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Brit-Am Now no. 1357 Ten Tribes
June 25 2009, 17 Sivan 5769
1. List and Brief Description of all Brit-Am Newsletters
2. John Wharton: Isaiah 9 not really pertinent to American Civil War
3. Thomas Gray: Judah still in Favor
4. Stephen
Spykerman: More on Civil War and Manasseh versus Ephraim
5. Rodney Ready: Pictures of Israel


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1. List and Brief Description of all Brit-Am Newsletters

2. John Wharton: Isaiah 9 not really pertinent to American Civil War
From: John Wharton <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1355 Ten Tribes
#3. Stephen Spykerman: "No taxation without representation!"

Hi Yair,
For what it's worth I think I'd like to express my thought that
David Jackson makes more sense in his understanding
of the Isaiah 9 description as general confusion between
Mannaseh, and Ephraim. When I read the original article in
this series on Isaiah 9 it seemed to me that the article was
weak on the thought of Ephraim devouring Manasseh in the
Civil War. Manasseh was the victor in our American Civil war
if, as everyone says, the South was of Ephraim.

3. Thomas Gray: Judah still in Favor
From: Thomas Gray <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1356 Ten Tribes
#7. Does Judah Deserve to be Abandoned?

In response to Larry Whitesell, even when God is punishing Judah for their sins, no one should dare help in the punishment, as Obadiah 10-14 makes clear.  I agree that many Jews have not repented of their sins, and that the modern state of Israel is not based on God as it should be.  However, the principle remains to bless Israel.  As I have shown before, any time Jews are put out by anyone, whether or not those Jews are righteous, the ones who put them out will suffer.

Thomas Gray.

4. Stephen Spykerman: More on Civil War and Manasseh versus Ephraim
From: Stephen Spykerman <>
Subject: Manasseh devours Ephraim & Ephraim devours Manasseh

Dear Yair, This is yet a further message to continue the dialogue with David Jackson who seems to contest my previous articles regarding Isaiah's prophecy in Isaiah 9:20-21. I call it a dialogue because in no way would I wish to argue with anyone about any particular interpretation of the Prophets in the Tanach.

In our previous exchange of views I said that there was no record of civil war between Manasseh and Ephraim or between Ephraim and Manasseh in the Bible. Clearly, David Jackson has proved me wrong on this in that in Brit Am Now 1356, he states that: "Jephtah, the son of Gilead, was from the tribe of Manasseh and did lead the Manassites in a fight against Ephraim (see Judges 12) killing 42,000 of them, so yes, these two tribes did against each other in biblical times."
Yes, I admit it I was wrong and I stand corrected, and what is more, I appologise to David Jackson and the readership of Brit Am Now. It just goes to show how careful we have to be before we make categoric statements!

Nevertheless, having read the full account of Jephtah in Judges 11 and 12 and indeed I cannot deny the truth because I see there that Jephtah, representing, together with his Giliadites, the tribe of Manasseh, is attacking (devouring) Ephraim, causing 42,000 Ephraimite casualties. What I do not see subsequently is Ephraim attacking (devouring) Manasseh. This is the crux of my point about the Scripture in Isaiah 9, where the prophet forecasts a time of a battle taking place in which Manasseh will devour (attack) Ephraim, which in turn is followed by a time when Ephraim will devour  Manasseh. We find lots of corroborating evidence for this in the actual events which occurred in the American Revolutionary War of Independence and the American Civil War, some of which I have related in my previous articles. To me what Isaiah prophesied re Manasseh devouring Ephraim and Ephraim devouring Manasseh fits those two relatively recent historical events like a hand in a glove. Whenever I see evidence that the God of Israel and the God of the Bible is directing world events I tend to get very excited about it, and I am prone to use superlatives such as, 'astounding!' 'remarkable!' and 'amazing!' Of course it isn't really amazing, as it is what we should expect to see. Nevertheless, whenever I see it my spirit soars.

Another point I would like to make is that a prophesy maybe fulfilled many times over! The facts, as David points out, that Manasseh was associated with the Angles and Ephraim with the Saxons in the conquest of England, and that they were subsequently frequently at loggerheads with each other is neither here nor there. Whatever battles there were between Manassite Angles and Ephraimite Saxons (I cannot say that I have studied their history that closely), it only proves the veracity of Isaiah's prophecy. It does however, not take away that the same prophecy was fulfilled yet again in the events leading up to the American War of Independence and the American Civil War.

I was greatly blessed by the comments in Brit Am Now 1354 by Gavin Finley MD titled: The Yellow Ribbon. He suggests that the internecine strife between Ephraim and Manasseh began with the people of the yellow ribbon. He cites the rise of the Puritans in England in the 1600's who took over the English Parliament. The situation culminated in the Puritan war against King Charles I, otherwise known as the English Civil War. After the execution of the king for treason against the Parliament and the people Oliver Cromwell became the "Lord Protector". In his article Gavin posed the question: WAS THIS STRIFE BETWEEN EPHRAIM AND MANASSEH? In his view those Puritans, even back in the early 1600's, were America struggling in the womb of England. Unborn America was attempting to break free of the grip of England 130 years before the American War of Independence. I had never thought about it in this way, yet I must admit it sure has the ring of truth about it and it makes for a marvelous addition to the debate. Baruch HaShem!

Stephen Spykerman

5. Rodney Ready: Pictures of Israel

One day we'll get our land back.

Pics attached, taken March 2007. 

Shalom, Rodney

Land of Israel
Land of Israel


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