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Brit-Am Now no. 1374
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement
4 August 2009, 14 Av 5769
1. Letters to Tamar
(a) David Peterson: Supports Israeli settlements
(b) Linda Freeman: Enjoys the Interviews
2. New Article.
My Biblical Fathers
What Does the Bible Say about the Chosen Peoples of Israel?
3. New Poems
(a)  Poem. Requirements
(b) Poem: The Promised Land


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1. Letters to Tamar
Audio: Are [some] Americans Part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel?
A7 Radio's "The Tamar Yonah Show" with Tamar Yonah

(a) David Peterson: Supports Israeli settlements

Dear Tamar Yonah,
I live in Omaha, Nebraska USA and listen to your program and other programs on Israel National Radio.

I am what you would consider a christian.  Your program is not so violent anti-christian as a few of the others so I enjoy listening to you!

I love Yair Davidiy and Brit-Am.  I have bought several of his books.  I also listened to your program when you had him on as a guest. 

Thank you for having him on!  My hope is that Christians and Jews can become very good friends.  We need each other more than ever with that Hitler over there near you, in Iran!  We support Israeli settlements in the land HaShem gave you!  We will do our part and throw Obama out in the next election in the USA.

Thanks again for having Yair on your show!  I hope you will consider having him on again.


David Peterson

(b) Linda Freeman: Enjoys the Interviews

Dear Tamar,
Thanks for the interviews with Yair.  I really enjoy them and think you ask really good questions and give good comments.
I hope to hear more from Yair on your show....Linda Freeman in OR, USA

2. New Article.
My Biblical Fathers
What Does the Bible Say about the Chosen Peoples of Israel?
This article is the first of a series.
In one sense the article says little we have not said before but it has been rendered from the Perspective of the Blessings according to the order they are given in the Bible and with the Biblical background.
This information is very important.
This could well be one of the most important articles we have produced!

We have also given an outline of the subject in a broadcast.
My Biblical Fathers. Abraham
(ca. 36 minutes)

Contents and Excerpts
Part One. Abraham
1. Abraham is Chosen. A Great Nation and a Source of Blessing for all Mankind
2. Promise of the Land. Numerous Descendants.
3. Promise of the Land and Moral
4. The Covenant of the Land, Circumcision, Torah Law
5. Sarah and Israel. Expulsion of the Arabs. Isaac the Anglo-Saxon!
6. A GREAT AND MIGHTY NATION in whom all Nations will be blessed and who will do Justice and Judgment!
7.The Material Power-based Israelite Blessings were Unconditional. Future Possession of Strategic Gates
8. Summation
9. Poem. Requirements
10. Poem: The Promised Land

The Blessings and goals of the Israelite Peoples where given by the Almighty. They had to be fulfilled at least in part (Genesis 22:16) within an historical time period close to the End Times and are not merely predictions for the Messianic Age. These Promises included becoming a numerous people by universal standards whose offspring would be uncountable as the dust of the earth, sand of the sea, and the stars of heaven.  They would become a great and powerful entity. Other peoples of the earth would be blessed through them.  They would comprise several distinct nations each ruled by its own kings or rulers, i.e. independently of each other and also ruling over other peoples. They would be the most powerful powers on earth. They would rule over the seas, and be located in several different oceans. They would be extremely wealthy through the possession of raw material sources, agricultural plenty, geographical advantages, and historical good fortune. They would have an irrevocable right to the Holy Land. This right would be primarily expressed by Judah meaning that section of them that maintained consciousness of its origins, practiced circumcision, and kept the Law. Judah in returning to the Land was to act as a forerunner and representative of the other Tribes who ultimately would also return but at a later stage. Judah in this sense represents more of a spiritual aspect making its imprint on physicality.
On the other hand the section headed by Joseph would bring the physical-, material and strength of power-, ruler over others- aspect to its highest degree of expression.

Looking at the Promises to Abraham and with the understanding that the greater part of the Israelite nation lost consciousness of its origins and became the Lost Ten Tribes we must find a group of peoples that fulfill the following points:
Great and Mighty Independent Nations  who are a Source of Blessing for all Mankind and who promote Justice and Judgment!
They must be extremely Numerous by world standards.
They should be named after Isaac as the Anglo-Saxons are!
They must be a world power to whom whether by design or by virtue of being what they have gained control over Strategic Gates meaning points that open up lane-ways or give access to vulnerable areas of potential antagonistic parties on the international level.
These requirements are summarized in the Poem below.

3. New Poems
Both these Poems are based on our article
My Biblical Fathers

(a)  Poem. Requirements

God promised Abram Blessings to receive
his homeland he must leave
And head for the Holy Land
That he should become a nation great [Genesis 12:2]
Numerous as the Sea-Sand   [Genesis 22:17]
To determine human fate
for he himself to be blest
He must help the rest
of the human race
adopt a humane humanity
and set a go-ahead pace
while maintaining its sanity.

We are therefore looking for
Peoples who fit the given signs
That we may say they are Hebrews for sure
They must accord with the designated designs
We need to find within the bulk of nations
an ethnic family of several groups of folk
Who to each other are blood relations
without foreign yolk
Uncountable as stars in the sky
A nation of greatness and might
Doing good
as it should
Standing up for justice and right
Shaped on the map like a thigh
According to Promises from on High
Well Prepared for a fight
Guiding Gentiles with light
controlling every strategic lane
of they who may be its foe
or otherwise wish them pain
That the heathen may know
That the seed of Abraham has the key
to every international gate
that decides the fate
of she and he
and the whole country.
All these signs and more yet
Fit the bill of the USA
and peoples West Europe did beget
and gave rise to, as well as the UK
and its daughters
who good manners has taught us.
Clean living and fair play
a day's work with fair pay.
Only they are Lost Israelites who fit the bill
Along with other points that enumerate we will
This is the Hebraic Legacy
Hark, my friends unto me!

(b) Poem: The Promised Land

From Euphrates to River Nile
Defines the Promised Land
Written by Heavenly Hand
More valid than legal file
Stronger than Court Probate
or Surveyor Estimate
This is the Land of Isra-el
Contingent on Torah Law
We must keep God in awe
For all to go we-ell
and FOR the common weal
And HIS Presence reach out to feel.
At the least, West of the Jordan
Is Hebrew Real Estate
Dependent on the cordon
of acting in manner legitimate
The guardian is the Jew
to himself must be true
for the sake of kin and kith
which includes you
and whom you are with.
Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon
Are places Ephraim may now live on
Joseph should conquer and settle there
As the Prophets said
It is his right, fair and square
He has the might, to go ahead
Until in Future Time
He will with Judah re-align.
As their bells will as one chime
United they will stand along the line.

Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel


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