments concerning the 'race' question.
I know a family whose genes carry a fraction of African and possibly a bit of North American Indian blood. Yet, for generations they have mostly been fair skinned and freckled with blue eyes and blonde/reddish hair, with a few brunettes thrown in.
If you ask anyone what 'race' this family belongs to absolutely no one will say black African or Indian. For all intents and purposes they are white Caucasian. Is there a bit of a mixture? Yes, but the predominant gene pool is from the white race.
Have Israel and Judah mixed with other races? Yes, but, I believe that even today their dominant DNA is from Hebrew stock, making them a Semitic 'race', which they 'reveal' in their physical and other makeup.
I personally believe there has not been as much intermixing as some may think. I believe that HaShem has directed His people as to who they would marry and procreate with.
For the most part when our Tribes were on the move across Europe and into the 'new world', etc. They did so as families and whole villages not as individuals. By so doing they kept their gene pool intact. At least that is how it worked for my ancestors.
Also, I agree with you that the so-called 'lost tribes' that are being 'found' and brought to Israel are not from Hebrew Tribes but rather have ancestors who converted to Judaism. It is a 'religion' they are part of,  not a 'People' called Israel. And that is fine as long as they recognize and acknowledge the actual descendants of the Israelite tribes and agree to the biblical criteria necessary for their being allowed to live in the Land.
Shalom, Shalom

2. Additions to Article and How TG and YF Epitomize Ephraim and Manasseh!
Added to the article:
Brit-Am Verbally Topples TOP

YF (Yaakov Fogelman) heads TOP (Torah Outreach Program) in Jerusalem. He has been active for decades in spreading his philosophy which on the positive side basically says believe in the Almighty, do good to your self and others, and be moderate. On the negative side he has a subversive agenda which he pursues with a fanatical and relentless dedication. Fogelman would like to see Jewish Orthodoxy become more liberal, less Biblical, and less potent.

In its own way his enterprise has some importance. He does favor Jewish Observance for Jews and encourages learning. He also imparts information some of which is useful. Fogelman may therefore on the whole be considered a positive force.
What has all this got to with Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement?
Very little, it is not the task of Brit-Am to explain or defend Judaism or Jewish Orthodoxy.
Yaakov however has entered into debate with us and it is worth being aware of who are we in debate with.
Yaakov may also serve as a prototype of a position adherents of Brit-Am Beliefs are likely to encounter. This does not really care about our Biblical or Historical justifications. What it considers important are the ideological implications along with an aversion to the importance of Tribal inheritance. Such an attitude is even more prevalent amongst Christians than amongst Jews. Yaakov became a supporter of Rabbi Avichail and the idea that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the east while himself believing that the people he champions are not necessarily really physical descendants of Israel. Other considerations appear to be at play.
Fogelman is reserved about Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement, which says that the Lost Tribes are mainly amongst Western Nations. The debate below emerged between us which may be of interest, not necessarily due to information exchanged, but rather because of deeper motivations that come to the surface.

Very little (if any) of his argumentation against us is backed by any sources. He prefers intellectual cerebration with liberal principles as its premises along with attempted employment of prestige-intimidation or snobbery.

Also added:
Fogelman keeps referring to the greater number of Rabbis on his side and alleged superior knowledge of Rabbi Avichail.
This is typical of his polemical tactics that he does not apply to himself but wishes to use on others.
We could dispute
on the point in question on factual grounds. Apart from that, it does not matter.
Let Fogelman or anyone else give sources and lucid arguments in favor of their position or admit that they have not got any.

(b) We also added a mini-article of interest:
Ephraim and Manasseh:
How TG and
YF Epitomize Ephraim and Manasseh!

3. Nathan Proud: Why apologize About Race?
From: nproud@gmail.com
Subject: Brit-Am Now 1456

And the worthless discussion of race continues...
The Black Hebrew bunch centralizes the importance of race and insists with stale air as their evidence that, though Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were descendants of Shem, they somehow were indentical in appearance to the descendants of Ham.
Those who agree with the findings of Brit-Am consistently and needlessly apologize for Israelites being predominantly white. To emphasize various ethnic appearances within Israel (as little as there may have been in ancient times) is as worthless as emphasizing black Norwegians. Scandinavians are white. Anglo-Saxons are white. Why apologize? Why try to diffuse accusations of racism before they even occur? They don't matter.
Israel in ancient times was predominantly white. All the biblical evidence points to that: Sarah was "fair," Laban means "white," the Shulammite is an exception because she is "dark but lovely," David was red-haired with bright (blue?) eyes, Solomon is described as having black hair and blue eyes, etc. Beyond that, you have posted Egyptian portrayals of blond-haired, blue-eyed Israelite slaves.
But concerning admixture, there was certainly some though most of the foreign features seem to have been swallowed up into the common Israelite traits. After Israel was exiled, there honestly doesn't seem to be that much intermarriage. I read somewhere that intermarriage was strictly forbidden for the Scythians, and Herodotus demonstrates an emphasis on that (Histories, 4:76):
"The Scythians are another people who are absolutely set against adopting customs imported from anyone else, especially Greeks. ... [Anacharsis] performed all the rites to the goddess... However, his actions were spotted by a certain Scythian, who reported him to King Saulius. The king came in person, saw Anacharsis performing the rites, and shot him dead with bow and arrow. ... [H]e was killed by his own brother."

Nathan Proud


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