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Brit-Am Now no. 1352 Ten Tribes
June 9 2009, 17 Sivan 5769
1. New BAMBI Broadcasts Working!
2. Stephen
Spykerman: American War of Independence and
the American Civil War were prophesied by Isaiah
3. Jay the Question of Excessive taxation and the Advisors of Rehoboam
4. Dennis
McGinlay:  Exasperated by Criticism of Brit-Am and Brit-Am Reaction to it
5. New feature: New Joseph Forum


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1. New BAMBI Broadcasts Working!
We received a report that out New BAMBI broadcasts for the weekly portion were not working.
We checked it out and they do!
Maybe our server was temporarily down?
If such is the case try again later.
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Weekly Portion (Parshat HaShavua)
> Behaaloteca
> Numbers 8:1-12:16
> The Portion this week has two BAMBI Broacasts:
> Behaaloteca: An Overview
Menorah, Dedication of Levites, Firstborn of Israel, Silver Trumpets, Manna, Quail, Ultra-Orthodox Full-Time Learning of Torah, Marching in the Wilderness
> 43 minutes
> Behaaloteca: The Black Woman
> The Bible (Numbers ch.12) Speaks Out Against Racial Color Prejudice
> 20 minutes

2. Stephen Spykerman: American War of Independence and the American Civil War were
  prophesied by Isaiah

From: Stephen Spykerman <>

Shalom Yair, I thought I would add a comment to the points made by our good friend Steve Collins in yesterdays Brit Am Now 1351. It is not a generally known fact that the Prophet Isaiah prophesied about two horrendous wars between Manasseh and Ephraim, the two 'birthright' sons of Joseph. He gave this astounding prophecy some 2500 years ahead of the actual events.

Manasseh shall Devour Ephraim

In the Book of Isaiah there is an extraordinary prophecy about the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh. On the face of it the meaning is totally obscure and it seems completely impossible to explain. The reality is that it is only those who understand the ancestry of the modern day birthright sons of Joseph who can possibly understand the meaning of this prophecy. It is only once you have become aware of the true origins of America and Great Britain that you have the key to unlock the meaning of this remarkable prophecy. Yet, even if you were armed with this key it would still be extremely difficult to understand exactly what this prophecy is about. Nevertheless, it is by this prophecy alone that we can conclusively prove the modern day identity of the two sons of Joseph. Let us carefully examine the chilling prophecy spoken by the prophet Isaiah:

"The land is burned up, and the people shall be as fuel for the fire; no man shall spare his brother . . . . Every man shall eat the flesh of his own arm.  Manasseh shall devour Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasseh" (Isaiah 9:19-21).

What on earth can this mean? Isaiah clearly speaks out a prophecy for the future. Could it be that that what Isaiah prophesied has already occurred? The prophet is referring to a yet future time when Manasseh and Ephraim, the two sons of Joseph, are devouring each other. He is speaking of a time when these two brothers will be at war. The question is has this already happened? To get the answer we need to look into the history of Great Britain and America. It is only when we examine the history of these two nations that we discover that Isaiah?s ominous prophecy has already been fulfilled.  Its first fulfilment was when the 13 American Colonies rebelled against the rule of King George III of England over the issue of taxation, which in turn led to the American War of Independence.  The American colonists took up arms against their British rulers and as such 'Manasseh was devouring Ephraim!' 

The plain fact is that there are no two other nations on the earth that fit the prophecy so absolutely. "Every man shall eat the flesh of his own arm! Manasseh shall devour Ephraim, and Ephraim Manasseh" (Isaiah 9:20-21). This prophecy gives a very vivid picture of what occurred during the American War of Independence, as when brother fought against brother they were hurting themselves. They were indeed, metaphorically speaking, eating the flesh of their own arm.

In the American War of Independence it was Manasseh who started the conflict against the rule of Ephraim, as the American colonials rebelled against the rule of England. Ironically we see exactly the opposite occurring in the American Civil War where Ephraim in the South started the rebellion against the Union. The majority of the south of the USA was composed of the tribe of Ephraim. In the Southern States the aristocratic landowners mainly of English stock operated the feudal system of England. They managed huge cotton plantations spread over vast territories requiring the work of thousands of slaves. Those cotton plantations in turn supported the great cotton mills of England

In this context it can well be argued that in the American War of Independence it was Manasseh who devoured Ephraim, whereas in the American Civil War it was Ephraim who devoured Manasseh.

From this we can see that Isaiah's prophecy may well have been fulfilled more than once.

Thus several thousand years prior to the actual events the prophet Isaiah had prophesied in just a few vivid lines exactly what was destined to happen to these two sons of Joseph. He prophesied that Manasseh would devour Ephraim and that Ephraim would devour Manasseh not only in the War of Independence, but also during the subsequent Civil War. Thus these two brothers and sons of Joseph truly were "devouring the flesh of their own arm", as they were inflicting the most ghastly self-harm upon their nation, not once but twice in their history. The Civil War alone cost the lives of 600,000 men. Sadly, prior to the Civil War, between June 1812 and February 1815, there had been yet another occasion when these two sons of Joseph found themselves at war, this time over Canadian territory. Clearly therefore Isaiah's prophecy about these two brother tribes was actually fulfilled not twice but three times! Thus this one prophetic utterance written down and recorded in the Book of Isaiah provides us with strong evidence that America and Great Britain and her Commonwealth daughters are descended from Manasseh and Ephraim, the "birthright" sons of Joseph. Isaiah?s prophecy adds to the evidence that America and Great Britain are Israelite nations. The reason being that it is only in America and British history that this prophecy finds its exact and perfect fulfilment not once, not twice, but three times.

The Prophet Isaiah finally adds a most disturbing note with his final words in verse 21, when speaking of Manasseh and Ephraim, and Ephraim and Manasseh, he states: "Together they shall be against Judah."

Sadly, is this not what we are seeing today, as America in total appeasement mode stands ready to jettison and desert Judah in favour of the evil Islamic juggernaut, which is even now hungrily baying for the blood of every Jew. Great Britain in turn has voluntarily given up her sovereign independence as a nation, and submerged herself into the European Union, which, ever since the OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973 has been the lackey and bedfellow of the Arab League. Thus we see this final prophecy of Isaiah fulfilled in our day, as even Manasseh (U.S.A.) and Great Britain (Ephraim) both are taking sides against Judah by consorting with and giving comfort to her most ferocious enemies. You maybe sure that America and Great Britain will pay a terrible price for this betrayal of their brother Judah.
Stephen Spykerman

3. Jay the Question of Excessive taxation and the Advisors of Rehoboam
Shalom Yair:

The greatest tragedy to me is the downfall of Solomon and the subsequent rebellion of Jeroboam.  What is so tragic is that the ten tribes wanted relief from high taxation imposed by King Solomon.  The wise men advised King Rehoboam to provide relief but the young advisers were resentful and advised the new King to make Israel pay.  What needed to be paid for has never been explained to me.  Is there any history of why these young advisors would recommend maximum taxation that was not recommended?


4. Dennis McGinlay:  Exasperated by Criticism of Brit-Am and Brit-Am Reaction to it

From: Dennis McGinlay <>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1345 Ten Tribes
#4. 3 Rounds of Correspondence with "Hazakiah"

Dear Yair
Lately I have detected a hint of criticism of Brit-Am and it's message that is growing, and unwarranted. I have been following and studying your site for a number of years now and have found nothing that is contrary to bible teachings regarding the soon coming reunification of the 10 tribe 'Northern Kingdom' with Judah our ancestral brothers and sisters.

What I do find exasperating is your 'rising to the bait' from these critics. Crickey mate, your an Aussie. Tell them to shove it.


Dennis Mcginlay

5. New feature: New Joseph Forum

A new feature has been started:
New Joseph Forum no.1
This feature has just begun and is still in its trial period
but we think it could fulfill a need and be of value.
The first posting contains the following entries:
1. Who Really Are Ephraimites? Towards a definition?
2. Positive Aspects of Ephraimites
3. Negative or Questionable Elements amongst the Ephraimites
4. Ephraimite  Criticizism of Judah and Brit-Am
5. A Poem: Judah says not "No"!


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