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Brit-Am Now no. 1456
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4 February 2010, 21 Shevet 5770
1. TG comes to rescue YF from Brit-Am!
2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Biblical Promises and Brit-Am
3. Larkland Morley, Israelites, and Intermixture with Other Peoples


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1. TG comes to rescue  YF  from Brit-Am!
RE Brit-Am Now no. 1455
#1. Racial Inheritance is anathema to Certain Types. Re Y. Fogelman

Yaakov Fogelman is not the only one who finds your suggestion of Am Yisrael [People of Israel] being a race repugnant. We, the Jews, regardless of knowing that we are or not, are not a "race". Every one of the avot [forefathers] married women that converted, and so did Moshe Rabbeinu [Our Rabbi]. The man about whom he said that he was worthy to receive the Torah, R Akiva [Rabbi Akiva], was a son of a convert. Before him and since Am Yisrael has been joined by very many people not born into a known Jewish family.

When Ezra returned to Eretz Yisrael he had to insist on Jews and Levites/Kohanim separating not from their non-Jewish spouses, but from those that would not give up avoda zara [idol worship]. Does that tell you something Yair?

And again, why do you refer to yourself in the plural, but is the sole voice for your organisation?


Brit-Am Reply:

TG! Welcome back! Just could not stay away, could we?
But you did manage to hold out for a whole two days which I suppose for you may be quite an achievement.
As far as we are concerned you can be a convert. You can marry converts. So can we. Or not.
We wish you well. We wish everybody well.
Brit-Am researches the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and that is a different matter.

Not only Zipporah the wife of Moses but also Ruth the ancestress of David and Naamah wife of Solomon and mother of Rehoboam were also converts.
Rabbi Avichail did bring a whole group of converts to Israel from some place in Peru. If the people from Burma are in the same category then let him say so openly and not claim they are from the Ten Tribes.

If you quote from Scripture please give your reference sources and please read what you are quoting before quoting it.

It is nice to say you include yourself amongst the Jewish People as evidenced by your expression "We, the Jews".

We (Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement) refer to ourselves in the plural, TG, for many reasons.
If it was just to irritate people like yourself then that too would be sufficient.

Apart from that we represent a Movement, endeavor to give it expression, and to some degree succeed.

2. Charlotte Mecklenburg: Biblical Promises and Brit-Am
Dear Yair,
There are so many scriptures in the Tanach that indicate God is going to return Israel to their inheritance. Those promises are just as sure as the promises that he would return Judah. He will prove himself right. The fact that so many who may not be involved in Judaism but nevertheless believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and also sense that God is saying "your home is Israel and that is where I want you," is worth noting. Was it not the same for the Jews. And when you speak to Christians in general the majority don't like the notion and are not interested which shows that God is speaking to those who must in someway be related to Abraham in more than just a spiritual sense.
Will there be some who are not physically related, yes, of course.
There always has been. That is not new. But the interesting thing to me is that God has a purpose for having a nation Israel for future restoration of the earth. And he is going to do what he promises and says he will do regardless of whether anyone gets it right in their understanding of what he is doing.

Research and pointing out what you understand from many disciplines becomes an encouragement to those who feel the inclination that they belong to this nation that God wants to use to bring peace and restoration to the earth. But in looking at past movements, it is not usually the one that becomes the biggest and wealthiest that is necessarily on target for what God is doing. It becomes a decoy to distract and confuse what he is trying to do.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
Charlotte Mecklenburg

3. Larkland Morley, Israelites, and Intermixture with Other Peoples
Larkland Morley  wrote:


In terms of the issue of race, I would not dispute that a group of people from one race could dominate a specific culture etc.. I could go into a lot of scenarios but the promise God made to Abraham is not primarily racial, it was focus on a spiritual outcome. As I had said before, Israelites encountered many race of people and mix with them, so to be preaching that they are one race without credible facts will not advance anything.

I would love to see you explain Duet 28, seem most people ignore the last part of the chapter.

L Morley

Brit-Am Replies:
We have said several times that we cannot say what degree (if any or if very much) of intermixture takes place. We can only say that the Lost Ten Tribes as concentrated recognizable entities reached certain areas and that peoples from those areas later had characteristics that the Bible said would be characteristic of the Ten Tribes.
How many of them were actual physical descendants of the original Israelites and how many were foreigners we cannot say and it may not really matter.

Concerning Duet 28,
Please go to our Commentary on Deuteronomy 28 and read what we say there.
The verses are interpreted as applying to Judah in the time of Roman Destruction of the Temple and the following Exile.


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