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Brit-Am Now no. 1348 Ten Tribes
May 31 2009, 8 Sivan 5769
1. US Citizens of German Ancestry the Largest Grouping
2. Jewish Davidic Roots of British Royal Family
3. Lost Ten Tribes Tourism for Alleged Eastern "Ten Tribes" Candidates?


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1. US Citizens of German Ancestry the Largest Grouping
From: Bert Lorenz
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1344 Ten Tribes
#4. Worthwhile New Brit-Am Broadcasts

Ten Tribes Became Identified with Gentiles: Chs. 1, 2, 3 of Hosea
(ca. 1 hour 1 minute)
Yair Shalom,
I just listened to your message on Hosea. Did you know that people with German ancestry were the most frequently reported ethnic group in the United States from the 2000 Census?
Here are a couple reports provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

2. Jewish Davidic Roots of British Royal Family
From: Amnon Goldberg <>
Subject: Sarfatti family ancestry with British Royal family through Makhir an
 ancestor of Rashi?

Your opinion of this?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Martin Dunn <>
Date: May 28, 2009 5:11:43 PM PDT
To: < >
Subject: Sarfati family shared ancestry with British Royal family through Makhir an ancestor of Rashi

In the attachment are genealogies for Britain's Queen Victoria and the current monarch Queen Elizabeth II showing their direct lineage to Makir Todros (also known as Theodoric) or Makhir of Narbonne who was Jewish  and also an ancestor of our Sarfatti family through our ancestor Rashi of Troyes, France (1040-1105).
Makhir helped Charles Martel, known as Charles "The Hammer" (the grandfather of Emperor Charlemagne) defeat the Islamic Saracen invaders of France at the Battle of Tours in the year 732.  Because of his military assistance to Charles, Makhir was given land and title, as was common during the Feudal period and ruled over the Province of Septimania. Columbia University Professor, Arthur Zuckerman has written about this history in his book, "A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France". (Columbia University Press 1970) of which I have a copy.
Makhir's ancestors were the Exhilarch rulers of the Jewish community in Babylon, descended from the house of King David.
Later they left Babylon to settle in southern Europe around the year 600.
Because of the Davidic ancestry of Makhir, most Royal families in Europe like to claim their "Divine Right" to rule based on their connection to Makhir. Likewise according to Jewish tradition, our Sarfatti family ancestor, Rashi is also acknowledged to be a descendant of King David.
Queen Victoria was very proud of her Jewish ancestry and in fact it is a tradition for centuries in the British Royal family that all male heirs to the throne have been circumcised owing to this Jewish connection.  Prince Charles was circumcised by Queen Elizabeth's personal (Jewish) physician, Dr Snowman.  Princess Diana went against the tradition and forbade Princes William & Harry to undergo circumcision, however after Diana died in the car accident, Queen Elizabeth with the acquiescence of the two boys, quietly had them circumcised, continuing the tradition.
in Sydney

 Davidic Ancestry of Queen Elizabeth II.

1. Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain
2.King George VI
3. King Geroge V
4. King Edward VII
5.Prince Albertof Saxe-Coburg andGotha
6.Duke Ernest Anthony Charles Louis
7. Duke Francis Frederick Anthony
8. Duke Ernest Frederick
9. Duke Francis Josiah
10.Duke John Ernest
11.Duke Ernest of Saxe-Coburg
12.John Duke of Saxe-Weimar
13.John William Duke of Saxe-Weimar
14.John Frederick King ofSaxony
15.John King ofSaxony
16.Ernest King ofSaxony(born 1441)
17.Frederick II King ofSaxony
18.FrederickI King ofSaxony
19.Frederick III Margrave ofMeissen
20.Frederick II Margrave ofMeissen(born 1310)
21.Frederick I Margrave ofMeissen
22.Albert I Landgrave of Thuringia (born 1240)
23.Henry Margrave ofMeissen
24.Dietrich (Theodoric)MargraveofMeissen
25.Otto Margrave of Meissen (born 1125)
26.Conrad Margrave of Meissen [born 1098]
27.Thimo Margrave of Kistritz
28.Dietrich II Margrave of Ostmark
29.Count Dedi of Hassenger [b.1000]
30.Count Dietrich I of Hassenger [b.980]
31. Count Dedi of Hassenger
32. Burkhard II Duke ofSwabia[b.940] married Hedwig (Ava) ofBavaria
33. Burkhard I Duke of Swabia [b.920] married Reginlinde of Thurgovie daughter of Eberhard Count of Thurgovie and Gisela of Nullenberg
34. Burkhard Margrave of Raetian [b.900] married Luitgard of Saxony andMetzdaughter of Gerard of Metz and Uda of Saxony [b.974]
35.Count Adalbert II Count of Thurgovie [b.880]
36.Count Adalbert I (Alberic/Albert)Countof Thurgovie [b.855]
37. Count Hunroch (Henoch/Henry/Heinrich)ofFruili [b.835]- married Engeltrude daughter of Begue Count ofParis
38. Makir Bernard II Count ofAuvergne(Bouchard the Constable)[born 815]
38.Count Makir Bernard ofAuvergne[born 795]
39.Count Warin d'Autun Count of Macon [born 779]
40.Count William of Gellone II (Isaac Kalonymus)[married Guibor of Narbonne]
41. Nehemiah Ha Makiri (Dietrich/Theodoric/Aymer le Chetif)Rulerof Autun, Riparien andSaxony(Duke Namon)[born 730]
42. Makir Todros (Theodoric/Aimeri)WesternExilarchand Jewish King of Septimania

Davidic Ancestry of QueenVictoria

1.QueenVictoriaof Great Britian
2.Edward Augustus Duke ofKent
3.King George III
4.Frederick Lewis Prince ofWales
5.King George II Augustus
6. King George I Lewis
7.Ernest Augustus Elector ofHanover
8.George Duke of Brunwick-Luneburg
9.William Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
10.Ernest I Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
11.Henry II Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
12.Otto II Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
13.Frederick Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
14.Bernard I Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg
15.Magnus II Duke ofBrunswick
16.Magnus I Duke ofBrunswick
17. Albert II duke of Brunswick-Gottingen
18.Albert I Duke of Brunswick [born 1236]
19.Otto Duke ofBrunswick
20.William of Winchester Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg [married Princess Helen ofDenmark]
21. Henry V Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg [married Princess Matilda ofEngland]
22.Henry X Duke ofBavaria
23.Henry IX Duke ofBavaria(born 1074)
24.Welf IV Duke ofBavaria(married Judith of Flanders)
25. Azo II d'Este Marquis d'Este (married Cunigunde of Bavaria)
26. Lady Othberta married Albert Azo I Marquis of Este son of Mar Azarya ofBarcelona
27.Othbert II Este Count ofGenoa
28.Othbert I Viscount of Este
29.Adalbert II Marquis of Este
30.Boniface IV Marquis of Este
31.Adalbert I Marquis of Este
32.Boniface III Count ofLucca
33.Boniface II Count ofLucca
34.Boniface I (Abu Aharon)CountofLucca
35. Richbald beno Bernhard (Richard of Amiens andMetz)[married Ermengarde]
36. Bernard Naso (Nasi Mar Meshullam I Bera Natan)[married Dhoude daughter of Gerard Swan and Adalis]
37. William of Gellone I (Mar Nathan Kalonymus)[married Cunigunde of Franks daughter of Carolman and Gerberge]
38. Makir Todros (Theodoric/Aimeri d' Narbonne)[married Alda of Franks daughter of Charles Martel and Rutrud (Ruth)Schwanhilde

Brit-Am Comment:
British Monarchs for centuries have claimed descent from King David.

Edward-iv (1461=1484)  traced his ancestry back to King Jehoshaphat (867-851 BCE) of Judah.  [King Jehoshaphat was descended from King David: David begat Solomon who begat Rehoboam who begat Abijah who begat Asa who begat Jehoshaphat.] The line of Edward-iv was replaced by that of Henry-vii (1485-1509) who however was also related to the Lancasters and further intermarried with them thus combining his own claims with theirs.
"The New Jerusalem.
The Extraordinary True Story of How a Secret Society Rebuilt London"  by Adrian Gilbert, 2002, Great Britain.
Similarly other claims of like nature were made.
In addition to that we have the story of Tea Tephi which although seemingly improbable has proven immensely popular.

Recently Arthur Zuckerman ("A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France, 768-900" USA, 1972) has revealed the historical existence of Makhir of the House of David whose descendants intermarried with the nobility of France and through them with that of Britain and other European lineages.

According to a tradition preserved by Abraham ibn Daud in his Sefer ha-Qabbalah, written about 1161, Makhir was a descendant of the house of David. Ibn Daud wrote:

Then King Charles [i.e. Charles Martel (?) father of Charlemagne, first Holy Roman Emperor and ruler of France] sent to the King of Baghdad [Caliph] requesting that he dispatch one of his Jews of the seed of royalty of the House of David. He hearkened and sent him one from there, a magnate and sage, Rabbi Makhir by name. And [Charles] settled him in Narbonne, the capital city, and planted him there, and gave him a great possession there at the time he captured it from the Ishmaelites [Arabs]. And he [Makhir] took to wife a woman from among the magnates of the town; *...* and the King made him a nobleman and designed, out of love for [Makhir], good statutes for the benefit of all the Jews dwelling in the city, as is written and sealed in a Latin charter; and the seal of the King therein [bears] his name Carolus; and it is in their possession at the present time. The Prince Makhir became chieftain there. He and his descendants were close [inter-related] with the King and all his descendants.
We deal with this matter in our work "Ephraim".
We may publish an article summarizing and commentating on the work of Zuckerman in a coming issue of our magazine.
On our web-site we have a few articles by Athol Bloomer that also deal with "Makhir"
and the House of David.
Athol BLOOMER: The House of DAVID

3. Lost Ten Tribes Tourism for Alleged Eastern "Ten Tribes" Candidates?
Dear Yair,
I came across this article in the Jerusalem Post today.
Can you fathom the silliness of this rubbish? If they wanted to know where the lost ten tribes are you would think they would just give you a call. Obviously fantasy has greater attraction for the JPost people, at least on this issue.


Murray Allatt

Brit-Am Reply:
This is a tour or tours for tourists of place in the east where the Lost Ten Tribes were supposed to be such as Burma, Japan, etc.
I understand that it costs about $4000. It seems they have some success.  So far, I have met two people who have taken this "tour". One was a religious Jews from the USA and the other was a Christian "Ephraimite" woman from Australia.
Some "Ephraimites" from the USA are also succumbing to the propaganda about Israelites being in the east.
That is the way it goes.
Brit-Am Ten Tribes is struggling from day to day.
We believe that our explanation is the true one and we work hard to promote it but not everyone agrees with us and those who do have other obligations and interests.


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