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Brit-Am Now no. 1361
The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel Movement

June 28 2009, 6 Tammuz 5769
1. Unmerciful Mercy Continues Mecilessly
2. Were any Israelites Left after the Assyrian Exile?
3. Brit-Am Still needs Your Support
4. Brit-Am on the Radio: New Times
5. Brit-Am Has a Need for Feed-Back


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1. Unmerciful Mercy Continues Mecilessly
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1360

I received a similar e-mail about my profile, supposedly read on Brit-Am. What is interesting is that I don't have a profile posted there or anywhere else. . . .

". . . .all must yield to the avenging God. . . ." from Cross the Green Mountain by Bob Dylan, from the great movie about the War for Southern Independence, Gods and Generals.
Brit-Am Reply:
Apparently someone placed a "Crawler" on our site. This is a program that collects all e-mail addresses that are posted on a web-site.
In other words instead of going through our web-site and manually copying all e-mail addresses that may be seen the program does it for you.
Most of these e-mail addresses will have been obtained from "Brit-Am Now" postings.
As of late we often delete e-mail addresses in our published "Brit-Am Now" correspondence but some times it is necessary or it slips through.
This is not the first time that addresses from our site or e-mail lists have been farmed for use by others.
There was an Ephraimite entrepreneur who was also once active in that area or had his employees do it for him..

Anyway, according to a message forwarded to us by one of our more "lucky" correspondents,
Mercy says:
##My name is Mercy Bassa, A God fearing girl, fair in complexion, And 24years of age. My motive of communicating with you is to let you know that I feel very happy when I come across your profile, something move my interest to communicate with you on this profile And I believe that I am not in the wrong side. Please I will like to know you more, your likes,dislikes and type of Music, mine while I have a lot to discuss with you and if you have any question to ask, Please do ask as I will be willing to answer your questions. My father died of a fatal car Accident while my mother died when I was young, And from there things becomes worst in my side facing problem from friends and well wishes most especially from my wicked uncle whom wanted to kill me so he can have my late father wealth and properties, Mean while when my father was alive he was a well known and successful business man in my country Guinea Rep who deals in Gold and Diamond. But for now i don't want to go further until I hear from you and know more about you, Please while replying, Remember to furnish me very well about your self including your photo and telephone number so I can call you and speak with you. I have attached my photo for you here, while waiting for your photos and reply.##
She attaches two photographs of herself as well, one better than the other.
Quite a few Brit-Am Now correspondents (whose addresses were posted at some time or other) have received the message.
I was left out.
Should we be offended or relieved?
Is "Mercy" a prize or punishment?

2. Were any Israelites Left after the Assyrian Exile?
The Northern Kingdom of Israel was destroyed in ca. 720 BCE (conventional date) and disappeared. Later the Jews of Judah were exiled in ca. 580 BCE and later returned.
We know that when the Jews were taken into Babylon a few remained and these joined their brothers after the return.
Could the same have been said for the northern Israelites?
Did any remain?
What do the sources say?
What was the final Brit-Am conclusion?
Brit-Am Reply:
We dealt with this question in our article:
The Completeness of the Exile
See also:
Queries on the Exile
The Bible says that all of [northern] Israel was exiled.
This however could be understood to mean that on JUDAH remained as a recognizable entity and some physical former citizens of Israel could have been left.              
According to early Rabbinical sources (Midrash Seder Olam)
about 12% (one in eight remained) most of these moved south to Judah or otherwise were absorbed by the Jews while some may have been assimilated by the non-Israelite Samaritans.
Apart from these Rabbinical sources there is (at present) NO real archaeological or other evidence that any of the Israelites remained behind.
The best summary of the situation is probably that given by Nachmanides:

#Those from the Tribes of Ephraim and Shimeon from Israel that were present (2-Chronicles 35;18) with Judah were they who dwelt in the Land of Judah or perhaps to some degree also those who had dwelt in their own territories adjoining Judah and had fled to Judah. They are referred to in a general sense as ?from Israel? (in 2-Chronicles 35;18) and not by their specific tribes since they represented only a small portion of their tribe. These are they who returned under Ezra with the Jews from Babylon. They were not expressly mentioned by their tribes since they were attached to Judah. They all settled in the cities of Judah. There was no Redemption for the Ten Tribes who remained in exile.

#These said that in the time of the Second Temple a few refugees from the other tribes also came up. They did not come from all of the other tribes but only from Ephraim and Menasseh. [Another authority however, Tosefot in Arakin 32;a, says that, "from each and every tribe a few returned"]. These few were not enough to be termed a tribe in their own right or even part of a tribe. Due to their minority position they were included amongst the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin and dwelt in their cities. This Second Redemption was not meant for the other tribes.

#It has been made quite clear from our study that the only ones who returned from the Babylonian Exile were they who belonged to the Kingdom of Judah. Those however who are termed the House of Ephraim, or The House of Israel, meaning the Ten Tribes are still in Exile in Assyria. These Tribes did not have any participants in the Second Redemption, as I have noted.

3. Brit-Am Still needs Your Support
Brit-Am Constantly needs funding like anything else.
We do not keep harping on the matter because we do not like to do so but neither should we be forgotten.
Brit-Am fulfills an urgent need.
The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement is important.
We are spreading the message through our ongoing activities and also in other ways.
Results have been modest but they do exist.
They also cost money as does everything.
Compared to other organizations we may well achieve a lot with very little but even that "little" becomes a lot when that is all there is.
Please purchase our publications if you have not done so.
Send us offerings if you will. We need your support.

Brit-Am says that the Lost Ten Tribes are amongst Western Peoples including citizens of the USA, UK, and related nations.
This is a new reality that must be confronted.
It evokes the need for greater Biblical Consciousness, adoption of Biblical Values, Realization of new responsibilities and liabilities on the national and personal levels, a need to support Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel alongside at some stage Western colonization of relevant Middle East areas.

If you agree with these aims (or even with only part of them) you should help us.
In North America Send a check to:

Yair Davidiy )
2017 Van Buren St.
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Outside of America send to:
Yair Davidiy (make checks out to Yair Davidiy or to "Brit-Am")
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Or send via PayPal:

let us know that help is on the way.

4. Brit-Am on the Radio: New Times
Talks by Yair Davidiy or impromptu interviews are broadcast regularly.
The interviews are usually very successful. More often than not the subject of the interview is decided upon within 5 minutes of going on the air. This adds a degree of spontaneity and interest.

Kosher 101.9 around the world

Monday and Wednesday at 1330 New Mexico (MST) US Time.
The actual interview may begin a LITTLE (ca.5 to 7 minutes) LATER.
The interviews should last from 15 to 20 minutes but may be a little longer.
The time elsewhere is:

MST  1330
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New Zealand 930
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World Time Zone Map

So too:
A list of broadcasts on Brit-Am subjects may be seen at:

5. Brit-Am Has a Need for Feed-Back
Some of our subscribers are scholars in their own right.
Nearly all are intelligent.
Most are involved.
We would like to receive more input and need more contributions
in both the intellectual and financial sense.

Concerning your remarks about Brit-Am:
We may not necessarily post everything we receive or even reply to it and the replies we do make may not always be polite ones.
Nevertheless we need your input and feedback to what we do send out.
Recently we began several new features.
Shortly our
TR-24 "Ten Tribes Tribal Report" will discuss:
 Is Finland the Tribe of "Asher" and not Issachar?

HOP-12 will point out that Obama is on record as publicly hinting very openly
that advocates of a stronger line against Iran are serving the interests of other nations presumably meaning Israel!
Is there a Conspiracy against Brit-Am?
Why else have our HOP sonnets not made us Candidtates for the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Overall the website still receives a good number of visitors each day.
The average number of visitors has gone down a little but is still insignificant and seems to have stabilized.
The number of those subscribed to our e-mail discussion list (that you are now reading) has actually gone up and is still rising but slowly.
Contributions and purchases of our publications keep coming in but MUCH LESS than not so long again and even then we were hard pressed to maintain activity.
Is this a result of the general economic downturn or symptomatic of an overall malaise.
Are you all simply tired?
Does Brit-Am still have something to give?
If so, what?
Should others in your opinion support Brit-Am?
If not, why not?
We have projects in progress that may result in positive developments.
Your input could help us a lot.
At the least anything you write will receive full consideration.


Pleased with what you read?
The Brit-Am enterprise is a Biblical work.
God willing, they who assist Brit-Am will be blessed.
Brit-Am depends on contributions alongside purchases of our publications

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'It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God or the Bible.'
  George Washington

Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.


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