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The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
10 January 2010, 24 Tevet 5770
1. Dennis
McGinlay as a Lad in Tartan
2. Answers to Historical Criticism of Brit-Am: Cimmerians and Scythians
3. New Article:
in Scotland


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1. Dennis McGinlay as a Lad in Tartan
 From: Dennis Mc <dennismcginlay@uwclub.net>

Dear Yair

The controversy regarding Joseph's 'Coat of Many colors' must have run it's course now. Suffice to say that whether it was square, diamond shaped, etc. it stands to reason that it must have been remarkable to have been included in the Bible story. Let's leave it at that. One thing, I'd like to think that ancient Israelites wore the tartan as I did as a boy. (See enclosed picture.)
Dennis McGinlay


Brit-Am Reply:
Thank you for the picture. Things like these add extra human interest to our postings.
The series
The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph
has not yet run its course.
In addition to the Biblical Exegesis concerning the Coat of Joseph, the Egyptian depictions of Hebrew and Canaanite dignitaries wearing such coats, Tartan in Ancient Times, Tartan at Masada (or not?) in Ancient Judah, Tartan in Scotland, we intend to post out notes and articles on Tartan in Ulster and Ireland, in North America, and in other Israelite Countries. In addition more information and additional considerations will probably come to the surface and these too will receive our attention.
This may not seem the most serious of issues we have ever dealt with but it is more significant than one would expect.

2. Answers to Historical Criticism of Brit-Am: Cimmerians and Scythians
We saw the following argumentation on the Web.
The item was not addressed to us and Brit-Am was not specifically mentioned.
We cannot quote what was said verbatim due to the conditions of our being on the forum in question.
We are therefore bringing the gist of the argument against Brit-Am beliefs after making some minor adaptations.

The Argument Says:
Brit-Am and others explain that the Lost Ten Tribes became the Cimmerians and Scythians and moved to the west.
This may be considered historically unacceptable since:

1. Cimmerians Scythians - Both did occupy the Eurasian steppe, but they certainly weren't equivalents to each other. The Scythians expanded their territory in the steppe, and by doing so, pushed the Cimmerians further south into the southern Caucasus.

2. Cimmerians existed before the Israeli
diaspora & assisted the Assyrians for a short period - I'd like to quote the following from Wiki:
In 722 BCE, nearly twenty years after the initial invasions and deportations, the Assyrian King Sargon finally finished what
Tiglath-Pileser III began in 740 BCE. He completed the conquest of the Northern Kingdom of Israel by taking captive the capital Samaria after a three year siege (which happened to kill Shalmaneser V) and deporting the remaining Israelites, including the ruling class, to the cities of the Medes and other disputed areas, generally believed to be in or near the vicinity of conquered lands occupied by the Assyrian Empire.

If one of the lost tribes of Israel did form the Cimmerians, then why did they change their language? Why a language as far-off from Hebrew or any Semitic one as a Central Asian one?
How did they reach western Europe?


Brit-Am Replies:
(1) Your concept of the Cimmerians is in accordance with Greek reports. Nevertheless the Assyrians spoke of the Gimirri who are identified with the Cimmerians.
They also spoke of the Scythians referring to them as Ishkuzi,  Sakae, and Gimirri (the same name as was given to the Cimmerians). The Assyrians identified the Scythians as part of the Gimmirri and described the Scythians as emerging from them.
(2) We say that the exiled Israelites amalgamated with an existing body of Cimmerians and Scythians and became identified with them.
The earliest mention of the Cimmerians by the Assyrians was in either 715 BCE or 705 BCE. We would opt for the later date. The Israelites were exiled in the period ca. 730-720 BCE. This is in accordance with conventional dating. We also believe that the actual exiling of Israelites began somewhat earlier than is commonly supposed.
We prove that Israelites became identified as part of both the Cimmerians and Scythians and that they moved to the west.
There was also an exile to the west by ships manned by Phoenicians and Philistines in the employ of Assyria.
We prove our case according to the Bible, Archaeology, Mythology, and other historical sources.
The main works in which we deal with these matters are:
The Tribes
Lost Israelite Identity
Khazars. Tribe 13
Articles in our magazine, Tribesman-Brit-Am Truth.

In addition much material is available in various articles from our web-site.

Even if we are mistaken in our historical analysis (something we consider unlikely) it is now admitted at academic levels that there definitely
were movements of people, ideas, religious concepts, social values, material culture, etc from the East Mediterranean Area (i.e. the region of Ancient Israel) to the west.  The object evidence in the form of archaeological findings etc proves it.
The only questions that remain are:
a. Did the Movements take place before or after the Israelites were exiled by the Assyrians.
b. Where did they come from? Were they Hebrews or others.
c. How many people were involved? Were they a minority who had a disproportionate influence on the places they went to or were they a majority who displaced they who were there before them?

3. New Article: Tartan in Scotland
Scottish Type Tartan Amongst Non-Israelite Nations
Tartan Has National Significance Only in Scotland!
What is Tartan?
The Ethnic Background of Scotland
The Earliest Tartan, Falkirk
Wikipedia, Tartan, Extracts
Tartan Design and the designation of Rank and Status


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