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Brit-Am Now no. 1344 Ten Tribes
Important Message Broadcast: Corrected Link
May 21 2009, 27 Iyar 5769
1. Reaching out to God and becoming aware of HIS Presence
2. The Message of Hosea: Be Aware and Repent
3. Corrected Link to Broadcast
4. Letter received from Suzanne
5. Extracts from Brit-Am Commentary to Hosea
6. Important Broadcast Message Corrected
7. Christian Reaction to Brit-Am Message


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1. Reaching out to God and becoming aware of HIS Presence
Righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness, and mercy are steps  towards achieving a realization of the Presence of God Almighty.
This is the message of Hosea 2:19.

2. The Message of Hosea
The Message of Hosea tells us the Ten Tribes were destined to become identified with
certain Gentile peoples (primarily of Germanic and Celtic culture) and move to the West.
The message of Hosea PROVES who the Lost Ten Tribes were.
This is sufficient in its own right but it is ESPECIALLY  pertinent when taken into consideration along with other evidence.

3. Corrected Link to Broadcast
We have broadcast an important talk on this matter and understand that the broadcast is of a good standard.
The information contained therein is very important to all of us.

Our previous post on this issue gave the wrong link.

Here is the correct one:

New BAMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel)
Important New Broadcast
The Ten Tribes Were to Become Identified with Gentiles (based on Chs. 1, 2, 3 of Hosea).
Length 1 hour 1 minute

4. Letter received:
Yair, my link isn't working. i would love to hear the message.

Michell Shalom
Brit-Am Reply:
Here is the correct link.
It is probably preferable to save the broadcast to your hard-disk before playing it.

5. Extracts from Brit-Am Commentary to Hosea:
Three sons of Gomer (i.e. Cimmerians) represent three sections of the exiled 10 tribes who will link up with European Nations. They do not represent Judah who is separately spoken of  (1:7).
Much of Hosea is directed expressly to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.
The Lost Tribes of Israel will be rejected, then accepted (1:10) (Yebamot 17), (2:23).  They will be extremely numerous (1:10).
They will have worshipped the baal (2:8, 2:13).
Righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness, and mercy are required of us (2:19).
These (Righteousness, judgment, lovingkindness, and mercy) are steps  to acheive a realization of the Presence of God Almighty.
The Lost Ten Tribes must Return to God, to Jerusalem [reconciliation with Judah], and to the Kingdom of David (3:5).
Ephraim represents all of the northern Lost Ten Tribes of Israel as well as the specific tribe of Ephraim.
Ephraim will have brought forth "strange children"(5:7).
Gilead and Schechem (representing the USA) were known for their murderers and violence (6:2) and are warned on this matter.
Judah will be preparing the foundations of the Land for all the Tribes to Return (Hosea 6:11). The Exiles will return from the West (11:10).
Judah will have remained faithful (11:14).
Ephraim is to the west (mostly) from the Land of Israel (11:10).
Ephraim is rich.
Ephraim is a merchant (12:7).
Ephraim mistakenly puts his trust in Assyria and other "lovers".
Association with Machmad (i.e. Islam) (Mohamot) augurs not well for Ephraim and is liable to bring disaster due to Muslim terrorists (9:1).
The overall message of Hosea is rejection of Ephraim by the Almighty followed by a reconciliations. This applies to all the Lost Ten Tribes and also to Judah. 
Israel will return unto God and be blessed once again (chapter 14). 

6. Important Broadcast Message Corrected
&New BAMBI (Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel)
The Ten Tribes Were to Become Identified with Gentiles (based on Chs. 1, 2, 3 of Hosea).
Length 1 hour 1 minute
The time is soon approaching when the Ten Tribes will not only be acknowledged as to who they are but be OBLIGED to own up to it themselves. The Jews (Judah) in the End Times are called upon by the Prophet Hosea to accept the Ten Tribes as fellow Israelites. Hosea predicted that the Lost Ten Tribes would become assimilated amongst the Children of Gomer meaning the Celtic and Germanic nations. They would be mostly in the west, extremely numerous, and blessed with great wealth. They are in danger of having all this taken away from them unless they return to the God of Israel and act as Israelites. Hosea speaks of these matters in some detail and quite forcefully.
The broadcast above (based on Hosea chs. 1, 2, 3) discusses this message of the Prophet Hosea
which is important in our time and to us, NOW!

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7. Christian Reaction to Brit-Am Message
Dear Yair,

I believe that you are correct.  However most Christians including pastors are not aware of this. They lump this in with British Israelism which is a cult.  I don't think the correct information is taught in most Bible colleges.  I have never once heard a sermon preached on Ezekiel 37: 14-28.  It is as if that chapter stops at verse 13 and then teachings go on to Ez 38 and 39.  It is sort of like the skip over of Isaiah 53 in the Torah readings.  Both Houses skip necessary passages.

Keep on with the work.

Your Christian friend,
Suzanne U


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