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17 November 2009, 30 Cheshvan 5770
1. Mark: I really enjoy the email posts
2. Extract from Jewish Holy Book Predicted Arab Domination,  its Termination and War with Europe.
3. Richard E Atwood Recommends Article by
Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis


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1. Mark: I really enjoy the email posts

Hey, Yair.

Thanks for all your hard work.  I really enjoy the email posts. I have given the site to a few people who seem to be interested.

There seems to be a little more interest in the Lost Ten Tribes in my area.  There are more people willing to listen to what I have to say.
Keep up the good work.  You are always in my prayers.

Have a great Sabbath.


2. Extract from Jewish Holy Book Predicted Arab Domination and its Termination
Brit-Am Note:
Our policy in general is NOT to quote from Jewish holy books (apart from the BIble) unless the subject matter directs concerns study of the Ten Lost Tribes.
The extract below is from the
We thought it of potential interest to our subscribers and it being posted here is to be considered an exception.

Zohar Va'era 32a

...Come and see -- for four hundred years the supervising angel of Yishmael beseeched G-d. He said "whoever is circumcised has a portion with you?"
G-d replied, "Yes."

He said, "Well,
Yishmael is circumcised; how come he doesn't have a portion with you like Yitzchak?"
G-d replied, "This one (Yitzchak) is circumcised properly, and this other one (
Yishmael) is not. Also, this one does it properly on the eighth day."
He asked him "And despite all this, even though he is circumcised he gets no reward?"

G-d responded by distancing the children of
Yishmael from Himself in the upper worlds, and He gave them a portion below in the Holy Land, because they are circumcised.

In the future, the children of
Yishmael will rule over the Holy Land for a long time while the land is empty, just as their circumcision is empty and without completion. And they will hinder the children of Israel from returning to their place, until their merit in the Holy Land runs out.

In the future the children of Yishmael will stir great wars in the world. And the children of Edom [the West] will gather against them, and make war with them, one on the sea, and one on the land, and one by Jerusalem; and each one will prevail over the other but the Holy Land will not fall to the hands of Edom.

At the same time, a nation from the end of the world will be awakened against wicked Rome. And it will make war against her for three months, and many nations will gather there, and they will fall by her hand, until all the children of Edom will gather against her from all corners of the earth. And then G-d will awaken Himself against them, as it says, a "a sacrificial slaughter for the Lord in Batzra", and it says, "to shake the corners of the Land".

And after this, the children of Yishmael will be finished from the world. And all the supernal powers of the nations will be broken, and no power will remain above except for the power of Israel alone.

3. Richard E Atwood Recommends Artilce by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis
Hi Yair:
The following article by Rebbetzin [Yiddish Form for the wife of a Rabbi] Jungreis sheds some light on the issue of 'most Jews descendants of Khazars..' which was mentioned in recent Brit-Am now 1411.  As well as some other interesting issues which are relevant to modern Israel/ Israelis/Jew and the Tribes.
Richard Atwood
The Rebbetzin's Viewpoint - `Where Did We Go Wrong?`
 By: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis

`Where Did We Go Wrong?`
          If you love Eretz Yisroel, you must also feel overwhelmed by a sense of frustration. Why is Israel demonized all over the world? Why has she become the new source for the age old canard of anti-Semitism? And why is it that she cannot present herself in her true light? The question is all the more puzzling, since we, the Jewish people, are renowned for our fidelity to justice, righteousness and truth. And more, how is it that Israel has such dismal, horrible P.R.? How is it that we, who are masters of language, are so inept at imparting the glorious history and priestly calling of our nation?  After all, we are ?the People of the Book? ? who, if not we, should be able to address the nations of the world and communicate our true essence. 

Why is Israel so horribly misunderstood? Why is she the target of so much hatred? No matter how noble her intent, no matter how caring her soldiers may be, the most outrageous accusations are leveled against her. Just consider the recent blood libels that charged Israeli soldiers with trafficking in Arab body parts, If it weren?t so tragic, it would be laughable. There is nothing that Israel can do that is right...

           I recall when, many moons ago, Israel attained statehood and was in her infancy. I recall the first Israeli ships that docked in New York Harbor and the elation and celebration with which Israeli sailors were greeted. I recall when the various branches of the IDF visited New York ? everyone vied to host them, honor them and pay them tribute. They were heros who reminded the world that little David was still capable of defeating Goliath ? that the ancient dream had been realized ? that the Bible had come alive! After almost two thousand years of persecution and oppression, the Jewish people had attained their own homeland.

           And then, as if overnight, everything changed. A new wave of anti-Semitism reared its ugly head.  In every generation, anti-Semitism is packaged to appeal to the masses. The new anti-Semites of the 21st century, have made their venom palatable by exchanging anti-Jewish sentiment for anti-Israel feeling....And incredibly, many Jews happily buy into this lie and comfort themselves with the thought that the world has matured and anti-Semitism is no longer a factor. Israel is the villain, and that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. So it is that we find many self-hating Jews who join those who would denounce Israel in an attempt to curry favor with the nations.

          It is not just groups outside of Israel that are guilty of this perfidy. Israelis themselves have fallen into the trap. Take, for example. Professor Shlomo Sand of Tel-Aviv University. In a new book entitled "The Invention of the Jewish People" (reviewed in the Wall Street Journal),  Sand posits that contemporary Jews are not really authentic Jews, but converts, the descendants of Khazars, a Turkic tribe of Eurasia who converted to Judaism in the mid eighth century. According to this sick, flawed theory, today's Jews have no ancestral links to Israel since they are not true Semites. Therefore it follows that there is no justification for a Jewish state in the Middle East. Sand believes that Israel should shed its Jewish identity and be a democracy. His book was published in Israel, and incredibly, became a best seller. In France, it received the prestigious Aujourd'hui Award which honors the year's best non-fiction book.

          ... "Maybe my tone was too affirmative on the question of the Khazars," Sand reluctantly conceded. "If I were to write the book today, I would be much more careful"

           Such admission however, writes Goldstein, the Journal reporter, is unlikely to sway the sinister conspiracists who find this Khazar theory a useful weapon. Sand, Goldstone, are just two examples of these perfidious self-hating Jews. Their numbers are growing, and I haven't even mentioned J-Street, the anti-Israel Lobby, and the many others who have turned on Israel.

           The question is all the more puzzling when you consider that radical Moslems are terrorizing the world. Just think of the massacre at Ft. Hood, happening right in our own back yard. And yet, instead of identifying the scourge for what it is, it is all whitewashed. The words "Islamic terror" are "off limits" politically incorrect.  Neither Washington, the mainstream media, nor the world at large, are willing to identify this new Islamic threat to civilization.

           So again I ask, how are we to understand it all? The irrationality of that which is unfolding before our eyes boggles the imagination, but it also imbues us with strength, for it reminds us that we are living in pre-Messianic times and our only solution can come from Hashem.  Only if we turn to Him, only by assuming our G-d given roles - to live by the Torah will we be able to bring an end to the terror that envelops us.

          If our leadership has failed to present Israel in her true light, it is because, sadly, they are not familiar with that light . Alas, they can no longer recall that light of Torah that Hashem kindled in our neshamas at Sinai

           The answer to all our challenges , to all our dilemmas is in the Torah.

           Rashi, the great commentator, wrote that the reason why G-d commences the Torah with the Creation of the world rather than the giving of the commandments is because the day will come when, we the Jewish people, will return to Eretz Yisrael and the nations will accuse Israel of taking the land by force., and then we must tell them that G-d created the world. It belongs to Him, and in His infinite wisdom, He deeded the land to us, the Jewish people for all eternity. Until such time as our Israeli representative makes that proclamation to the world, I am afraid, anti-Semitism camouflaged as anti-Zionism will prevail

           So simple and yet so difficult, if you do not know Hashem and His Torah.

Brit-Am Note
The best work at present available in our humble opinion is:
Khazars. Tribe 13"

Khazars. Tribe 13"  is detailed, well-references, and (according to others, not just us) highly readable.
Nevertheless it is large work and a suggestion has been made that at some stage in the future Brit-Am produce a shorter more condensed popularized version under another title.
This could be considered but like everything else it would be dependent on the necessary funding being available.


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