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Brit-Am Now no. 1454
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
2 February 2010, 18 Shevet 5770
1. Purchasing "New Tribesman": Cook Islands (New Zealand) Anecdote.
2. Brit-Am reflects the will of the Bible and the will of the Israelite Nation!
3. Stephen McLeod: Your call for repentance is inspiring!
4. Pastor James PS Templeton: Appreciation of 1-Kings ch.21 Commentary
5. New Article: Brit-Am Verbally Topples TOP


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1. Purchasing "New Tribesman": Cook Islands (New Zealand) Anecdote.
Michael wrote:

"Hello from New Zealand
Usually I cant afford to buy much from overseas. But at Church on the Sabbath I was talking to my friends at the end.When a Fijian lady came up to me a shaked my hand & asked what my name was, I felt something sharp in my hand, she walked away & I looked & it was 25 New Zealand dollars, I was quite confused then my "auntie" (from Aitutaki) explained that it was an island tradition & If I refused to take it it was an insult.Then she came back to me And said God told me to bless you.
So now I can buy 1 issue of the New Tribesman.

(Every female relative in the Cook islands is an Auntie, she is really a distant cousin)"

2. Brit-Am reflects the will of the Bible and the will of the Israelite Nation!

Just for the record:
The only venue that reflects the views of Brit-Am is the Brit-Am website.
Other groups quote from us and some post up what we send out.
We cannot stop them and as long as they accredit us and give a link to our site we do not really mind. In fact it probably helps us and helps spread Brit-Am beliefs.

Brit-Am however should not be associated with the projects of other groups.
This applies especially when Brit-Am has strong reservations concerning the other groups in question.

We have been warned recently that Religious Eccentrics and others are liable to use the Brit-Am Message for their own purposes.
This happens but on the whole the Brit-Am message comes through for what it is and people appreciate it.
When we started out there were those who said that a group like the Black Hebrews (but white) was liable to arise that would exploit Brit-Am teachings. The Black Hebrews are a group of Afro-Americans who came to Israel and stayed there. They claim to be the true Israelites while the Jews they say are impostors. They cause trouble and the Government has not expelled them because they have links with militant groups in the USA who it was feared would attack American Jews. Several hundred of them live in Dimona and other areas of the south of Israel. They practise polygamy and have their own cult.

In retrospect anything could yet happen BUT Brit-Am in fact serves as a preventive factor against such a phenomenon.
Brit-Am meets a genuine need. Brit-Am expresses the truth.
Brit-Am is one of the few groups who actually see the need to prove the case from the Bible and secular sources.
People who are against Brit-Am are the ones who are dangerous and troublesome.
Brit-Am, the Ten Tribes Movement, reflects the will of the Bible and the will of the Israelite Nation!

3. Stephen McLeod: Your call for repentance is inspiring!
Re: 1-Kings ch. 21 (continued)

Thank you for your commentary on the passage from Malakim Alef [i.e. 1-Kings]. Your call for repentance is inspiring! May all Yisroel return soon and in our days to the Elevated One of Yisroel, to the Torah of Yisroel, to the people of Yisroel, and to the land of Yisroel!

4. Pastor James PS Templeton: Appreciation of 1-Kings ch.21 Commentary
From: Pastor James PS Templeton <jamestempleton123@btinternet.com>

Dear Yair, Thank you for that exposition of Ahab and Naboth?s Vineyard. It is interesting that Naboth and Ahab were cousins, and this illuminates our understanding of the situation greatly, and shows why Naboth would not have the same respect of Ahab?s kingly authority. It makes the events come to life and gives us thought for meditation. Yours Sincerely, James Templeton.
 Pastor James Templeton,
Flat 1, Lawnfield Court,
Donard Park,
County Down,
Northern Ireland.
BT33 0SE

5. New Article: Brit-Am Verbally Topples TOP
Some time ago we sent out a mild criticism of Yaakov Fogelman head of TOP (Torah Outreach Program).
"Brit-Am Now"-840
Yaacov Fogelman and Rabbi Avichail

Yaakov has replied...

Yaakov criticizes Jeremy calling him Calvinistic because Jeremy applies the Brit-Am Criteria of looking for realization of the blessings and the Calvinists allegedly emphasized worldly prosperity as evidence of Divine Approbation.

There were however Biblical Prophecies that indicated that in the aggregate over periods of time and especially towards the Last Days the Lost Tribes of Israel (and especially those of Joseph) would be blessed materially more than any other people and this is what happened.


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