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Brit-Am Now no. 1354 Ten Tribes
June 12 2009, 20 Sivan 5769
1. Edward Anderson: were there THREE separate Israelite Kingdoms?
2. Gavin Finley MD:  The Yellow Ribbon
3. Max
Rambow: Israelite Civil Wars


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1. Edward Anderson: were there THREE separate Israelite Kingdoms?
edward anderson <> wrote:

Dear Yair,
  I would like to respond to the article by David Jackson, from Keller,  Texas.
 It was brought to my attention by reading the works of Edwin R. Thiele-The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings-which can still be gotten from Barnes and Noble Book store, that Israel was indeed in a civil war among themselves after king Zimri died. Omri ruled over one part of Israel while Tibni reigned over the other part. One was king of Israel while the other was king over Ephraim. We have the statement of Hosea to verify this time period:
  Hosea 5:5- And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face therefore shall Israel "AND" Ephraim fall in THEIR iniquity; Judah shall fall with THEM!!!!!!
  As can be seen by a very careful reading of this verse that ISRAEL and EPHRAIM are TWO separate entities at this juncture. I would highly recomend the work of Thiele as it explains a lot of things that scholars for centuries have gotten very wrong in the Biblical understanding. I myself would have stayed ignorant of all of this and a lot more if I had not read Thiele's work. I would appreciate it if you could pass this info on to Mr. Keller for his own edification so that next time he could pass Truth on to other people instead of misinformation or uninformed opinions.

2. Gavin Finley MD:  The Yellow Ribbon
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1353 Ten Tribes
#3. Steve Collins: British Backed Confederates

Dear Yair,

Greetings to you in Hashem. The YouTube videos of your interview back in 2007 are getting quite a few visitors.

I expect even more as the truth about the lost ten tribes begins to emerge from the fog. This is a redemptive theme and it shows that the God of Israel will find His lost sheep and bring them all home to Israel again. May you be blessed as you lift up Biblical truth and affirm the character of Hashem as One who never forgets His covenant people and never turns His back on them and leaves them behind. He will surely regather His people again, even on a dark and cloudy day. See Ezek. 34:12

Just a note regarding the previous discussion of internecine strife between Ephraim and Manasseh in modern history. Steven Spykerman's comments were much appreciated regarding the American war of Independence and the Civil War. I would like to suggest that this internecine strife between Ephraim and Manasseh  began even earlier. I believe it began with the people of the yellow ribbon.

The emergence of the Puritans came in the 1500's and was a direct result of the ready access to the smuggling of cheaply printed editions the English Bible across the channel from Europe. William Tyndale, Miles Coverdale, and others were the agents of this which gave rise to the Reformation, or at least attempts at Reformation. The Puritans rose up in the early 1600's and took over English Parliament. A war of words with the king and due Parliamentary process all lawfully done, led to the Puritan War with the king otherwise known as the English Civil War. When the king sought military relief from abroad the Puritans nailed him on a charge of high treason against the people of England. Soon after he was facing the axeman at the bloody tower.

Was this strife between Ephraim and Manasseh? I believe it was. One was devouring the other. When government by the Puritan Parliament under just the legislative branch of government failed Oliver Cromwell took over as dictator, or "Lord Protector". I have written extensively on the Puritans and a google search of "puritan history" will bring up my articles at the top of the list.

It is my belief that the Puritans, even back in the early 1600's,  were America struggling in the womb of England. Unborn America was attempting to break free of the grip of England 130 odd years before the American War of Independence of 1776.

Is America Manasseh? Or is America Ephraim? I tend to favor the latter. America arose later than England. And America is greater now than England ever was. America has gained huge wealth and power through deal making and compromise. Are these eternal virtues? And if the United States of America takes history up to the next level and goes global will the attempt to create a New World Order and a "nation under God" be successful? Will they succeed in establishing the righteous rule of the Holy One of Israel? Or in spite of the best of intentions will their efforts just ignite the last crusade as Joel saw it in Joel 2?

The prophets bring us the answer in the Tenakh, Daniel's prophecies in Daniel 7 chief among them. Surely our true Messiah must eventually come. Only His coming can straighten things out here below.

Here is a short video from the introduction to the movie, "Cromwell" streamed from my website.  It shows the sheer hutspah of these early Puritans as they erupted into world history back in the 1640's.

Our prayers continue for you Yair and all who work with you in bringing out these truths of YHVH-God and his great and wonderful lovingkindness to His lost ones.

Gavin Finley MD

Max Rambow: Israelite Civil Wars
From: Max Rambow <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1352 Ten Tribes
#3. Steve Collins: British Backed Confederates
Shalom Yair
The conversations on the civil war and Isaiah have been interesting. There have been great battles between Israel (Ephraim the leader) and Judah with many deaths in times past as well. Might this prophecy be referring to the adversarial relationship that has existed between us ever since Rehoboam? Perhaps that's even at the heart of why we find ourselves at cross purposes among Brit Am supporters?
Sincerely Max


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