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Brit-Am Now no. 1445
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
15 January 2010, 29 Tevet 5770
1. New Article.
Pathans are NOT Israelites!
Towel-Headed Oppressors of Womenfolk Not Hebrews!
2. New Articles. Tartan in Ulster.
Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
3. The Tartan Patterned Colored Coat of Joseph - A New Source.
4. Question About Syrian Jews and Israelite Tribes
5. Cam Rea: Scythians Probably Spoke Aramaic!


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1. New Article.
Pathans are NOT Israelites!
Towel-Headed Oppressors of Womenfolk Not Hebrews!

Brit-Am Replies to Articles Claiming Taliban Are Israelites!

Marianne Connolly, "Dr. David" Sykes, Amnon Goldberg, and Christine Darg all sent us queries concerning recent reports about the Taliban
being Israelites.
This article is a reply.
(1) Introduction. The Queries About the Taliban
Pathans and Afghans
(2) The INN Article.
(3) Brit-Am Reply to INN  Article: Jeremiah 31:20 supports Brit-AM (Israelites in the West) Explanation and not (as is claimed) that of Rabbi
Avichail! The Lubavitcher Rabbi has been Misrepresented by Afghan-lovers!
(4) The JP Article.
(5) Brit-Am Reply to INN Article

The Lubavitcher Rabbi (former leader of Chabad) is being misquoted.

The Afghans have had a cultural predisposition for claiming to be descended from everybody else.
They also take in customs and practices from all those around them.
They have a reputation for being on some occasions very brave and noble but also cruel and treacherous.
They do not fulfill the Ephraimite Criteria for Belonging to Israel.

Why do the Beliefs of Brit-Am Not Receive Publicity in the Same Way as those of the Afghans Do?
Brit-Am NEEDS your support because we have not got any organization or interest-group backing us.
Our subscribers, meaning people like yourself, are all we have.
They who genuinely agree with Brit-Am should support us.

2. New Articles. Tartan in Ulster

Part One. Welcome to Ulster.
The Ethnic Origins of Ulster: The Scotch-Irish and Yair of Manasseh
Ulster: Extracts from Wikipedia
History of Northern Ireland: Extracts from Wikipedia
Linda Merle: DNA Genealogy and the Scots, Irish, and Scotch-Irish

Part Two: Titanic Tartans and Clifford Smyth.
Ulster Tartan
Parallels to Highland Dress in Morocco?
Tartan Conveys a Message!
The Sinking of the Titanic and Tartan?
Kosher Jewish Tartan
Designing Twelve New Tartans for Each Israelite Tribe?
Does Tartan Bear an Ancestral Message?

3. The Tartan Patterned Colored Coat of Joseph - A New Source.
Not so long ago we have a discussion with a certain skeptic who seemed to be claimed that the Hebrew expression "cotonet pasim"
(Genesis 37:3) should not be translated as coat of many colors.
For details see:
The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph
Discussion and Queries

An additional source has come to light strengthening the case for the Brit-Am understanding of the expression in question.
"Torah Shleymah" (Hebrew) by Menachem Mendel Kasher, Jerusalem, 5752.
on Genesis 37:3 (p. 1398 note 48) says:

# PASIM. Each and every PAS [i.e. stripe] was an entity on its own like [overlapping in a diamond-type pattern] the ears on a piece [Hebrew: "pisat" from PAS] of grain # Midrash HaChafets Manuscript.[48]
Note 48: # ..The Tunic was made of stripes with one stripe of one color and the next stripe of another like a
Miletus garment which is made [plaided] of plaited stripes #

Explanation: A certain type of fine woolen cloth was named after Miletus [Milet in Hebrew]. Here it says that clothing from Miletus was woven in plaited plaids. It was folded in on itself and woven in diagonal lines.
An example of plaits is seen with girls with long hair who sometimes plait a kind of pony-tail with the plaits overlapping each other.
The Midrashic source says that each plaited unit was of a different color.
This is in effect a garment woven in the pattern such as that of the Temple Service tunic:
i.e. in a diamond (tartan) -type pattern
but in the case of the Coat of Joseph not only was the tunic woven in such a fashion but also the colors were variegated.

See Pictures below Illustrating this Point:
For More Information on this subject see:
Joseph and the Scottish Tartan

Tartan from Canaan

Rohl's Statue
of Joseph and Tartan

Temple Weaving

Ephod Design

4. Question About Syrian Jews and Israelite Tribes

Can you tell me anything about Syrian Jews? My great GGF was born in Damascus and Jewish but a portion of my ancestors converted to Christianity. Do you have any idea what tribe may have settled there?

 Any help would be appreciated,

Baruch HaShem,


Brit-Am Reply:
Jews everywhere mainly derive from the Tribes that comprised Judah i.e. Judah, Benjamin, Levi, with another ca. 20% from all the other Tribes.
In Biblical times the area of Syria in the coastal region (Chaleb-Aleppo etc) pertained to the Tribe of Asher with an outpost from Dan in the far north. Towards the interior Syria belonged to Reuben and Manasseh.

Syrian Jews are often aristocratic. As a community they come across as more exclusive and closed off than other Jewish communities. As individuals however they are often very courteous, refined, and considerate of others.
Maybe the two go together?
Maybe in order to go good to others it helps to also think well of oneself?
God bless you

5. Cam Rea: Scythians Probably Spoke Aramaic!
From: Cam Rea <tragicpoet77@yahoo.com>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1444

Shalom Mr Davidiy I hope all is well with you and your family.

Sorry for being silent lately but I have been following along with the discussion. My war college keeps me very busy with war..lol As of right now I have been learning about Roman military organization and command structure.

Also I'm letting you know that I will be shipping my books out to you Friday. I do need your address. Sorry for the delay. College has been overwhelming at times especially when I get retired officers running the show. Great experience thus far.

As for the question as to what the Scythians spoke is a good question. Aramaic or a form of Aramaic seems to be the language.  A few examples to consider is this. If the Cimmerians are first reported to be living in areas consider buffer states, that are loosely controlled by the Assyrians, then the Cimmerians and Assyrians must have ether spoken a somewhat similar language or had linguist. Ether or is plausible, but I tend to think they spoke a similar vernacular amongst each other. Also, the Achaemenid Empire was somewhat of Scythian-stock, and the language was also of an Aramaic form as well. Sanskrit is consider close to Aramaic, and the Indian history inscriptions speak of Scythians or Saka/Shaka that seem for the most part hang out in the Northwestern regions of India, modern day Pakistan and Afghanistan.. What does it all mean? The Scythians seem to hang around people and empires that speak a form or closely related form of Aramaic. Some modern historians as of late such as Ivantchik are now coming more to the conclusion that the Scythians might have originated in the Indo-Iranian region particularly to the west, were we first encounter the Cimmerians under Sargon II in the 7th century BCE.

That's my two bits.

May God bless you and your family
Cam Rea


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