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Brit-Am Now no. 1416
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19 November 2009, 3 Kislev 5770
1. George Forrester: What I Meant by "Palestine of Abraham"
2. Pride Compensates for Inadequacy?
3. Brit-Am New Appeal: Important!
4. New Article on Edom
Nations of Esau in Ancient Times
5. Benjamin: Brit-Am overly romantic and idealistic


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1. George Forrester: What I Meant by  "Palestine of Abraham"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1415
#1.David Jackson:  The Israelis ...Seek to Live Peacefully"
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1414
#3. George Forrester Criticizes Brit-Am For Not loving Arabs!

The phrase "Palestine of Abraham" mean the Era that you are in like Winter,Spring ,Summer. Fall. Abraham had to get along with the Inhabitants no "NATIONALISM" of any kind would have been of use.  The city of Jerusalem was unknown at that time. Four hundred years later in the " Israel of David " or the Spring Jerusalem was of any relevance . You will repeat the same sequence as old Israel because everything is "PREDETERMINED" by law .That is the point of the article hence "LEARN FROM ABRAHAM" or" know the times you are in "
Prepare for a stay in Egypt

2. Pride Compensates for Inadequacy?
In some of your recent replies you sounded somewhat arrogant.
You were quite correct in what you said considering the charges you were replying to.
Nevertheless the tone of your answers seemed a little rude and indicated pride on your part.

Brit-Am Reply:
Moses was the greatest Prophet who ever lived.
## But since then there has not arisen in Israel a prophet like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face. ## (Deuteronomy 34:10).
Moses was also the most humble man who ever lived.
##  Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth. ## (Numbers 12:3).
Moses could be humble because he was probably as close to human perfection as is possible.
Ordinary mortals feel inadequacies in various aspects of their lives or past experiences. Pride compensates for this.
Some degree of pride is necessary.
A person needs self-respect and respect from others: If not for themselves then at least for the position they hold or the cause they represent.
There is a thin line between self-respect and pride.
Whatever the case, we hope that our subscribers will take our message to heart and not worry too much concerning the imperfections or lack of them of our
most humble self.

3. Brit-Am New Appeal: Important!
Brit-Am produces, researches, informs, propagates, and entertains.
Sometimes we may also irritate and provoke but we still get the message across.
In doing all this we also acquire experience and build up a body of information and public access that in the future may be of greater use.
We do work for what we believe in which is that the Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples and that a future reconciliation with Judah should be envisaged.
In the meantime we should increase our Biblical Consciousness, live good lives, and become more intensely aware of our ancestry.
This is the Brit-Am message and it is what others receive from us.
It is of value and importance.

It costs money.
Just maintaining office equipment costs money.
Fixing a computer, acquiring a new scanner, etc all costs money as does rent for office and storage space not to mention normal living requirements that may or may not be less than what some of you require but still exist.
We are helped constantly by Divine Providence in these matters.
Our expenses are much less than those for parallel operations.
We cut corners, lower living and operational standards, put off payments, etc.
Nevertheless, there is a limit as to how much can be done without and still function.
The costs of living etc in Israel are not much lower (in some ways they can even be higher) than that of Europe or North America.
People make purchases and send in contributions.
We believe they will be blessed from Above for having done so.
This helps us greatly but it is not enough.
We need for others to do so.
If you value what we do, and you should even if there some matters you disagree about, then send us an offering and if possible continue to do so on a regular basis.

Use our PayPal facility to make a payment or send us a check.
If you live in North America send to our USA address.
If you live in Israel or outside of the USA then send to our headquarters in Jerusalem.

For details go to:

4. New Article on Edom
Nations of Esau in Ancient Times

##  The "Kiasos" were a mystical dynasty of the Edones and have a name recalling that of Kas or Kos the national god of Edom. Julius Kaesar (i.e. Caesar) gave his family name to the Rulers of Rome. In his honour were retained the titles of Kaiser and Czar. Alexander the Great, Caesar, and several of the Roman Emperors are considered by some to have been truly great men who contributed to the advance of civilisation. 

## Edom on the whole may well have had a major civilizing influence amongst many of the world populations.

5. Benjamin: Brit-Am overly romantic and idealistic
....I think the work you do is marvelous...You have written lots of stuff, I might not necessarily agree with all of it, as some of it seems overly romantic and idealistic, but it's nonetheless interesting. I think it can be quite naive and at the same time arrogant to try to assign an Israelite heritage many aspects of European population...it is a nineteenth century romantic notion of British Israelitism, which went hand in hand with their Victorian Imperialistic "born to rule" thinking they were the heirs to the earth and descended from the greats of the Bible notion.
Shalom Aleichem


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